Anal, yes or no?  

LetsChillax 52F  
8285 messages
14/10/2018 5h12
Anal, yes or no?

Would you let him/her have their way with your ass?
Ooohhh yesssssss
Nothing doing

spoilyoubb 54H
30 messages
10/1/2019 17h14

if i get rimmed first?

LadyTeddieBear 61F  
1125 messages
7/1/2019 10h25

yes on the Anal. I only let black men. But the first time meeting nope not going to happen


Scott52NixAtGM 53H
233 messages
4/1/2019 13h59

Prefer to give rather than receive!

6050 messages
30/12/2018 22h01



Fonzie098 34H
7 messages
28/12/2018 18h17

Where have you been all my life ?

KW_Dom 46H
16 messages
28/12/2018 14h00

Does it get any more delicious than a sexy woman creaming all over my hard cock and then pulling it out so she can lick it clean? Mmmm fucking yumm...

Wife3901 43F
2 messages
25/12/2018 12h24

I'm a very big fan of anal

Explorers5551 56H/50F  
2 messages
16/12/2018 15h04

Most definitely we both love it! Giving and receiving

delos2000 51H
323 messages
15/12/2018 10h02

exit poll gives an overwhelming majority of yes!

Zakk5891 33H
1 message
15/12/2018 4h24

Anal is good

pattineedsmorex7 38H/37F
14 messages
12/12/2018 21h26

anal is great in the right moment.

dpguy1957 62H
205 messages
12/12/2018 6h19

I've taken 9 inches, nothing like it

opmike1970 49H
33 messages
10/12/2018 14h16

It's great but not required.

georgejames1326 54H
3 messages
5/12/2018 12h48

Oh hhh yeah best orgasms ever, while getting ur hole pounded

jamest393 41H  
157 messages
4/12/2018 14h18

I cant believe it but the second time I tried anal I actually had the biggest orgasm. Now I really like it

italianbottom69 37H
22 messages
3/12/2018 14h32

Anal is amazing, both to give and receive it!!

mrmagicmassager2 48H
45 messages
30/11/2018 9h12

All kinds of anal play and penetration. Always starting off slow and gentle.....and then work it up to however the moment commands.

DoUIntheButt 37H
72 messages
28/11/2018 18h48

Nothing wrong with some Good if not Great Between the Booty Cheek Action!! Damn I miss sliding this Dick is a nice warm,tight Female Butt!!

boone56 62H  
57 messages
13/11/2018 5h57

Only her.. A huge fantasy is for a woman to fuck my ass....

Onesexyass2 56F  
18 messages
7/11/2018 21h20

Hi all

Yes without question as I love it and the stretch, mmmmmmmmmm

Sue Xx

deepdang 34H
36 messages
7/11/2018 13h55

love it

rm_bumpyd2 44H
44 messages
7/11/2018 2h50

    Citer Munchonme69:
    Ass play, getting rimmed and anal sex can be fun.

rm_bumpyd2 44H
44 messages
7/11/2018 2h50


Munchonme69 38F  
45 messages
5/11/2018 21h59

Ass play, getting rimmed and anal sex can be fun.

Gimmedick1967 55H  
15 messages
30/10/2018 14h48

I love getting a cock balls deep in my ass

colorred2 40H
24 messages
27/10/2018 22h10

why not

danthe69er 43H
76 messages
25/10/2018 5h40

Love some ass play

fahrenheit451x2 56H
42 messages
24/10/2018 3h10

Just a finger tip

big_guy2018 48H
17 messages
23/10/2018 1h34

ass is an exit only to me squeeze it yes otherwise no no no

geogaddii 34H
17 messages
23/10/2018 12h45

Oh yea baby how can you not!

warehamguy 56H
7 messages
22/10/2018 8h29

love a bit of give and take!!!

LetsChillax 52F  
981 messages
22/10/2018 3h56

10-22-18 7am

uncutdevil 34H  
200 messages
21/10/2018 20h19

I'd sure love to get rimmed and sucked at the same time

temptationplus58 60F

21/10/2018 16h30

Only with my husband because he can be trusted... anybody else, not happening.

ad5660 25H
3 messages
21/10/2018 15h43

Yes for giving

Azbear1969 49H
38 messages
21/10/2018 15h39

I love giving her anal and she will at times stick her fingerless in my ass or a small vibrator.

quadlo 71H
73 messages
21/10/2018 14h16

love that feeling

utfrangrl 44F  
226 messages
21/10/2018 13h34

I do like to do anal play.

WeekdayPlayNY 53H
3 messages
21/10/2018 12h36

Oh, yes.. I love ass play.

wyld14fun31 59H  
24 messages
21/10/2018 7h38

i love it in my ass

48jenny 65T  
30 messages
21/10/2018 5h11

I need it deep in me soon !!!

phxmn4u2 57H  
16 messages
21/10/2018 2h38

i love giving and receiving anal it is so fucking hot

dazzler683 51H
36 messages
21/10/2018 2h04

god anal rocks

rob4sex3 59H  
10 messages
21/10/2018 1h12

I luv receiving anal makes me cum so hard as im stroking

coyotefun2000 64H
25 messages
21/10/2018 12h18

Recently had a lady friend of mine take my ass and I really liked it. She loves my hard cock up her ass and convinced me to try it. Glad she did.

trisha_ann_glynn 46T
1980 messages
20/10/2018 22h58

Oh Yes. I love a hard cock in my ass!

Lrsu_God 50H
9 messages
20/10/2018 22h48

Anal for her, anal for him, I love it and do not think it is taboo lol

whitelunch 69H
9 messages
20/10/2018 21h21

absolutely love it ...... getting pegged by a woman or fucked by a man and am always happy to have have anal sex with anyone that wants my cock sliding in and out of their ass .....

BlackD4Me 35H
21 messages
20/10/2018 20h23

The question here is, being on the receiving end of anal play? ‘Hell TF No!’

PantyCurious865 44T  
72 messages
20/10/2018 19h56

Love to try haven't yet. Just got done riding dildo hard.

Funguy13916 61H  
40 messages
20/10/2018 16h36

I defiantly would put my time in with the right person that has an open mind to pleasing each other over and over till the end. When you stick with one person it gets better and better.

ltrlover1 61H
172 messages
20/10/2018 13h26

all great comments, and I likewise would love to find someone willing in Vegas to explore


Apiombo66 52H
11 messages
19/10/2018 21h15

I love let people play with my Asshole !

By Apiombo66

anerev9 72H
282 messages
19/10/2018 18h11

post 4149843
I had one lover who loved to rim my ass while I ate her pussy. We really got into ass play from time to time. She eventually progressed to me using a butt plug on her while we had reverse cowgirl sex. She loved the sensation in her anus while riding my cock.

Adventureman200 70H  
212 messages
19/10/2018 15h08

It would have to be a girl and I would have to really trust her.

Grunt201150 27H

19/10/2018 15h05

I love playing with a girls ass!

DoUIntheButt 37H
72 messages
19/10/2018 14h36

YES YES YES YES!! ANAL YES! Luv sliding this Dick in a Nice ,Clean Warm ,Tight Booty hole!!Now if I can just find a Woman who is semi close to close who likes getting it!!

missmarvel69 46T
20 messages
19/10/2018 14h07

As long as he's gentle to start, he can do anything.

timmthom 53H
78 messages
19/10/2018 10h20

Fuck no !!!!

ovy101 73H
587 messages
19/10/2018 9h47

I would bend over for any women who wants it.

Adventurecpl47 71H/66F  
480 messages
19/10/2018 9h31

We have tried anal on her and it does not work at all. He loves his ass fucked. This includes a rubber cock and a real cock.

vegas3004 58H  
2 messages
19/10/2018 8h45

Once I worked up to excepting size i love it ! Problem is she does not like to give it to me, and she not like it herself!

funsnellvillecpl 61H/50F  
1607 messages
19/10/2018 6h44

She loves it and I am willing to try

nekkedcouple 58H/53F  
67 messages
19/10/2018 5h44

my wife wants to try it on me. I am not convinced it's my thing yet. So we invited a guy over who brought his own rig. She got into the strap-on harness and fucked his brains out. They both came really hard. Now she wants to do it again! haha

Drdutch30 31H
6 messages
19/10/2018 4h19

Plugging all holes always great

AliOrbit 62F  
497 messages
19/10/2018 1h53

It sounds like you have awakened her inner kink. Enjoy.

puss1207 58F  
97 messages
18/10/2018 23h44

VeraWagner 35H
1 message
18/10/2018 21h25

A long session of anal foreplay, lots of soap-sponging each other's anal rims and fingering each other's sphincters in a bath or shower between enemas (a big syringe of warmed lube shot up both our asses for the last one! ), a nice session of bead and probe play (plugs if desired),

slutforusekcmo 53H/58F  
18 messages
18/10/2018 21h03

post 4149843

Oooooo - rim me too please

379 messages
18/10/2018 19h19

I would to find a lady that will let me get deep into her ass a couple of times a month or more. The thing is lube and more lube.

olderboy48 69H
46 messages
18/10/2018 11h54

Cant't. Physical issues make it impossible. Would I if that wasn't and issue? Would depend on the circumstances at the time.

Superman4695 34H
106 messages
17/10/2018 18h54

Nope into playing with hers and only willing to maybe do limited return. Haven't had anyone try anything yet but would allow licking and maybe a finger, but depends how it feels how long I would allow it.

Superman4695 I hope you are having a good day. Ladies I'll take you up, up, and away!Manscaping

iraduu 46H
2549 messages
16/10/2018 17h59

invite for sex hot anal my dick

cyclingfool 57H  
6429 messages
16/10/2018 4h52

Hell yes... I crave attention there from my g/f....

PantyCurious865 44T  
72 messages
15/10/2018 17h16

Absolutely would love to try. Virgin here.

TNteddybear68 50H  
16 messages
15/10/2018 14h11

If she lets me play with hers I would be open to it.

danthe69er 43H
76 messages
15/10/2018 3h41

i love ass play

AliOrbit 62F  
497 messages
15/10/2018 2h54

I have had anal sex twice. It felt gooood.
Like watching anal activity in porn.

1esqxxx 49H
25 messages
15/10/2018 1h19

Oh ya all the time i love it when they do. I would let her try anything i have ever done to her, its only fair 2 @4&20

suzieloves3 33F  
63 messages
14/10/2018 23h05

    Citer whatnow_24:
    It's OK as long as it's not rushed and plenty of lube is used.

sphxdiver 69H  
20427 messages
14/10/2018 21h04

With the right woman, hell yes !!!

turbodet_rtnd 100H

14/10/2018 20h01

A long session of anal foreplay, lots of soap-sponging each other's anal rims and fingering each other's sphincters in a bath or shower between enemas (a big syringe of warmed lube shot up both our asses for the last one! ), a nice session of bead and probe play (plugs if desired), then lots of lube on the cock or dildo and penetrate slowly, with the receiver controlling the rate/depth of penetration and thrusting/grinding, and it's fantastic!

PD140 50H
98 messages
14/10/2018 19h18

Hell yeh. Never wanted to go there but once the prostate was played with once, there's no going back.

LetsChillax 52F  
981 messages
14/10/2018 18h07


guyinnova112 54H  
111 messages
14/10/2018 14h41

Absolutely. BY FAR, the best orgasms for a guy. And she loves strapping on her big cock and doing it!

oralfixation2u 62H
44 messages
14/10/2018 12h39

I'm bi and my gal friend told me it would be sooo hot to watch me take it in the ass from a guy. I told her that I had never done it before and that I would need to practice so I bought her a nice strap on dildo. She had never thought about having one before but after trying it on she was eager to try it out. Needless to say it was awkward at first but once she found a nice rythme it became quite pleasurable for both of us. My favorite position is on my back with my legs high and wide. This gave her the right angle to rub my prostate which in turn brought me very close to orgasm. The more practice we get the better it gets.

Fuklikedogs 48H
895 messages
14/10/2018 12h33

If my life depended on it it's still hell no. It's an exit only and always will be for me. If that's a deal breaker I'm totally fine with it.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 58H
3205 messages
14/10/2018 11h20

I would have said NO all of my life, but my current FWB brought it up yesterday, and I told her maybe, if she was really interested. She had also made a comment during our funn that I wasnt squeesing her nipples hard enough, that a little more pain would bring her more pleasure, so I went and got 2 noteholder clothespins off my fridge and tried them on her, she was thrilled, wore them for almost a 1/2 hour ! Since I know a bit more about such than she, we discussed piercing ( I am against that) as well as alligator nipple clips with a chain attached tween them, and even the idea of a clmap down under as well. She didnt say NO, but she is considering this. Will be a bigger challenge for me, as I dont like to inflict pain on a partner, but if it is her wish, will try to comply, she even suggested a HARD spanking, hmm, will have to think on that too ! My vanilla BBW dairymaid has a kinky side, grin !!!

CleavageFan4U 62H  
56789 messages
14/10/2018 8h10

I voted maybe. I'm not really a fan of being pegged, though a few times ladies have used those magic words "if would REALLY turn me on if you'd ___" and I suppose sometime some lady will again.

Sunday Drivers
How Far Out Can You get
Black, On a Swimmers Body, for HNW
Private Cleavage My Private Blog - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets

oldbstrd55 62H  
3112 messages
14/10/2018 7h05

Absolutely Yes. Both giving and receiving.

azriel1970 48H  
24786 messages
14/10/2018 6h52

I would be open to experimentation!!!

thewholepie 37H
14 messages
14/10/2018 6h45

i love anal, giving it that is. other than that only a tongue is allowed near my buttocks lol.

whatnow_24 25F  
2 messages
14/10/2018 6h09

It's OK as long as it's not rushed and plenty of lube is used.

yumehole 53F  
34 messages
14/10/2018 6h04

I always said no tried a year ago and now love it.

benard69 63H/63F  
4205 messages
14/10/2018 5h54

No No and Hell No!

LimerickJohn 65H  
922 messages
14/10/2018 5h37

I love to give anal to a willing experienced woman and yes there are a few about.

ineedaeve 60H
61 messages
14/10/2018 5h36

I love ass play and use a lot of lub and take it easy then U both will enjoy ass fucking
What do U think about fisting ? would U try it ?

LetsChillax 52F  
981 messages
14/10/2018 5h12

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