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A Little This - A Little That
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The Gift That Keeps On Giving?
Publié :14/12/2019 8h52
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So I received this advertisement in my regular ...the one associated with my here.

Consider this my Holiday PSA.....haha

Apparently you can order an array of Holiday butt plugs in a nice assortment of colors! Maybe the red one Saturday?....the gold one Tuesday?...the green one Friday?.....lol

Something you think you'd like to give to a friend? Put on your holiday wish list? One can never have enough toys....right?

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Hmmmm...Well - I'd Like To Think So.....lol
Publié :28/8/2019 17h33
Dernière mise à jour :4/9/2019 14h39
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I saw this article while browsing the Google news stories. They always have a few "fluff" pieces as well as news stories. Astrology..horoscopes...tarot card readings and things of that nature are usually on there too.

I'm interested in astrology and the stars, but look at horoscopes and future "forecasts" with a skeptical eye.

I'm an Aries and in all honesty, some of the "attributes" shall we say,of that astrological sign - DO fit my personality!

As to whether there is any truth to my "sexual" greatness in blowing someone's mind? Hmmmm....well as I said - I'd like to think so...and all I know is I haven't gotten any complaints.....LOL

If you are any of the 3 astrological signs listed in the article....do you see anything that sounds like you sexually? Are you skeptical of horoscopes and astrology? Do you feel there are some signs that you are drawn to or get along better with more, or you could care less?

The 3 Most Sexual Zodiac Signs Will Blow Your Mind In Bed

Have you ever slept with someone who made you feel so good, you forgot how to formulate sentences by the time they were done? You know, that lover who transported you to outer space, made your eyes roll back into your head while you felt your orgasm spread throughout your entire being? You could feel stars in your fingertips and ecstasy in your toes. You've never moaned so loud in your life. And no matter how that relationship worked out, whether they were a one night stand or your partner for three years, they leave an indelible mark on you. It's highly likely that they were one of the three most sexual zodiac signs and if you haven't slept with one of them yet, you definitely should before you settle down.

This is not to say that other signs aren't capable of being miracle workers in bed. It's just that sexual prowess tends to come more naturally to these three signs: Scorpio, Aries, and Taurus (with Leo and Virgo as close runners up). If their Mars sign happens to be in any of these signs, you'll also notice their particularly awesome abilities between the sheets.

Scorpio: The King Of Orgasms

Scorpios are famous for their abilities in bed and I probably don't even have to tell you that they're the most sexual sign of all the zodiac. I know a few people who might talk about their Scorpio ex like they were the worst person in the world, but they simply can't help but sigh when remembering how life-changing the sex was.

Scorpios contain just as much emotion as they do ambition and they pour both of those qualities into their sexual experience, making for the most intense ride of your life. They're also psychic about your needs, delving deep into the corners of your soul and unearthing all your secret desires, only to deliver them with astonishing talent. They never allow a sexual encounter be an underwhelming one, giving their partners everything they have as though this is their last night alive. Capable of soft and romantic sex as much as they are of a tumultuous and rough frenzy, they'll provide you with exactly what you've been aching for.

Aries: The Wild Animal

When Aries wants something, they want it now. That includes whoever it is they feel like dragging into the bedroom and fucking like there's no tomorrow. They'll pursue you like you're the sexiest person who ever lived, like they'll explode if they don't get their hands on you. You'll feel so desired, you won't be able to say no.

They're known for throwing you on the closest available surface and knocking down everything until there's broken glass everywhere. They won't care. The only thing on their mind is you. While they're not known for a long and slow build-up of foreplay, their wild, sweaty, and roaring fury as they ride you will make up for it. Sex with an Aries is more thrilling than a roller coaster ride and it's bound to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Taurus: The Romeo To Your Juliet

Unlike Aries, Taurus adores foreplay. This sign is beautifully in tune with all five of the human senses and they'll make sure you're titillated in all areas. They'll caress your skin until it's on fire, kiss you until your lips are bruised, dirty talk you until your imagination is running wild, and they'll look at you like you're the most magnificent creature they've ever laid eyes on. All of this will push you so far over the edge, you'll be begging them to f*ck you already.

When they do, it's the most satisfying experience there is. They've turned you on to the point of oblivion and they definitely won't leave you hanging. Sex with a Taurus leaves you feeling replenished in so many ways, like you were a mess before they lovingly put you back together, one tongue movement at a time

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Drink That Water!!
Publié :18/7/2019 13h34
Dernière mise à jour :21/8/2019 9h44
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Holy shit.....what a scary day and a half I've had- all from not drinking enough water/liquids!! What a friggin' dummy!.....lol

I was at work on Wednesday and it was about 1:00 am. (I work 11 :00 p.m to 7:00 a.m.)

a supermarket shopper - I shop orders that people place online.


I take my cart and get on the store floor to start an order. All of a sudden I get a bit nauseous and a few seconds later I felt really dizzy. That's the last thing I remember at that point.

The next thing I do remember after that is my night manager screaming "OH MY GOD"!! I think I sat up, or he helped me sit up...(that's a little fuzzy).....lol thinking to myself wtf am I doing sitting on the store floor-then the realization hits !! I passed the hell out ..........

He wanted to an ambulance and I wasn't having that! I told him he could one of my daughters to get , but that was it. They all insisted I go to the ER to get looked at. I honestly just wanted to go home and go to sleep.....lol

I was a good and let my daughters take to the ER......got in the back and because of some blood test results they decided to admit me (oh yay). It took about 3 or 4 hours to get a room. Thank God it wasn't a weekend night.....lol

Get settled in the room - feeling pretty good. I have to go the the bathroom - get up off the bed, get to the doorway and start to feel dizzy again, and you guessed it.....down again I went.

The first time I passed out I don't remember going down....this time I did....so I probably didn't technically pass out the second time.....lol

Had some tests and winds up it was a diagnosis of low potassium and dehydration. Four bags of IV fluids (one in the ER) through the night,plus a small (THANK GOD) bag of a liquid potassium (in the ER) that burned and stung like a MFer going in!! Ouch...ouch....ouch

Discharged this afternoon.....YAY!! But not going back to work until Saturday night. On the schedule tonight and off anyway Friday....so they'll live without me.....lol

Moral of this story.....Drink lots of water....Duh....lol It's been as hell over much of the country.
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Guess It Was My Time....This Time...
Publié :29/5/2019 16h07
Dernière mise à jour :28/8/2019 16h03
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Just sittin' here at my keyboard for a little while, minding my business and an email comes in!

It's from a couple who are apparently the rulers of A*F*F ? They feel I shouldn't be here. I'm not real because I'm not presently looking for a sexual partner.

I clearly state this fact on my profile, so how much more real do I have to be?

Below is our exchange. This one isn't really bad all compared to some I've had...but they are still annoying little minded people who think they get a choice in what I do......LOL

UPDATE.....5/31 - Apparently they aren't happy I'm not going anywhere and feel the need to contact me again.

This is the last I will be addressing them. Next step to just block the little twits and be done!!

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What’s In A Name……
Publié :2/5/2019 14h58
Dernière mise à jour :22/5/2019 12h59
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As an observer on this site, and a Gold member….I like to read profiles of interest to see the likes of people, the dislikes, the kinks, etc.

What they desire to find on here, and just generally people “watch” so to speak and maybe learn more about human nature - the good, and occasionally the bad. I will interact through blogs and occasionally emails.

I also view the profiles to photos, and every once in a while view their profile videos, or check the webcams on here….but honestly not very often do I do that…...

I would watch a lover's videos or webcam.....but a stranger's doesn't really interest very much. Just the way I am.


In this interest I indulge in, I sometimes come across profiles that in the words of a coworker I have (a unique individual for sure) I see some with a real humdinger of a profile name!

Some are funny, some seem to “fit” the person either in their looks, or what they are looking for, or a particular sexual activity they like, or perhaps a sport they enjoy etc. and then some that are just disgusting, crude or otherwise a bit “unsavory”.......(subject to opinion I suppose)....lol

So I was just wondering…..how much thought (if any) did you put into your profile name (handle)? Does it mean something to you in some way that you’d like to share? Please do if you’d like, but by no means a requirement!

I once had a different profile name - and it did have a meaning - it was the name of a place I previously worked at - spelled backwards, and the zip code of the area it was located. It was easy to remember so it worked at the time….lol

I actually changed my profile name though…..think I had to $20.00 to do it. I didn’t want to create a whole new profile (even though I could have just cut and pasted to do a “new” one, and keep all the original content). I would have had to upload all the photos to a new one though….so the $$ spent was okay with ….just seemed easier.

My “new” one fits me….since I do have green eyes, and I am a lady (sometimes a good one - sometimes a bad one…...lol). The 60 used is the year of my birth, minus the 19(60)......lol

Had I done a whole new profile I think I would have lost any points that I’ve acquired, so that was another consideration! Before I took the plunge of changing the name, I did contact customer to make sure I wouldn’t lose those points. They assured I wouldn’t, and I went so far as to screenshot that part of my profile just in case…..lol

I’m not listing any profile names as examples of what I’ve observed because I think that most likely would violate the TOU's…..so maybe be careful, and don’t list any either....unless it's yours!

Although it sure would be fun to share the ones that are “ there”.......hahaha

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Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh
Publié :30/4/2019 13h37
Dernière mise à jour :22/5/2019 16h49
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What a start - or actually an end to my day!

I work nights - the 11:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m shift...not an easy thing - but I try to make it work.

Well...this morning I got done work -did a little food shopping, and then stopped at a local convenience store to pick up something ( a coffee).

I didn't wanna carry my whole handbag in, so I grabbed my wallet..popped my car trunk - (to put my handbag into - instead of leaving it in the car) ..hit the lock button on the door of the car as I got out, and shut the car door....

My car has one of those button ignition kind of thingys ...

Anyway when you leave your keys it will let you know by a sound. Unfortunately there was work being done in the parking lot and I didn't hear the sound.

I put my bag in the trunk, shut that and then went to reach for my keys which I thought were in my pocket. NO KEYS...(more precisely a remote), those were in the cup holder IN the car!!

Thank God I have roadside assistance!! What a lifesaver sometimes.....

It took them about 40 minutes to get to me....I had a few "chilled" items from the store (they seemed fine) and ice cream cones......which may or may not have survived, I was too tired to check...just stuck them in the freezer.....lol

I'm usually not so bubble headed...(ok..ok - maybe sometimes)....but it was a rough night at work, and I was sore and tired.....

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it....LOL

Did get some sleep after that, and the silver lining in my little "adventure" is:

I have off tonight....YAY!!

Have a good night all.....and as my PSA for today: Make sure ya have your friggin keys BEFORE you lock and shut the door....

These are the tools they use to get the door open.....and it took him under a minute. Yikes!!

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NSA - What Does It Mean To You?
Publié :24/4/2019 14h27
Dernière mise à jour :22/5/2019 13h15
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So we all know NSA on this site generally means.....

No Strings Attached

My question is -

What does it mean to you? What do you consider "strings"?

Is this the type of connection you are hoping to find? Or do you want something more?

To some it means this......

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How Important Do You Think It Is?
Publié :22/4/2019 11h11
Dernière mise à jour :3/5/2019 17h02
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The word vet or vetting has become a “catch word/phrase” lately….in politics and other areas.

Vetting as defined by Google: is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, or doing fact checking prior to making any decision. I’d say vetting someone prior to meeting or dating someone applies as well, since it is a decision one makes.

So my question to the members of A*F*F is how much do you think vetting someone is important in general, and to you?

How much vetting would you do before meeting someone?

Do you just take their word for who and what they say they are or need more?

Honestly it is pretty important to me!

Now of course they have to give you their real - full (first and last) name for you to be able to accomplish this, and if they’re not willing - would send up some red flags to me anyway...and I would simply not pursue anything more! But 's just me…..and fine by me. See ya later...bye bye!

I checked out the last lover I had on the internet before deciding to meet him. I didn’t go so far as paying to get a full background check on any prior arrests, liens on a home, previous addresses, possible alias etc. But I did at least make sure the facts he gave me matched up as best I could. His home address did come up, and actually the names of some other family members names can come up, as well as some previous addresses in a free search. I was honest with him, and told him I did this!

I did also communicate with this guy for a few weeks through messaging,emails,and had some public meets (for coffee) before actually having any private meets. I also contacted a close friend before the first private meet, and gave her the name of this guy - where we were meeting, and told her I would contact her later to let her know I was okay!.....lol

I ask this because recently in New Jersey (close to Philly - and she was from Philly) a woman was sexually assaulted by a man she met through the “fishy site”! Thankfully the police caught him by pretending to be another woman looking to meet him!

I think it’s very possible for me if, and when I decide to start meeting someone again…. I may very well do a more thorough check.

Do you think it is too invasive? Are you willing to just trust your instincts - go with your gut? Do you consider someone does a total vetting paranoid or smart to do so?

Btw….I have no problem at all with someone vetting me! I have nothing to hide, so it’s fine by me. In fact the last lover said he checked me out as well...although I don’t know how thorough of a search he did. He also said he didn’t mind, and thought it was a good idea.

I would also make a suggestion of getting pictures (conventional) before a meeting if none are posted. Actually the ideal situation might be a few pictures. A single picture can be “lifted” from the internet a little easier than multi ones.

I may be a little on the paranoid side, but ’s okay with me! I’d rather be safe than sorry! I have children/grandchildren I want to live to see, and don’t relish the thought at all of possibly being assaulted or worse soooooooooooooooo………….

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Truth or Just Some Mumbo Jumbo? (more for the ladies)
Publié :13/1/2019 11h40
Dernière mise à jour :1/5/2019 15h01
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This blog is more geared towards the ladies, but gentlemen you are certainly welcome to comment if you’d like!

I take astrology with a grain of salt...sometimes it seems to nail things about an astrological sign, and sometimes it misses the mark.

I am an Aries and many things written about this sign conform to who or how I am. I read my horoscope from time to time, but don’t make it an every day event or necessity, and I certainly don’t live my life by it!.

I came across this on the Google feed on my cell, and again I take it with a grain of salt…..although I did find it interesting.


I will say this: My last lover was a Libra (and he cheated on me) and it does fit him very well. I always sorta felt that for whatever reason I either wasn’t personally enough for him in some way, or no one woman was gonna be enough for him.

We stayed on sites even after meeting, and becoming sexual partners (my understanding was exclusive ones).I was on them for entertainment. To view profiles out of interest of what other people had to say, what they might be interested in etc. I sometimes emailed back if someone contacted me, but made it plain I was not meeting anyone because I was involved. I didn’t feel comfortable getting into any sexual conversations with them...and kept it strictly simple. I also told him about my activities, and even gave him the option of reading any emails if he chose to.

I never met anyone else while involved with him. He was not so truthful, and I eventually went on to find out he had a few meets behind my back…..

I had requested if he was going to meet others - to please just let me know…..I absolutely would have given him that courtesy.

He definitely hated any confrontation, so that’s most likely one reason he never mentioned them. That and the likely fact that he didn’t want to lose a warm, wet pussy honestly (a sure thing in other words)…..in case none of these meetings produced the desired outcome.

Now of course not ALL men of these signs are cheaters…..I guess the article has just settled on these signs for whatever reason and I’m truthfully not sure what kind of data they used to pick these particular ones.

Again….I just found it interesting….

Soooooooooooooo…..here goes…..lol

Ladies….let me know if you’ve had any experience with these signs. Do they seem to fit the man you were involved with? Did they indeed cheat or were they true blue? Feel free to offer any thoughts.

I will try to find an article geared towards the men...that deals with astrological signs and cheating women.....

5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Cheat On You, Per Astrology

Some zodiac signs love love so much that they just can't get enough of it.
So, it's not enough to have one relationship, they need multiple, at the same time, and often cheat or have a side-chick.

Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings on earth. You may think you're the only girl for him, until you catch him with someone else.
Then, he apologizes and swears to never do it again, but you soon realize that he is still cheating and having an affair with the other woman, and you have been fooled into thinking you were the only one... again.

All of your emotions start flooding in at once. You might wonder if he really cared about you or if maybe YOU were just the side chick all along, and he really loved the other girl first.
Relationships are tricky and love is complicated. It's hard finding somebody who's loyal and honest these days. While some zodiac signs tend to be more loyal, there are others that you may need to look out for.

1. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Geminis are very sociable and love being around people. They can talk all night long to a new girl they just met and have a good time even when you're not around. They're restless beings who rather go out than spend a night in cuddling with their boo.
Geminis are curious and love being stimulated by learning new things and getting to know new people. Because they're quick learners, they'll be quick at learning how to balance two relationships at once.
Geminis are also known for being indecisive, which can mean they might want you one day and then get sick of you the next. Eventually, they'll want to bring a new girl into the mix to add excitement.
They hate repetition which is another reason a Gemini might have a side chick. They get bored of the same thing and need another girl to escape to when being with you gets too predictable.

2. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libras hate being alone. This becomes a problem on those days when you're busy and he needs someone to be with. A Libra might turn to their side chick in a moment like this. His side chick is there for all the times that you can't be.
Like Geminis, Libras are also indecisive and social. They love being around other people and sometimes, your love might not be enough to fulfill a Libra's needs. They need to feel stimulated by others too and not just you. Being indecisive might make him wonder if he wants to only be with you or find somebody else to add to the mix.
Libras tend to avoid confrontation, so if they're feeling like something is wrong in the relationship, they might not even tell you about it. They'll keep you around so you think things are okay, but then they'll try to fill the void with a side chick.

3. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius' are known for being secretive, so watch your back ladies. They'll be good at hiding their side chick from you!
Their weakness is dishonesty. I'm not saying snoop through his phone when he's in the other room, I'm just saying be aware of this trait. If you catch him in any lies just know that there might be more that he's not telling you.
Sagittarius' are also known for their cool, calm and collected behavior. This can make it easy for a Sagittarius to play it cool and act like nothing sketchy is going on. He might call you crazy for even thinking that he was just flirting with a girl. He'll tell you to relax, because there's 'nothing to worry about'.
They're very passionate and they get jealous easily. Sometimes it's good to make a guy a little jealous. Just watch out, because a Sagittarius might want to do it right back to you. He'll unleash his passionate side with someone else.

4. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

An Aries is someone who is impatient. If you're a motivated person who's busy a lot, he might get sick of waiting around for you and need to find someone else.
They're known for being impulsive, which isn't a good thing in this case. One night he might want to know what it's like to get with that cute girl standing by the bar and there will be nothing stopping him. He'll just go for it when you're not around just because he can!
They like competition, whether it's competing themselves or watching others compete. He might like being fought over. He will love the thought of two girls competing for his attention.
Aries' are also confident and confidence is an attractive trait. It will be easy for an Aries to charm a girl with his confident ways and he'll have faith in himself to pull off having a side chick.

5. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leos are good at putting themselves in difficult situations and making them work. He'll confidently be able to balance a lover and a side chick. Having two girls can be a complicated task for some, but not for a Leo.
A Leo's strength is his creativity. He might be good at making each of his girls feel special. A Leo is able to fill your needs while doing the same for another girl.
He might also be good at coming up with creative excuses for those days he's heading out to be with the side chick.
Keep an eye on your Leo and keep in mind that he might be extremely difficult to resist.
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Emotions All Over-Make A Plan For Those You Love
Publié :21/12/2018 8h22
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My emotions have been all over the place this past week!

My ex husband - father of my six children, was pretty close to death last Friday. Had his GF not called an ambulance to take him to the hospital, he surely would have died!

He was experiencing acute heart failure, and respiratory failure. He has COPD (emphysema) and had been feeling poorly for days, but because of his extremely stubborn nature -refused to seek care.

We were basically told to get up there (he lives about 3 hours away)! He has no DNR/DNI or living will.....nada!

So had any decisions needed to be made, it would have fallen on our adult children! I knew that he would not want any extraordinary means taken to keep him alive. He had expressed this to me many times during our marriage, but never put anything in writing.

The hospital basically decided to intubate him, and put him in a sort of medically induced sleep. When we got there....he looked like hell, and my girls fell apart. I went for exactly that reason!!

Happy to say that I truly believe in Christmas miracles - he is awake, off the vent and breathing on his own, with some assist of oxygen (from a canula in his nose). He is finally drinking water and eating at least some, and listening to the doctors and nurses caring for him.

He had some mental confusion for a few days, but that seems to be clearing up too. Most likely will spend Christmas in the hospital, but much better than the alternative we all feared for a time!!

I no longer love this man in a romantic way, but realized I absolutely love him as a man who means a lot to our children!! I kissed his forehead when I left, and whispered for him to get well because our children needed him.

I need to do now what he should have done- Make arrangements for how I want things handled for me - should something like that ever occur. I would hate for my children to ever have to make one of the hardest decisions one can have to make!

Please do the same...........

Happy Holidays everyone
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Oh the glitches continue.....

I've been getting notifications of people in my hotlist having trending pics!

Problem is: every single one of these people/pics are NOT in my hotlist.

The funniest by far has been ME....lol

Now I like me well enough - but to hotlist myself? Geez...can one even do that?

Guess I will have to turn notifications off

Come on A*F*F.....get on the ball.....hahahaha

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MOMMY?? WTF.......
Publié :3/10/2018 9h03
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Below is an email I received this morning…..clearly he didn’t read my profile (he is a gold member) or he would have known I don’t appreciate dick pics being sent unsolicited and will just delete his email….usually with no reply (unless I’m in one of “those” moods…...lol).!

Ya know....I get that this is a sex site- after all the "slogan" for A*F*F is:

Hookup,Find Sex or Meet Someone Hot Now

But can that not be done in an adult, decent,and respectful way? Can the sexy chat or "dirty" chat not be saved until it is determined between the parties that- that is what each are looking for or desire?

I will say that most of the men that contact me behave in a more gentlemanly manor. They say “hello”...ask how I am doing, and then go into whatever they would like to say to try and convince me to meet them etc.

It is the clueless men that make me shake my head and wonder...WTF are they thinking?! Do they really think that a woman is gonna appreciate that approach? Maybe some will - we all have things that float that proverbial boat and turn us on I suppose.

This idiot called me mommy! Mommy? Yes I am a mommy to four sons and two daughters.....but I ain't your mommy dufus brain, and in no universe would I want you to call me that!! I honestly don’t want any man to call me mommy. I imagine in a relationship where the woman is the dominant….it could be possible for that nickname to be wanted or okay…..but for me….NAH…...lol

The rest of the email was not much to my liking either - especially considering it was a first contact for Pete's sake......

So here’s just a reminder for those men that haven’t gotten a clue yet on how to approach a woman,although they probably don’t read the blogs either when ya think about it….here ya go!

A shining example how NOT to do it…..lol

Ladies….would you want or like this approach? Would you like a man to use a term of endearment such as mommy...sweetheart...babydoll etc. when emailing you (especially first contact)?

Gentlemen….feel free to let me know your thoughts on this guy and his approach! Let me know what yours is! Maybe you can educate those that are clueless…..

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Hear Us Roar.....
Publié :18/9/2018 14h30
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10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

What makes a strong woman?

Among other factors, her struggles, sacrifices, and selflessness play a huge part. A strong woman has endured pain, overcome heart-wrenching experiences, and has allowed herself to be led by forgiveness.

A strong woman has swum in deep and treacherous waters and held her breath as long as possible. This type of woman is self-sufficient, independent, loving, and has no fears of showing her vulnerability.

If the woman you love (or perhaps hope to find) fits the above description, consider yourself privileged. The strong woman knows that one moment you are the teacher, and the next you might be the student. She understands and is okay with this, but sometimes the man in her life fails to share this understanding.

Can you handle a strong woman in your life?

**Now granted...none of this may apply if you are strictly looking for a woman for a fuck buddy, sexy friend or a NSA/FWB kind of "thing" **



A man needs to feel wanted. He needs to know that he is battling for the eternal love and admiration of his woman. A strong woman will show you that she loves you, but she’s also independent and can manage on her own. The strong woman is willing to fight for both of you, but she doesn’t need a man to fight her battles for her. If she has a problem, she deals with it.
A strong woman doesn’t sit and wait, as a victim, for a man to find the solution. Some men can’t handle this strength. If you choose to remain with this type of woman, be willing to walk beside her . . . not in front of her, pulling her to where you think she should be.


Strong women know what they want, how to attain it, and remember all that they had to endure to get whatever they have. A woman like this knows what she wants. If she likes a man, she will go after him. She will not wait for the man to make the first move. Strong women have tenacious personalities that can be extremely intimidating for some men. They aren’t submissive. They love wholeheartedly and also can continue exploring the world with a man or not. It takes a self-confident man to allow this type of personality to take charge.


Men have a hard time opening up to difficult questions. Strong women dive right into the depth of hurt, traumas, and life-changing experiences. They require a man who can be honest and vulnerable, because they have endured so much in their lives and want to believe they are not alone. They need to know that their mate can be available to navigate the ocean of uncertainties and travel the edges of madness.

Strong women don’t fear the past. They excavate and search for those things that make us human. The strong woman will always find a strong man to stand tall with her in the face of adversity. Men tend to avoid vulnerability because it makes them feel weak. If you want to gain the admiration of the strong woman in your life, do not fear moments of vulnerability.


The strong woman will challenge a man in the most intimate of ways. She will require intimacy in all forms, from conversation to making love. She will hold nothing back. Because a strong woman is comfortable with her femininity, she will expect her man to also be open to all aspects of intimacy. She requires passion and desire; she wants to feel like she’s the one.


Strong women are honest and expect complete trust in a relationship. They can sense lies in an instant, so don’t try to sugarcoat a white lie. Don’t give the strong woman in your life any bogus explanations. She has the ability to act as a human lie detector. Being in a relationship with a strong woman requires no holding back. She will never tolerate a sense of falseness and selfishness. If you can’t be with her completely, she will have no problem moving on.


Women who have inner strength cannot tolerate irregularity or indecisive personalities. They want to know that the man they love has integrity and respect, and is a man of his word. If they start to feel that their man is pulling away, they will react accordingly and have no problem letting him go if they feel they are being played. They want to feel like they are loved unconditionally. If they feel disrespected, they will have no issues setting that matter straight. The worst thing you can do to a strong woman is make her feel weak.


A strong woman has endured extraordinary challenges and obstacles in her life. In other words, she is strong for a reason, because she has had to be powerful during extremely dark moments. Having come through, she knows she can endure anything else in her path, but this kind of intensity is oftentimes difficult for a man to understand. It’s intimidating because of all the emotions and thoughts that come with this type of persona. The strong woman is willing to share her scars, and expects you to do the same. There are no secrets in her world.


This type of woman will follow you to the depths of hell if she knows you are committed to her. However, the moment you start to pull back, she will let you go. She will not wait for a man to decide if he wants her or someone better. Strong women don’t play little, girly games. You are either in or you are out. They will face hurt, heal from their wounds, and get back up ready to conquer whatever is next.


The love you receive from a strong woman is faithful. Just like mothers with their children, the strong woman will nurture and love her man fiercely. When she feels that love in return, she will do anything she can to make him feel loved. The strong woman in your life will support you, help you, and fight for you to get what you deserve. Some men can’t handle this kind of unconditional love. They get frightened by the intensity and depth of giving. Many times it is in this stage that men flee from a strong woman. If this happens, regardless of how deeply she loved you, she will also let you go. She knows her worth.


It’s hard to accept the things we don’t like about ourselves when someone points them out. A strong woman will speak up about those parts in her man that need addressing. She will also be there to help show you how amazing and powerful you are. She will stand by you and show you pure acceptance and confidence. Some men cannot handle the emotional chaos that comes up with this type of demeanor. For this reason, strong women will find strong men; the weak ones won’t make it past the first few dates. Weak men don’t know what to do with the honesty, strength, intelligence, and independence that is portrayed by a woman of strength.

A strong man, on the other hand, was likely raised by a strong woman. He knows how to either deal with the dark nights of the soul that arise in any relationship, or leave.

Barry Paul Price writes, “Dating a strong woman is not something every guy can handle. He has to be confident in himself as a person, and as a man. Men must feel capable of meeting a woman’s needs.

Traditionally, we did that providing financial security and physical protection.

More recently, as women have expressed themselves with more independence and toughness, men aren’t sure how or when they’re needed by their woman. He ends up feeling unsure of his value and significance in the relationship.

Many women tell me their man’s emotional support is just as important as financial and physical contributions. Unfortunately, men are not used to identifying masculinity with giving emotional support.”

Do you have the strength to support your woman of strength in the way she most needs it? Strong women have no time to play games. If you can handle the intensity, love, and honesty she will provide, you might just be the man who can complement this type of woman.

(Article borrowed from the website: The Power of Positivity)


I am a strong woman….I have had joys and heartaches in my life and for the most part I feel that I have come out on top….despite feeling at times like I may not.

I have cried many tears through the years, at times while in my car or in the shower...so as not to upset my children. I have survived pregnancy at an early age, two miscarriages, the death of my beloved mother, a marriage and divorce (that included verbal abuse), various trials and tribulations raising six children (who have had their own issues at times - some of a serious nature). It’s a given fact that when your children hurt...you hurt (or at least it is for me).

I believe all of these things have allowed me to be that strong woman. I will admit that it gives me great pride to know that my children have seen, and have known that their mother is a strong woman and have told me that I have been instrumental in making them the people that they are today!

I love my four sons tremendously…..but I am beyond over the moon that I have raised two daughters that are 23 and 21 and are absolutely strong, smart, and independent young women. They work and go to school and fight their own battles (but know mom has their backs - along with 4 older brothers...if ever needed....lol). One will be graduating this December with her Bachelor’s degree in nursing and plans to go on to earn further degrees! Her little sister is following in her footsteps…

They too will need strong men in their lives…..men that can handle their strength (and their occasional attitudes and sarcasm) Oooops….yes….I gave them a few of my less stellar qualities as well…..lol

Don’t get me wrong..I still have my doubts at times. My fears of what will be (or won’t) sometimes creep in as I lay alone in that time before sleep. But I know without a doubt that I will awaken (Lord willing) and get up and proceed to do what I need to do to live my life, with the strength that I have inside my heart and soul……

Eventually I hope there will be a man that will be able to walk with me….take my hand and match me stride for stride….together!

Someday I will let one in…….when the time is right……

I Am Woman (the song)

I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back and pretend
'Cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again
Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman
You can bend but never break me
'Cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
'Cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul
Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman
I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe
As I spread my lovin' arms across the land
But I'm still an embryo
With a long, long way to go
Until I make my brother understand
Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can face anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman
I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong
I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong
I am woman

Songwriters: Helen Reddy / Ray Burton
I Am Woman lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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