How long does it take you to come?  

FresnoWoman 48F
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25/3/2019 12h27
How long does it take you to come?

Polls are fun to set up and I don't remember seeing this particular one being done.

So what's the typical a m o u n t of time it takes you to h i t the big O, by whatever the most effective method for you is?

AND DAMN, wish I could put more than options. Even a d o z e n would've helped. Anyway, of course some people are suffering from the side effects of prescriptions they have to take, or perhaps old injuries, physical or mental, might affect the time it takes for someone to . But I don't have enough options to break down by age brackets, or even non-binary/trans people, and this is not srs science anyway. Feel free to comment if you'd like to elaborate.

EDITED TO ADD: No more comments will be allowed. They're repeating themselves at this point. However, you're welcome to vote if you haven't already.
Female - less than 5 minutes
Female - 5 to 15 minutes
Female - 15 to 45 minutes
Female - more than 45 minutes
Female - I never/rarely come
Male - less than 5 minutes
Male - 5 to 15 minutes
Male - 15 to 45 minutes
Male - more than 45 minutes
Male - I never/rarely come

FresnoWoman 48F
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25/3/2019 12h34

Magic comment.

stammer50 43H
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25/3/2019 12h55

depends on alot of things lol

FresnoWoman replies on 25/3/2019 1h05:
For this poll, whatever a person gets off quickest to should determine how they vote. But, not srs science anyway.

FresnoWoman 48F
352 messages
25/3/2019 1h07

And re-reading this post, apparently a m o u n t is another censored word. Sheesh! Ridiculous! "Typical of time" doesn't really make much sense, does it.

MyBaffies 49H
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25/3/2019 2h34

Depends. If I'm with someone then I never have. If I'm on my own and it's a DIY job, then I prefer to take my time and I can go for 60 minutes quite easily.


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Likes2use 37H/35F  
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25/3/2019 3h01

Him: less then 5 minutes if it's our first round.
Her: less then 5 minutes.
If we are masturbating it takes us both 15-30 minutes.

Paulxx001 62H
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25/3/2019 3h47

The most effective method or the most enjoyable method?
If it is the most effective and it's a race, (some prize money at stake 🏆💵💰), then it's my hands and I think, with the right motivation - under 5 minutes. Although, with edging and a patient hand, I can extend that past 45 min... lol I loose patience after a while. 😊 Don't you? 😱
But if it's enjoyment I'm seeking... then give me a vagina and the woman attached to it... 😍 and I'll easily meander in and out for an hour or more.... I'll take that option, any time.
So... how about you? How long does it take you? 🤔😘

Oh and by the way... all those messed up words.. the easiest fix, is to put a period in the word.. so amounts.. becomes a.mounts . Yep... it's stupid all right. I.m p.retty f.ed u.p my.self... 😁😘
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FresnoWoman replies on 25/3/2019 14h29:
The most effective method, as in how fast can you come is what I was aiming for. Anybody would lose patience after a while, I'm sure, but perhaps the edging folks are fine with taking their sweet time about it.

I'll keep in mind the tip about using a period, although it seems using spaces works as well. The original post had the numbers ten and twelve, though, where I was complaining about the number of options. Those got dropped.

CleavageFan4U 62H  
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25/3/2019 6h55

Shouldn't the real question be - how hot is my partner?

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FresnoWoman replies on 25/3/2019 14h30:
That's a different poll topic. And people find all kinds of things hot in a partner, highly subjective, whereas "how long does it take you to come" can be answered more subjectively.

Allhard4u50 57H
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25/3/2019 7h27

Idk, it really depends on a lot of things.....
1. How many times you've been intimate with the partner
2. How much alcohol you've been drinking
3. How 'turned on' you are
And many more

pett2224 67H
29 messages
25/3/2019 8h28

as I get older,,,i'm lasting longer,,,,depending on how horny my wife is,,,,if she really cranks it up,,,i lose control,,,which is not a bad thing

originaltreeman 49H
31 messages
25/3/2019 10h59

I noticed that when i am having sex with a woman that i think is really pretty (mentally or physically) i last MUCH longer than when i am with a woman that i think is not.

FresnoWoman replies on 25/3/2019 14h36:
Really. I'd have thought it'd be the other way around.

looking4u69ca 58H  
314 messages
25/3/2019 12h09

A sober blowjob gets me of reasonably quick. Add alcohol and a condom to missionary sex and I might not get off at all. Not from lack of trying. Need to spice it up a bit.

FresnoWoman 48F
352 messages
25/3/2019 14h34

Hey, I encourage more women to come and vote. Only four female voters so far.

serghe6619 52H
34 messages
25/3/2019 20h48

Maybe 15-30 and another option at 30-45?

FresnoWoman replies on 27/3/2019 10h32:
Only 10 poll options allowed, unfortunately.

Newbe509 42H
24 messages
25/3/2019 21h39

It depends on the person..

hirajind 37H
24 messages
26/3/2019 3h12

hmmm nice

mrplumber2016 56H
25 messages
26/3/2019 10h31

It mostly depends on the amount of foreplay for me anyhow.

AliOrbit 62F  
496 messages
26/3/2019 11h03

Just voted. I am multiorgasmic so it starts for me in under 5 minutes.....

FresnoWoman replies on 27/3/2019 10h35:
Thank you for voting! I'm happy to get more female voters as well. And maybe there should be a poll for multiorgasming. I could only pick 10 options for the original poll.

dumplin6969 61F  
144 messages
26/3/2019 11h41

You are right, medications can hinder things... I've always gotten there fast and often.

There is a medication that, in some people, can cause spontaneous orgasms (sometimes unwanted, but that wouldn't be me). I was on it for a short time and it was insanely good but I don't like to take medications and it did have other side effects so I no longer take it. I was thinking of writing a post about it.

I have always been able to orgasm quickly and multiple times and from various stimuli... even hearing my lover's voice on the phone, nipple stimulation, clitoral, cervical and mentally (yes that is a thing... I can think one on... Look Ma, no hands).

It's a good poll... it's an interesting question!

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FresnoWoman replies on 27/3/2019 10h38:
Effexor, I think. I once read something about Effexor causing that. I've never taken it though so can't confirm. Also, there's a disorder that causes people to orgasm spontaneously many times a day but I don't recall what it's called.

Glad you liked the poll. Apparently it is very interesting...I came back to find 3 pages of comments and 250+ votes...what have I unleashed?

dumplin6969 61F  
144 messages
26/3/2019 11h43

    Citer Paulxx001:
    The most effective method or the most enjoyable method?
    If it is the most effective and it's a race, (some prize money at stake 🏆💵💰), then it's my hands and I think, with the right motivation - under 5 minutes. Although, with edging and a patient hand, I can extend that past 45 min... lol I loose patience after a while. 😊 Don't you? 😱
    But if it's enjoyment I'm seeking... then give me a vagina and the woman attached to it... 😍 and I'll easily meander in and out for an hour or more.... I'll take that option, any time.
    So... how about you? How long does it take you? 🤔😘

    Oh and by the way... all those messed up words.. the easiest fix, is to put a period in the word.. so amounts.. becomes a.mounts . Yep... it's stupid all right. I.m p.retty f.ed u.p my.self... 😁😘
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Mercy! forty-minutes... hmmm...

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exit17couple 55H/49F  
49 messages
26/3/2019 13h45

Your poll doesn’t specify how orgasm is achieved..orally she’ll tire out first..intercourse wise at least 45 can be a curse at times..

FresnoWoman replies on 27/3/2019 10h39:
I said "by the most effective method" as I know the specific stimulus/i towards climaxing varies by individual.

BigDick4All777 20H
4 messages
26/3/2019 17h29

It usually takes me 20 to 30 minutes sometimes longer if its good pussy

lookn4fun688 55H  
16 messages
26/3/2019 18h23

I like being edged for a long time typically its more than 45 minutes, even hours. I can cum sooner (10-15 minutes) if the time is not available but what i prefer is the long edging orgasm.

1Daddy60 61H  
16 messages
26/3/2019 18h36

Really varies and kinda depends on the mood of both of us. 5x per hour averages one every 12 minutes... that's a personal high.

lumpyr271 61H
20 messages
26/3/2019 19h01

Longer than it used to.

SWMOpnp2 34H
8 messages
26/3/2019 19h08

it just depends sometimes...

6030 messages
26/3/2019 19h49



marc1venture 52H
26 messages
26/3/2019 21h06

It depends on a number of factors from a medical perspective and many factors depend upon a partner that reciprocates her desire. Us guys are visual, women prefer a romantic story, but lighting, scent, erotic mood all contribute to the ultimate outcome.

funasianma1e 44H
109 messages
26/3/2019 21h19

depends on how long before last sexual encounter, how turned on, if there was any teasing, foreplay etc....

1papa510 61H
6 messages
26/3/2019 22h47

Really depends on mood and lots of other variables. Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or more... Good foreplay extends that 5 minutes to 20 minutes or more... isn't that what is supposed to happen?

jajo696 64F  
342 messages
27/3/2019 1h43

Both DIY or with a partner...dependent of the stimuli.....5 to 15 minutes.

I voted ~~

fahrenheit451x2 56H
42 messages
27/3/2019 3h30

I guess it depends on the moment. A glass of wine and a little weed can lengthen and heighten the experience. pace yourself!

dogslife2live01 67H
560 messages
27/3/2019 4h23

masters and johnson's have answered those questions not with boasts but controlled studies.
now that said i would say the average time for me would be between two to three years (i am not so quick in procuring a woman)
if your question is while in the act... then my dear a gentleman does not hump and tell

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rohit_1611 38H/43F
8 messages
27/3/2019 5h05

it depends

glensfallsbibttm 52H  
69 messages
27/3/2019 5h18

I may not always last long...but my partner ALWAYS cums 1st!!!

911curly 69H/66F
64 messages
27/3/2019 6h22

Also depends on how much fore play , and if toys are used .

BBC4matureF 45H
12 messages
27/3/2019 8h07

Depends on the partner and what there doing

Sensal2 39H
17 messages
27/3/2019 8h39

its about age and experience, the more you have of these the longer you will last, provided you can still get an erection.

tunginsider 51H
12 messages
27/3/2019 9h19

Suppose it all depends on circumstances .. if I've been drinking ... scenario,partner .. but typically 15 / 45 minutes

WGA40 50H
14 messages
27/3/2019 9h36

Nice results

Solfan55 64H  
234 messages
27/3/2019 9h53

I have to agree that it depends on a lot of variables. Still a fun read though so thank you for posting.

FresnoWoman replies on 27/3/2019 10h46:
You're welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed the poll. It's a topic dear to many AFFers' hearts, I can tell.

kip91322 56H
1 message
27/3/2019 12h44

Depends on how fast i drive .

fahiem2010 47H
16 messages
27/3/2019 14h12

A nice wet pussy OMG I have a hair-pin trigger

Bluemagic4869 47H

27/3/2019 14h47

Great Poll!

1seeking1 53F  
1716 messages
27/3/2019 15h32

Masturbation, daily toy in shower less then a minute, yhose are weak orgasms, barely takes of edge.With partner and right connection can orgasm from a kiss. Being multi orgasmic squirter, I cum easy, but need those orgasms that lead to climax. By big o do you mean climax?

petergun40 69H
21 messages
27/3/2019 18h42

I think I am to fast, but it is what I do before with my partner and it is good for both of us, at the end I think both are satisfied

Magicpanda6948 48H

28/3/2019 12h16

The only reason I rarely cum is I am more concentrated on making her have multiple orgasms, that is what I love to do

bennyb1211 24H
23 messages
28/3/2019 2h23

if Bymyself a bit longer cuz i love watching

moh_11 38H
13 messages
28/3/2019 2h28

But it depends

Shepshep63 55H
22 messages
28/3/2019 3h34

That is a tough question. It depends. My goal is to make the lady come first. With my mouth or cock. Time is not important in that case.

coyotefun2000 64H
25 messages
28/3/2019 4h52

It takes me forever to cum. Only complaint I have ever had

Orgasmic_Fingers 45H
25 messages
28/3/2019 6h09

I can get off in under 5 mins for the right person doing the right things, but prefer to last longer, sometimes prefer not to finish and to stay horny for days.
My reload time isn't what it used to be, but there are lots of sexy things to do while waiting.
Using a cock ring really helps staying power and helps with the reload time aswell

sniflicksuck 53H
43 messages
28/3/2019 8h46

That's a good question but do some of us really care they just wanna cum cause u can always cum again 😉

Duchess_Nyx 45F  
1 message
28/3/2019 8h51

I feel like some are interpreting this as "how long can you last" instead of "how long does it take" and totally ignoring the "most effective" bit.
(This is me being polite... really I wish people would read to understand more often.)
For me, most effective routes are solo and get me there in 5 minutes when I'm well/not totally fucking burned out from work, 15 if I'm not doing my best, and 30 - "fuck this I give up" when I was on an antidepressant.

FresnoWoman replies on 28/3/2019 13h12:
Yes, I think you are right, Duchess_Nyx, and I wish they would have read the original question more carefully. Oh well. I hear antidepressants are hell on the libido and ability to climax.

pineconer9 68H
218 messages
28/3/2019 10h07

It depends on what I am doing with or without partner and it does usually take me a very long time,,and if I am just stroking by myself I do like to edge for a very long time as I watch hot porn, and with partner like to take lots of time the journey not just the destination

ajax085 44H
26 messages
28/3/2019 12h43

Eh, everyone is going to have unique issues but you did a good job of acknowledging that at the introduction of the poll. It looks like you were still able to establish rough average s despite the limited options you had at your disposal. ... great job!

riverranch696ya 57H
1 message
28/3/2019 13h03

Hi I like your post

xxx_steezy_xxx 33H
15 messages
28/3/2019 16h19

depends on the girl im fucking 30mins to an hour

Sexczy69 64H
1146 messages
28/3/2019 16h59

Can cum is a few seconds or a few minutes? All depends on how horny i am and how good she make me feel???????

Attentive14Fun 45H
58 messages
28/3/2019 19h31

Depends on how good my partner is.

sexybunny4love 52F  
259 messages
28/3/2019 21h04

5-15 mins, depending on how turned on I am or whom I'm with he he thanks x

~ Dare to be different ~ sexybunny4love

RyuFujin 51F  
211 messages
28/3/2019 21h08

For me, there are more factors involved.

If it's been a while for me, and the stimulus is oral, it could happen in as few as 10 minutes. If you have mad skills... well, I'll do my best to hold out a little longer... because I want to experience all of your linguistic talents.

If the stimulus is intercourse, it can still happen, especially while in doggie style, though generally will take longer. Up to an hour, depending on how well you know your English.

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~ Dr. Seuss

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Fertilestream15 38H
7 messages
28/3/2019 23h15

The other variable that is to be considered is also the partner you are with,
As each lover is completely different with each experience.
Thus the closeness between both also affects the time as well.
Especially the emotional connection created.

benben75116 32H
24 messages
29/3/2019 2h45

just voted we can try together and how long does it take

benhereagain 62H  
38 messages
29/3/2019 4h49

i must paraphrase i normally can last a good 20 min but new pussy can get me off quicker ,, lol

ItsThtPervertGuy 39H
184 messages
29/3/2019 6h47

Depends. How long its been since I had sex,Chemistry ,attraction how good the sex is. A few things But over 30 minutes to start for sure. If I am Backed up I would like to get that one out!

Still_lookin_59 60H
63 messages
29/3/2019 7h46

Wow... so depends on the situation. If 'intended' can be hours... if she says "cum inside me NOW" can be less than 1 minute.

I can't say I like 'drunk or drug' affected sex... clarity is better, and I've found drunks tend to be lazy lovers. I really don't like the smell of alcohol.

how long can it take for my current partners - generally around 5 min. One happens to be close to cum with just suggestion... a mental play of sorts that can be less than 2 mins if in 'that' mood which case the idea is to defer with the 'hands on'.. having her build higher, wanting more and more, because it is a turn on for me to have all women cum from our play, wanting another 'Round' in future.

May your reality be a kind one.

boofsss 28H
1 message
29/3/2019 8h55

first round 15-45 then next rounds r game on

CompleteFreak22 32H
14 messages
29/3/2019 10h58

Yeah I fall under the 5 minute category...

engcumman 49H
29 messages
29/3/2019 13h01

I find that it doe, as others have said, depend. However, if I take an average session to go by it's between 15-25 minutes. At other times, if I don't want to cum, especially when masturbating, I can keep going for a lot longer.

1025mws 55H
638 messages
29/3/2019 17h57

It does depend on a lot of things..
I have came in a short time and I have stayed up and came in about 45 minutes to a hour.

Biplayerdo 50H
2 messages
30/3/2019 2h24

I never set out to come, because it happens, or not, and in the end, my cock will explode and my nuts drain so quickly that I cannot walk, think or even feel the earth beneath my feet. Of course, I am usually lying prone when I stroke myself into the necessary frenzy that will bring my spunk to light. I come hard, like when I have been fucked so vigorously that my insides feel not a part of who I am. The best sex, hands down, has always been with myself. The most powerful cumming I have done has been the consequence of a personal discourse with my imagination, where the fire in my loins burns so hot that only the explosion of my come into the world quenches it. I can come in nine seconds, or I come after hours of intense stroking and touching of myself in obscene ways. The question of how long it takes to come falls to how a cock is insistently agitated, either by the hand, or by a fucking so precise that a man screams as he unloads the end of his cock with a whimper.

LetsRide74021 47H  
3 messages
30/3/2019 5h51

It really depends on the person Im with, if they are super wet then it takes forever for me, if they are super tight, about ten minutes the first time and maybe even longer the second and third time. I like to take my time most of the time and hold back, if the lady is getting tired then I release, if we are both enjoying ourselves then I can take longer, its like exploring, but when we go doggy style, its over for me ………….lol

bigstuff_1989 29H
32 messages
30/3/2019 7h17

fun poll. thanks for sharing

hotredsox67 46H  
5 messages
30/3/2019 12h54

i can cum stay hard and keep going for quite a while i love to lick a woman to orgasm first so we can get multiples when i put it in while she contracts it gets super tight then

Sexistephine 33H
18 messages
30/3/2019 16h32

I like to take my time by myself or when I’m on cam. But with someone it’s quicker

YaImMarried 45H
1 message
30/3/2019 20h04

Situation is everything! Add alcohol and a condom with a partner that I'm not into, and well..... I'd be lucky to keep it hard.... But a sweet lil thing that gets me going, 8ish minutes....

looloobelle2 61F
137 messages
31/3/2019 11h54

It all depends on activities going on! fingering me can take less than 5 min. ..oral depends can take 1/2 hr or so....penetrating can make me cum more than once and usually quickly

FresnoWoman 48F
352 messages
1/4/2019 13h16

No more commenting allowed; I will be deleting any further comments from this point on, as mentioned in the edit to the main post. (Can't find option to disable them for this post for some reason.)

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