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Makin a list...
Publié :15/11/2015 9h22
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And checkin it twice
Goin to try to keep everything nice
List of blogs, thoughts, pondering, wishing, and daily fun...

The Fun Stuff - about me

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My searches: not currently looking for anyone new.

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Just for daily FUN
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Hump day #KinkGoals
Publié :12/12/2018 11h52
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I wanna be that Little old kinky lady that lives down the road when I grow up!

But apart from that I found some mannequins online about 4+hrs away.
I have been looking for the right one to practice bondage on! That way I don't have to deal with guys just looking for sex or a 'free pro domme session'.
I will be in Vancouver in Jan, so I can hopefully pick it up then.
Then I can practice my rope work when I'm able to in the comfort of my own home.

I did look at the silicone male torso sexdoll toy, yanno the one with the big penis, but it would be tough to hide in my place. Lol

Enjoy the mid week as its all downhill from here.
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Sinday coffee 🙂
Publié :9/12/2018 11h18
Dernière mise à jour :12/12/2018 14h47
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So the front porch is done and just requires some staining now!

Slow n steady with the weight control, which is tough for someone that enjoys rich good soul food. Lol. But the results are pleasing to see.

But I did notice that my dark line has come back again, but that has been there since my teens. Yah hormone fluctuations. Lol

Once I get the ok from the physio to take up rigorous exercise again then I will be much happier with the 'toning'. For now its a modified pilates program...sure miss trail running though.

Anyway, you do what you can with what you got, and you can't out train your diet....but sindays are for hashbrowns, bratwurst and eggs.

Its sinday on the farm, things to do, laundry and house cleaning... found a large steamer trunk that I will add some cedar planks then turn into my toy box. Then I have my kitchen cabinets to finish up.

Sexy bloggers,
How is your day going?
Do anything exciting?? Hot dates? Meet anyone exciting? Any date at all?
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New dress 😁
Publié :7/12/2018 15h36
Dernière mise à jour :11/12/2018 17h41
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It's party night and I always dress to impress. Lol.

I do clean up well once the steel toes come off.

Enjoy the evening, the food should be good!
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Thirsty Thursday in the badlands
Publié :6/12/2018 17h29
Dernière mise à jour :8/12/2018 11h11
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Try again...

A hot date with a whole night of sensual and pleasurable sex would be soooo awesome right now.
But I bet I would want more sex after that because once the pent up flood gate is opened... I would end up even more frustrated!

Trying so very hard to keep those gates closed until I can find someone....

But ya, horny, frustrated, the badlands needs more ice cream. Lol
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Pre hump day post..
Publié :4/12/2018 20h32
Dernière mise à jour :6/12/2018 10h02
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And because I'm still hella bored and needing some stimulating conversation, laughs or just a bottle of wine, whatevers..

I was thinkin out loud this afternoon on my commute home and:

Sex life soo dry...

That the hitchhikers start to look like this:

Well over 2 years and only having sex 3 times, (yikes I know)
a few meet ups a few years ago but they had a plethora of excuses as to why the boner didn't work ... or they came soo quick that it doesn't even count,
or they blamed me for being too hot or (usually) not hot enough,
or they degrade you the minute they are done...

The point is that I'm Not wondering if the hitchhiker is going to be a killer,
I'm just wondering if he can get a boner,
would he degrade me or humiliate me for enjoying sex,
would he at least last long enough to get a condom on.... but being an axe murderer doesnt even cross my mind. Lol

Yah, that's a lame attempt at humor tonight, but seriously I have checked out hitchhikers before and wondered if they would put out for a ride somewhere. If he would be offended if I asked him to rub my clit to orgasm..
Especially when the dates are bottom of the barrel, how much worse could a hiker be besides unwashed...

But then the hikers usually look like pugsley adams but when one is hot horny and craving excitement they start to look like the cowboy!

Oh, sure theres some law about picking up men ... but this is just a story. Lol
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Tues in the badlands
Publié :4/12/2018 10h27
Dernière mise à jour :8/12/2018 8h16
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Sounds about right.

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Late Sinday thoughts
Publié :2/12/2018 19h25
Dernière mise à jour :4/12/2018 18h54
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Better late than never

Was a busy day on the farm with helping the bro with his firewood loads. And he cuts BIG firewood logs 😲 I'm kinda tuckered out. Lol. Felt like 4hrs of crossfit.

But apart from that I was browsing some hot looking photos on the kink site and come across this one:

Now that would be nice deep and hot, definitely squirty orgasms at that angle.
There are some positions that I find hotter than others, but its rare to find men adventurous enough to try new things.

There are many positions that are great to do with the right guy, especially because they involve him actually touching you vs him just touching you with his cock. Lol. I quite enjoy the sensual sex when his whole body is close to mine, you can feel the heat from him, feel his breathe on your neck, ...

Hm, Mind you a sensual massage before sex would be awesome right about now!

Yes yes I know this is the wrong site to find primal hot passionate sex, hence why I don't search on here anymore. On here its just a 5 min nsa hookup amd nothing more.

So yep, still searching for those men with the same sexual interests as me.

Shower time and then a early bedtime.
While I get to dream about hot sex, I hope your weekend was sexier than mine!
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Viewing hot profiles on a Friday
Publié :30/11/2018 11h19
Dernière mise à jour :6/12/2018 6h59
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So it's another Friday here in the badlands, at the laundry mat washing blankets. If you wonder why I seem to do lots of laundry, I have a woodstove and everything has that nice smokey smell to it to remind you that winter is here. Plus I just like clean bedding.

Lets see
Hot profiles!
Yes even though I won't meet up anymore doesn't stop me from fantasizing about some of the men on here. Hey now , libido is hibernating but it still has a glimmer of naughty to it. Lol

Visually stimulating thats for sure! And the sex that I imagine is pretty panty drenching. Some days I wonder what it would actually be like to message those profiles and find one to meet at a place where a hotel is handy.
To have some really hot all night sex!
To feel his hard body next to me, his hard thick cock sliding in nice n slow...
Feel his hands actually touching my body, and see the lust in his eyes.

Yes I have definitely had some hot thoughts around what kind of sex those attractive women get handed every day. Some of my hotter fantasies are around nsa sex but then I used to watch too much porn. Lol

Anyhoo, back to fantasizing about the men I see.
Enjoy your day.
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Thirsty Thursday...
Publié :29/11/2018 13h18
Dernière mise à jour :7/12/2018 7h39
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And when you run out of things to ponder then show a nudie pic.

Anyway, tales from the dating site trenches...
I don't show a face pic on my dating profiles because of the shallowness of the whole online thing. Yes yes I know it cuts my 'chances' by at least 75% because men want pretty faces and thin bodies before they will stop and skim a profile. But it should be obvious by now that I like words, though interestingly enough I not a chatty cathy type in real life.

And then, back to face pics, one thing I learned was if he wants to see a face pic before any sort of convo then he's not looking for me. And when he continues to pester for a pic stating he isnt the 'shallow type', I just roll my eyes, send him a pic, then count the seconds to him ghosting. Lol. So much for " not shallow!".
It has happened soo many times now that I just dont even bother sending a pic and just ignore any contact from those that demand or want to see a face pic now. Whatevers, it is what it is, men want the top 10% of the beauty lotto winners. Lol.

Anyhoo, and then,
Content of profiles Does it really matter the content when the menfolk are just looking for the words 'dtf' or 'nsa only'.

Ya, readjusting my afternoon schedule to work through the snow that wasnt supposed to come till tonight.

Sexy bloggers,
when it comes to profiles on dating sites, or even this site (as many "claim" to not be on standard dating sites),
Are you looking for photos or content?
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Post Sinday 🤔 TW for sensitive types
Publié :26/11/2018 10h55
Dernière mise à jour :30/11/2018 11h58
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If you are the type that believe all you need is a cock then this writing is not for you today. Enjoy your day and come back later for nudes.


It was a busy weekend and even though I was thinkin about writing something, I just couldn't get into the flow of it because life got in the way.

But lets see
We are all adults here and ghosting is just ridiculous...but I do understand why some do it but some are just taking the easy way out.

Some really don't know how communication works, and they don't understand the concept of adult relationships especially casual partners. (And you wonder why women look for relationships after doing time with casual sex). Just because I dont require a fulltime monogamous live in relationship doesn't mean I am disposable with no feelings.
I do not pursue or chase, but I will follow up with one or two messages and if theres no/limited response then you end up in the Z pile at the bottom of my contacts. I know from experience that men want hot women to pursue, not the average woman. I know from being publicly humiliated that men prefer the very attractive to hit on him.

Men beat thier chest and holler around about 'why dont you wimmens just do sex!' ...but if lessons learned taught me that you think soo poorly of me as a person, that eventually I am forced to look for a 'real relationship' just to be treated as a human.

there are also those that want to meet, then disappear, then re-appear in the hopes of picking up where you left off. The reappearance could be months or years later, but yanno what, you have already proven to me that you are flighty and unreliable, plus you see me as a 'last resort' or last choice ... at any rate I was not very high on your list. And now you have burned through the hot wimmen you end up back at me.

Lets back up a moment though, many may think that I am not paying attention to you or you may think that #allWimmens are ditzy, BUT I will take note of everything from the way you chat at me and with me, to meeting up the first time and the way you look at me, the tone in your voice, they way you pay attention to what I say, the way your eyes look around the room....fuckin everything I will have noticed in the first few mins and through the duration. Then I will also note any follow up or lack of.
If you ghost then come back, then it's a start from the beginning but you now have dropped way down my priority list.

The same goes for the way you message me initially claiming to be interested, then you disappear, then show up in my inbox months or years later trying to pick up where we left off. Nadda, that just reset the whole process, tedious as fuck I know, but like I mentioned above, I wasn't any sort of priority before and I know how you will treat me in the future.

Lets just say that I have learned my lesson with your type years ago, I have painstakingly worked my way thru why I was always being used as the practice gf or rebound chick (because im easy going and sexually open). And men just never put any priority on me because I am low pressure and not the attractive one, ie:men use women like me.

So yep, my luck sucks but that doesn't mean I will drop all my self esteem and self worth to be treated like a fleshlight at your convenience.
That's great that you reached to bottom of the barrel again and found me, but you know what ... my dildos are better company.
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'Looking for fun'
Publié :23/11/2018 10h04
Dernière mise à jour :26/11/2018 9h27
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Lol...yes I have covered this topic before a few times over, but its fun to beat the you know what.
Lala's favorite fun word also! Yanno "fun".

'Looking for fun'
That little set of words is vag-drier-upper for this cat,
But why miss flower¿!?
Why is it such a vag clencher?

Well in my experience it rarely had anything to do with me also having a good time. Believe me I have met with these types just for the sake of flower sciences...because I can't reallyyyy write about stuffs that I have not experienced first hand, or both hands...maybe just my right hand. Also why I have a tough time writing about erotica that I havent done yet.

Ok anyway,
For shits n giggles I have met with penis centered men (yanno the penis pic profiles), I have met with recently divorced/separated men, I have met with older and ....and so on.

All in the hopes of giving the benefit of the doubt and finding that compatible man in a minefield of the "just lookin". Because y'all keep saying you will find him if you just meet anyone, and he will show up when not looking, and he will be found when you least expect. Did I cover them all?

Im hella bored today, my mind is busy with my to-do list and my frustration level is building with other things in life.
But I had to chuckle the other night that I recall rubbing one out when I was half asleep, and it was to some primal hot doggy style with a tall lanky man whose body I could feel cover mine, his arm wrapped around my body, feel his breathe on my neck.........then I realised that my blankets where getting hot (winter covers are heavier than summer blankies) thus feeding my wet dream. Lol
Like I have stated before that I have been having to control my masturbation and sex fantasies - but it was fuckin hot to remember that I'm still alive and having sexual thoughts.

Lookin for fun
Can you please clarify what you mean by that?

Because my idea of fun would a great date out with someone interesting and who was genuinely interested in me.
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