Green or white?  

NewCalCpl2 22H/21F
53 messages
14/7/2019 9h08
Green or white?

Which looks better??

nymphwanted2 55H
54 messages
15/7/2019 11h00

but I think youd look good in any color

Jamesgoots1 35H
27 messages
16/7/2019 12h37

Every color looks good

Afarmerguy1 43H
16 messages
17/7/2019 23h25

Green, white or any other color

undercover_bi469 54H
292 messages
18/7/2019 12h24

It doesn't matter, you look awesome.

BiGuy48125 44H
47 messages
20/7/2019 12h28

Any color would look good. Do your thing.

Lostent61 43H  
28 messages
24/7/2019 15h42

I love the contrast of white in tanned skin. But I feel any color on you would look great.

xxsomeone2 55H
21 messages
26/7/2019 5h04

I voted green, but either one is great!

goodquestion10 64H
21 messages
31/7/2019 7h28

Actually, I think you would look best in neither! NEKID!

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