Men sucking Men Gay, Straight, Bi  

48215cocksucker 62H  
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30/11/2018 15h29
Men sucking Men Gay, Straight, Bi

What do you like most about getting cock sucked or sucking
His mouth on my cock
Feeding him my load
Holding his head while he sucks
Having head held while sucking
Shooting on his face
Shooting in his mouth
Swallowing cum
Just wanting to shoot load off
Just feeding on his cock
Doesn't matter as long as I get the load

48215cocksucker 62H  
6 messages
30/11/2018 15h30

Oral Bottom in Detroit, Michigan Looking to get Feed a load

swetyman1234 52H
44 messages
30/11/2018 15h53


bitchkitty2017 66F  
1672 messages
30/11/2018 16h07

pocogato12 66F  
24216 messages
30/11/2018 18h34

(Virtual Symposium Group) use Virtual Symposium Group

Seiko870 49H
16 messages
1/12/2018 20h56

Im bi mwm and i love to suck cock, i mean i really make love to a cock and i love to have him cum on my face.

crafttinkerer 35H  
4 messages
2/12/2018 3h22

I voted for cum on his face but I am the one that wants it on my face.

italianbottom69 37H
21 messages
2/12/2018 22h34

I love swallowing a nice big load of cum..

69pronto 49H
6 messages
3/12/2018 8h35

Always fun taking a big load and swallowing it all

822231478 33H  
11 messages
3/12/2018 9h37

there is just something so rewarding when you know that they can't hold back anymore and explode in your mouth

1Playfulboy2 44H  
1 message
3/12/2018 14h15

New to it! Can't wait to suck my first cock and have it explode in my mouth. Any tips?

pikebro 27H
7 messages
3/12/2018 20h05

ALl the above lol

Stephaniecates 55T  
30 messages
4/12/2018 12h56

    Citer 1Playfulboy2:
    New to it! Can't wait to suck my first cock and have it explode in my mouth. Any tips?
Just be ready for the best thing in the world. Not sure why all women dont just love to swallow a mans load it is awesome. Wont need coffee creamer as much. LOL An added plus is there would be way less babies form the populous. I heard a good joke about this.

Teacher ask the class on the first day about their families. Who has a brother or sister? Every student was raising their and one by one they told the class. But little Johnny didnt raise his hand this time. The teacher noticed little Johnny just sitting there, so she ask little Johnny if had a brother or sister and he said no when my mommy and daddy were making love my mommy ate it.....

Attractively fun CD

jamest393 41H
153 messages
4/12/2018 14h12

I really do enjoy sucking cock. I have not yet had a guy shoot his load in my mouth but I can't wait to try it.

pleagain 53H  
46 messages
5/12/2018 2h49

wtaching a guy suck my cock mmmmmmmm

KevinJ3000 58H  
5 messages
5/12/2018 19h46

Nice looking cock.

luvunmetwo 69H
3 messages
6/12/2018 7h19

I just like the feel of a cock in my mouth ready to explodei

hotcplsatx4u 65H/61F
2 messages
7/12/2018 6h58

I like taking a load in my mouth and then save it to use a lube to fuck my wife...\8

whynot56m 58H  
2 messages
8/12/2018 10h59

I like playing with and sucking a nice cock

satxguy2018 40H
8 messages
8/12/2018 17h50

Sucking and getting sucked at the same time

jamest393 41H
153 messages
9/12/2018 10h55

I just learned that I really enjoy sucking cock. I like to suck a 6-7" cock but like a longer one in my ass

oral50olman 50H  
8 messages
9/12/2018 13h19

never had my cock sucked by a M {want to tho} for him to rim me & not stop forhours

Hungandfun096969 32H
15 messages
9/12/2018 23h25

Ft worth love cock bi single male bottom

albl8888 47H  
812 messages
10/12/2018 5h59

Love to be sucked. The best oral hve i recived fro boys

cockinhand4uNow 55H
1317 messages
12/12/2018 17h48

I'm bi and in my experience in general men enjoy sucking more than the women I've been with. That being said I enjoy knowing I made someone cum and swallow every time

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