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Oct20. No longer able to reply on IM or DM.
So blog inquiries can be answered here.
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Finding the sex I desire
Publié :30/10/2019 10h40
Dernière mise à jour :18/2/2020 8h43
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Miss Flower why you no meet anymore

That question I receive weekly on here, even though my profile is clear that I am not meeting I still get the question.

See blog in comments

I did not find the sex I desired, so looking in other places.
Enjoy your search though
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Makin a list...
Publié :15/11/2015 9h22
Dernière mise à jour :20/2/2020 8h23
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And checkin it twice
Goin to try to keep everything nice
List of blogs, thoughts, pondering, wishing, and daily fun...

The Fun Stuff - about me

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My kinks: [post 3985069]
Alternative thinkin are you kink friendly update2016 __ Just a view into my kinks
Kinky search, for me and for you __The list __ My kinks bondage
Orgasm study__ Orgasm study__Kinky mind for me

My searches: not currently looking for anyone new.

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another day done__Finding your MOJO
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Just for daily FUN
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Publié :26/2/2020 10h43
Dernière mise à jour :26/2/2020 16h26
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Spring is definitely in the air now! I have soo much yard work this year that I will definitely be hiring some help (no sex, geesh).

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Repressed desires.
Publié :25/2/2020 14h12
Dernière mise à jour :26/2/2020 13h54
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What is the underlying dangers yourself with keeping your desires hidden, repressed

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Fun Fact for Friday
Publié :21/2/2020 10h04
Dernière mise à jour :25/2/2020 16h32
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For I much prefer have casual partners over hookup sex.

(Yes was a early mornin booty , but we where casual partners for a few years already)

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Flirting, ya I still do that
Publié :19/2/2020 10h02
Dernière mise à jour :20/2/2020 16h52
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Its a chilly start a clear blue sky day! I've been up since 3 am lambing a set of triplets. So this will be a long day.

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My pleasure?
Publié :18/2/2020 15h24
Dernière mise à jour :19/2/2020 9h47
2941 vues
The badlands are absolutely beautiful today! Except cold enough at night to potentially give the new lambs a chill.

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Attracting women?
Publié :17/2/2020 12h41
Dernière mise à jour :18/2/2020 10h03
3403 vues
Guys, What is your secret to a fulldance card?

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Post Sinday
Publié :17/2/2020 9h59
Dernière mise à jour :17/2/2020 16h31
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The spring chinook is coming n going this year! We just dry up, then it snows, then melts, gets cold, ice rink for a yard, the warms up, dries up.... lol

Kinda like the dating, 'cept it never warms up. Lol

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Fun Fact for Friday
Publié :14/2/2020 18h28
Dernière mise à jour :17/2/2020 12h29
4055 vues

I definitely need a handyman right quick or now. Lol. So much to do, need more hands to help lighten the load around here.

Long story with the farm and building a foundation, and new pens, new gardens....

Enjoy the rest of your Vagina day!
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Thirsty Thursday
Publié :13/2/2020 9h27
Dernière mise à jour :14/2/2020 9h08
4465 vues
Snow is looming over the badlands today, opposite from the beautiful weather yesterday!

And a few comments from the peanut gallery is sending me those conflicting messages once again.

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Ps, am I missing something or specific site or secret handshake?
Do you just settle on being a fleshlight bored dudes
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Publié :12/2/2020 11h02
Dernière mise à jour :13/2/2020 19h56
4868 vues
The badlands are sure pritty today!
Except for knee deep snow drifts I get to walk through.
Warm day, spring like feeling.

Show'em ur bewbs!
Strangers luv bewbs.

My piercings finally match!

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