Sandysummersex 40F  
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18/4/2019 3h50

Is it really sexy to breast feed a man? Can you commit to a ABF relationship? And How should this be done.... what the preference ?

Here are the options.!!
Suck on dry breast (No milk) soft sucking
Suck on dry breast (No milk) medium sucking
Suck on dry breast (No milk) hard sucking
Suck on milking breast soft sucking
Suck on milking breast medium sucking
Suck on milking breast hard sucking
Or combo! Suck and fuck soft
Or combo! Suck and fuck medium
Or combo! Suck and fuck Hard

manto69u 64H  
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18/4/2019 4h01

would like to see you lactating

bobbiejoe58 63T  
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18/4/2019 4h05

I have explored being an adult baby. I preferred feeding on a breast that was lactating myself. I guess it just made it more real.

Ienjoythetaste 70H  
2565 messages
18/4/2019 4h40

Always enjoy sucking on tits and fucking hard.

As to you inducing lactaion, that is really down to how you feel about it. I wouldn't worry about others there will always be plenty of people who enjoy what ever you decide.

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freetobeme9569 49F
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18/4/2019 4h44

inducing Lactation didn't work for me, Ive tried, pumping three times a day along with massage. Adding a hormone pill to my body wasn't an option..For now, dry milking works..

dogslife2live01 67H
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18/4/2019 5h30

so you did the poll... the results are in
hard sucking with hard fuck
you did the prep
you meet the guy
you hit it off
he likes a dry tit, a gentle fuck
what did you learn

don't trust polls

there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

Sandysummersex replies on 18/4/2019 11h17:
It’s just to get an idea! I would love to try it without inducing it first and then induce it!

CleavageFan4U 62H  
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18/4/2019 6h28

Why not go for it all - wet sucking and good fucking?

I once dated a lady that was SERIOUSLY considering taking the lactation inducing drug, but unfortunately she lost her job and moved away before we got started on that adventure.

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undercover_bi469 54H
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18/4/2019 8h50

For some reason my wife never stopped lactating after our first child. I loved sucking on her tits and swallowing her milk!

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18/4/2019 13h33



xx6party9xx 58H  
114 messages
19/4/2019 3h18

Why not … wet sucking and more...lol

1025mws 55H
638 messages
19/4/2019 16h14

Howdy Sandy
I would love to suck on your tits.
It would be great to suck your tits and swallow your milk. Plus if you do not have milk in your breasts, it would be nice to suck your dry tits too.
When it comes to fucking. I would fuck your between your tits and in your pussy and ass if you would like that.

Cuminmyass80 38H
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20/4/2019 13h53

Do what you enjoy

jonilovebig 72H
97 messages
20/4/2019 15h25

I have enjoyed it every way I can get it

HotWildSteve 44H  
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21/4/2019 12h43

Giving my woman's tits a good sucking is something I have a need to do in foreplay and I also enjoy fucking both her tit's and pussy hard.

JB734 53H
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23/4/2019 21h02

Nice poll.

rm_59winkel59 67H
13 messages
24/4/2019 15h29

If you want to start lactation then go to a Pharmacy. For women having problems to produce enough milk for their babies there is a product avalable which stimulates the natural lactation process. Even when not having a baby you can try this out, if you like breastfeeding a man during a sexual play.

RugMunch2019 51H
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25/4/2019 5h22

My exwife produced breast milk. Disgusting taste!!!

l8nightez3 51H  
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27/4/2019 3h30

let me know when you're ready

38 messages
27/4/2019 18h24

Love to twist them also mmm

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