Fantasy Poll  

GingerKat69 45F  
99 messages
21/4/2019 11h02
Fantasy Poll

I love showing off. Whether it's in sexy photos, playing on my webcam or making juicy videos. I've always done what I like but now I'd like to hear from you.

I want to make some hot new content and I'd like your input. What kind of fantasies/fetishes would you most like to see in one of my videos? I've tried to come up with several I thought of but if you have a suggestion 's not on the list feel free to comment below or message me!

Sadly, you can only vote for one at a time but feel free to vote multiple times for as many fetishes as you like!
2 couples
Multiple guys
Young studs

Until next time...


babeishorny 35F
3 messages
21/5/2019 16h13

I love mmf.!

rick315875 60H  
7113 messages
18/5/2019 13h14

Or I want to see you with a huge young BBC stud. I want to see you suck his huge cock. Then, I want to see him stick his huge cock in your pussy and fuck you long time.

. . .

rick315875 60H  
7113 messages
18/5/2019 13h06

I would like to see you in some hot lesbian sex. Hot younger chick licking you all over baby!

. . .

darklong6988 42H
21 messages
17/5/2019 12h04

Couples are AMAZING!

wimaturelover69 66H
68 messages
13/5/2019 8h32

Didn't see interracial on list. Love to see ur pussy dripping with BBC jizz!

MyPlayBed80x120 57H
5 messages
12/5/2019 20h31

Based on the results of your poll and the suggestions that people have given, it would appear that the ultimate movie they would like you to make would be one where you and one of your sexy female friends take turns tag-teaming my ass with your big strap-ons. Followed up by me giving each of you sexy ladies a thick and juicy creampie. Woohoo!!! When do we start filming?

1kittylikker 69H
70 messages
12/5/2019 19h23

MFM. I've never experienced it but would love to.

Looking2be4 58H
8 messages
12/5/2019 15h04

MFM are so hot. Especially a shared wife with multiple cream pies!

Mohin05 32H
23 messages
12/5/2019 9h39

I wish mfm very much

NoRecipServant4U 55H
18 messages
12/5/2019 5h00

I picked creampies because it's a favorite. Those always look delicious.

However, MFM Creampies or multiple guy cream pies would be even hotter. But I could only select one choice.

discreetoral314 39H
24 messages
8/5/2019 10h39

I would like to see you with multiple guys.

Pal4Perks 58H  
16 messages
8/5/2019 5h33

I would be in the video. Just me, and you. You're in your car parked in front of a convince store. I walk out of the store, you say hey old man, get in. Then you video me getting in, telling me to pull my pants down, and sucking me off.
Blame me for trying? Lol

localguyfromjuly 31H
23 messages
7/5/2019 15h13

There are so many I want to choose. Wish it could be multiple-choice.

nilesh0721 36H
2 messages
7/5/2019 15h08

love to Creampies

denisestarbuck 62H/52F
8 messages
7/5/2019 7h30

love mmf and young studs

hrnybkr 54H
149 messages
7/5/2019 6h45

nice cock love my cock rings to

photispittas 38H
69 messages
6/5/2019 22h39

let me see the video after the poll

panama0192 37H  
34 messages
6/5/2019 13h19

Being with two women would be the best

69julia05 70H
8 messages
6/5/2019 1h49

I would like to see you with male and cross dresser

jc_1996 44H
13 messages
5/5/2019 16h00


Luv4me33 54H
22 messages
5/5/2019 12h02

I would luv to see you take two cocks in your pussy

Starthavingfun06 56H
12 messages
4/5/2019 23h40

Videos on submitting would be my request.

Morbosoatract 49H
11 messages
3/5/2019 19h08

I like two guys 1 woman

Roleplay42fun 43H/34F
2 messages
3/5/2019 17h23

Ink icons tattoos late night parties for people on ADULTFINDER,com...but yeah....FMF and @ couplesF/

lizcarmen 43F  
19 messages
3/5/2019 14h46

Bushmaster (above) What is the basket thing? I've never heard of it. Or does someone else know?


lizcarmen 43F  
19 messages
3/5/2019 14h44

Great poll! I was interested to look at the results because I finally got a laptop with a cam (although now I realize I need to buy a separate cam that is better on my list!)

Anyway, I've started broadcasting again and I"m still trying to decide what to do on cam.

SO funny how popular fmf is in your poll. Unfortunately, I'm more the other way, mfm or mmmfmmm hahahahahaha

Anyway, my broadcasting will be me by myself playing. So...hmm Maybe I should start a poll on my blog asking what viewers like or dont' like to watch.

So glad I saw your poll! From one lady friend who likes to show off to another! !



johnt999x 57H
9 messages
3/5/2019 13h32

Lesbian orgy

cecilomo 66H
27 messages
3/5/2019 2h58

what about, MMF, OR MMMF or add some CROSSDRESSING

cutecuckhold 44H
3 messages
3/5/2019 12h50

How about a couple and I will go down on both of you under the table, then 2 the room?

BigBadSteve94 25H
41 messages
2/5/2019 14h12

girl on girl is always a fav but id love to see that juicy pussy of yours get creamed good

Morboexcita 48H
55 messages
2/5/2019 9h20

Tengo muchísimos fetiches cada vez más

35 messages
2/5/2019 8h09

id likefmf one woman giving be head and the other sitting on my face?

25 messages
2/5/2019 7h06

I think starting off havin drinks with hubby and a few bi guys wood be hot
hubbys str8 but wood luv 2 see the guys get frisky at table while havin drinks and tellin hubby they think hes a lucky guy havin me and want 2 no if it wood be ok 2 touch me and and rub n flirt a bit , hubby says uumm nice i wood luv 2 watch so 2 of the guys start rubbin my legs under the table n up my skirt , iam getten warmed up ,and notice the other guy is rubbin on hubbys leg 2 uuuummm

i told him dont touch his nipples like that or he will melt lolso the other guy next 2 me started rubbin hubbys nipples it was hot watchin 2 guys now rubbin on hubby ----so at that point i said i think its time we go 2 room or tease a little more maybe sum1 will see

Someguynow125 44H
25 messages
1/5/2019 17h22

Don’t need but good but a good time

ritinhadoidona 42F  
2 messages
1/5/2019 16h08

varios caras para mim é a maior fantasia----mas ha na lista umas muito interessantes

Dom4sub55 63H  
6 messages
1/5/2019 13h38

How about a full out 20 guy Gangbang of a

Life in BDSM is always interesting and constantly changing but at the same time staying the same. Happy hunting

kenzorro74 39H  
3 messages
1/5/2019 12h16

I thing seen a couples playing each other its hot...

desu999 36H
12 messages
1/5/2019 11h35

I like 2 female fuk me

hunting4real 61H/52F
25 messages
1/5/2019 2h50

Wish we could vote for more than one, I had to select fmf because that is one I have never had the joy of being part of

Cajuncannon469 46H
16 messages
30/4/2019 20h16


timj851 49H
16 messages
30/4/2019 10h57

Cool polls

rubberbunslicker 44H
80 messages
30/4/2019 8h49


puss1207 58F  
97 messages
30/4/2019 4h16

MFM with me as the main character in the middle

bigstuff_1989 29H
32 messages
29/4/2019 13h26

all sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing

StrongBlakDick4U 38H
263 messages
29/4/2019 9h09

    Citer Cocksluttobe:
    I love mfm an de have done a few but I'd love to try 4 guys at same time
Hi, thanks so much.... Would love the opportunity to find the many wonderful things you call fun and exciting ..... Have a wonderful day and thanks for expressing yourself.

BulldogGuy13 43H
58 messages
28/4/2019 18h08

I'm into cream pies Kat. Want filled up?

plumbboi 26H  
146 messages
28/4/2019 16h40

The great outdoors can make for an interesting backdrop.

There is alot to see out there, so get out & experience the what the world has to offer.......or not

Iliketoes69 36H
26 messages
28/4/2019 11h17


newportnewsman69 37H
15 messages
28/4/2019 10h31

creampies please!

slowpokenone 73H  
59 messages
28/4/2019 6h48

I just want to be used by you.

thejashman 34H
58 messages
27/4/2019 23h24

I do love double penetration

1Hemiguy1 56H
57 messages
27/4/2019 22h18

I love to watch two women making love. But anything you do im sure we will enjoy !

letsgettogeth119 72H
67 messages
27/4/2019 20h28

I'd like two woman dominating me...

Starthavingfun06 56H
12 messages
27/4/2019 19h36

Cream pies are always good!

Starthavingfun06 56H
12 messages
27/4/2019 19h31

Female male female would be what I would enjoy

38 messages
27/4/2019 18h12

Love two hot and naughty ladies sharing and worshipping my cock

kendradessert10 55H
2 messages
27/4/2019 17h03

i vote feet coz my fetish is to be jerk with feet

56creampielover 62H
73 messages
27/4/2019 15h32

I am particularly found of the serving of a great creampie. But am okay with anything you want to do!

JMFuckon 58H  
31 messages
27/4/2019 9h17

Love to watch a man cum in your pussy

manu210580 39H
29 messages
26/4/2019 23h31

I love two females......

ltrlover1 61H
172 messages
26/4/2019 16h50

I do not believe anyone would object to anything you did, they'd just want more!!


switchhitter609 55H  
9 messages
26/4/2019 12h41 male here..mmf cum swap..cream pie...cream pie eating...

Sexczy69 64H
1146 messages
26/4/2019 5h42

Interesting Poll you did here! Like to watch whatever you pick to do!!!

Licknb4dickn 43H  
12 messages
25/4/2019 21h41

I'd like for you to travel to Kansas with a couple of friends and I will bring a couple friends and we all make a gang bang /orgy video


MomoBear1 68H/33F  
316 messages
25/4/2019 21h34

I Phon the slut female voted for multiple guys as I love long lasting gangbangs with lots of cum and all holes used

HughMongus69 49H
32 messages
25/4/2019 18h20

cumswapping ?

Vlady6313 46H  
31 messages
25/4/2019 11h11

How about squirting in a mans mouth and face. Hummmm. I've always enjoyed that when I'm the one the ladie is squirting all over.

gtrider28 62H  
817 messages
25/4/2019 10h12


KanesLilBunny 37H/27F  
5 messages
25/4/2019 1h30

How did the creampies loose!!!

Love~my~babies {=}

Italiancalidude 47H
228 messages
25/4/2019 12h42

I love your sexy thoughts and your sexy body!!! Both match perfectly!

uncutdevil 34H  
200 messages
24/4/2019 17h00

multiple cocks and cumshots

Cocksluttobe 50F  
38 messages
24/4/2019 16h49

I love mfm an de have done a few but I'd love to try 4 guys at same time

slowone40 49H
40 messages
24/4/2019 14h55

But my fanasty is when a womam who can squirt can slide up and down my cock while doing it so i could feel her warmth on me.

Tube_driver69 54H
32 messages
24/4/2019 13h42

Staged chat up in a bar, did it once was great fun. She was so hot and we agreed she would sit on the bar stool and see hw many men bought her a drink, then I came into the bar and sat in the chair there, she asked the barman who I was and to ask me to join her, then we left and the look on the other men was priceless

kinkymale4chatxx 50H
2 messages
24/4/2019 13h12

Public teasing. Flashing

cpluvr2018 63H
4 messages
24/4/2019 12h42

Getting creampied with panties on

Dirkk2019 32H
21 messages
24/4/2019 12h40

I’d love to see you take as many guys as you can handle

looking4u69ca 58H  
314 messages
24/4/2019 12h01

I like to see mature women, real people have an honest orgasm or anal orgasm.
This could be with a guy, a woman or alone. I hate the 19 second clips. 2-3-4 minutes are great.

TrevvorCity 41H
9 messages
24/4/2019 4h37

not sure about this being real...

bennyb1211 24H
23 messages
24/4/2019 2h19

liove FMF

bushmastermc 51H
29 messages
23/4/2019 21h08

I always wanted to try the basket thing with an asian girl.. maybe you could get in a basket for some lucky guy and let us all know what its like from the girls point

6030 messages
23/4/2019 20h55



swfla56 63H
63 messages
23/4/2019 15h28

to many kinky ones for this list.

16 messages
23/4/2019 14h53

I would love to see you scissoring with another hot woman... your soaking pussies rubbing together, lips to lips... damn!

StylezKinked97 34H
12 messages
23/4/2019 11h02

squirting in the females face

JokerNSweetTits 33H/35F
1 message
23/4/2019 10h56

Honestly have more than available to vote for, fetishes keep getting added to our list of loves!

AliOrbit 62F  
496 messages
23/4/2019 8h21

A video of you submitting.

MrandMrsKB 54H/49F  
2 messages
23/4/2019 7h32

FFM for me, I would love to watch my hubby knock up another mans wife, before we send her back to him

bentover4fun2019 40H  
17 messages
23/4/2019 7h22

You can never have too many guys!!!

SlutsHereICum 56H  
7 messages
23/4/2019 6h22

I love threesomes w/ two sexy ladies! I've had the pleasure of experiencing this multiple times, to include a few from being here on passion.

funsnellvillecpl 61H/50F  
1606 messages
23/4/2019 6h08

love creampies but we want to see her and another lady going at it with tongues, pussies and toys

911curly 69H/66F
64 messages
23/4/2019 4h24

I'm the female really like the MFM .

zeke53028 60H
833 messages
22/4/2019 14h19

My girlfriend and I have a female play pal that we get with often. I love watching the 2 of them munch on each other. I also love cleaning up after a good creampie, being dominate and sometimes submissive. Although I voted MFM there are a number of other options that I enjoy equally.

tacochomping 38H
21 messages
22/4/2019 11h52

I like to see women go down on each other!!

jonilovebig 72H
97 messages
21/4/2019 18h21

like to see 2 couples mixing it up

Cuminmyass80 38H
19 messages
21/4/2019 16h34

Would love to be part of a gangbang

2Saltie2 62F  
1178 messages
21/4/2019 16h32

Voted for submitting. Only been topped by a male. Would do a female and a male top female top couple of ever did kink again.

Love all animals. Tolerates humans.

JB734 53H
40 messages
21/4/2019 16h04

Nice that you like to share.

MyPlayBed80x120 57H
5 messages
21/4/2019 14h15

How about a video of you Pegging me?

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