Wifes ass  

2for2ormore99 50H/47F  
20 messages
2/1/2019 14h15
Wifes ass

My wifes ass seems to be popular. What picture do you think is the best ?
Pic 1
Pic 5

2for2ormore99 50H/47F  
9 messages
3/1/2019 5h58

What other poll should we start ? Pussy, cum shot, tits ?

onehotintegra 57H
328 messages
3/1/2019 7h49

Love to see all of her.

jamest393 41H
156 messages
3/1/2019 7h57

wow your wife does have an amazing ass.

dell9600 62H  
512 messages
3/1/2019 8h13

All of the above. She has an amazing body and is a very pretty lady

SubGuyAthens 32H
13 messages
3/1/2019 14h53

How about a pussy poll next?

2for2ormore99 replies on 3/1/2019 14h59:
Posted that poll about 4 hours ago

2for2ormore99 replies on 3/1/2019 15h00:
Titled poll #2

Scott52NixAtGM 53H
233 messages
4/1/2019 13h43

All of the above! What a nice ass!

The2ofus007 51H/50F  
28 messages
5/1/2019 1h17

All of them are perfect

dangpkin1 22H
11 messages
5/1/2019 6h28

love all them, but the #3 picture took most of my attention!

lickeyzsplit 56H
566 messages
5/1/2019 7h44

Like all pix but picked 3 Very Sexy xoxo

stpaulbull 35H
11 messages
5/1/2019 10h39

All the above, really.

Chucklesb400 39H
35 messages
6/1/2019 11h16

She has a sexy ass

3302 messages
7/1/2019 12h28



engcumman 48H
11 messages
7/1/2019 13h36

Looks like it needs licking ...

lk_4_fun_69 52H  
12 messages
9/1/2019 5h16

but I do love them all

serghe6619 52H
11 messages
13/1/2019 22h06

Perfect cushioning

ItsThtPervertGuy 38H
139 messages
17/1/2019 13h59

Those are some nice asses

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