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Mystery of the ocean!
Publié :25/4/2019 9h43
Dernière mise à jour :25/4/2019 12h39
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Article written by ZigZag..for Google ..
Human being are the worst liars at the best of times when no one is fully aware of what goes on and in this incident the one out of a dozen tells the real truth about what happened here..So does that mean one in ten has a conscience ? Maybe ..just maybe!
I was reading an article on google the other day about a hugh great white shark who bit off more than it could chew...Supposedly it bit into a hugh sea turtle and choked on it...apparently this great shark was a female , because lack of claspers indicating it so..Just off of the coast of Japan fishermen were out doing their usual net fishing when they seen a great white shark with something protruding from its mouth chewing on a hugh turtle the shark was thrashing around eating the turtle...apparently the turtle was still alive and was trying to get away..the next day the hugh shark was found dead with the turtle still in its mouth..hmmm what ?
Fishermen claimed that they knew the shark was choking to death on the turtle but what they failed to say was the shark was caught up in some nets and died before it could eat its food...When fish get caught up in netting they most generally die because they cannot swim properly to keep water flowing over their gills and they drown...simple enough ...Its rare for large fish like a great white to choke to death from eating its food and the food is easily dislodged if its too much for the fish.....One fisherman said he seen the netting entangling the shark and pointed it out when they seen the shark feeding on the turtle , he also said he could see the shark fighting to eat and try to rid itself from the netting...apparently the turtle was still in its mouth when the shark was discovered dead with the net still wrapped tightly around it..The fishermen still believe that the shark died because it choked on the turtle...Oddly enough the net is not on the shark in the pic..hmmm skullduggery afoot.? probably...the guy says the net was tightly wrapped around the shark when he seen it...Mystery? yep.
They also say that its unusual for any shark to bother the nets and does not venture near enough to steal what they catch in their nets..Maybe a turtle was caught up in the net ..maybe the net was already wound around either the turtle or shark or both and the fishermen knew that ...maybe the only guy to see the net around the shark was seeing things ..hmmm obviously that is a mystery that may never be solved..usually sharks too dispel things that they cannot eat...maybe ..just maybe this one could not...

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Caught on camera
Publié :24/4/2019 11h24
Dernière mise à jour :25/4/2019 12h24
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A woman is seen tossing a bag of 7 newborn puppies into a bin .Caught on a surveillance camera getting out of her vehicle and walking to a trash bin then tossing the bag in and leaving Had it not been for a good Samaritan hearing the puppies crying , then rescuing them fishing the bag out of the bin and rushing them to a local rescue where they are being cared for by the staff..John...wishes to remain anonymous was whats referred to as " dumpster diving" after coming across the dumpster hearing the noises he immediately took them out to a local shelter...
This incident is one of many that happen every day and countless animals die of exposure either dehydrating or freezing to death ..This incident happened in California and the puppies are now at Riverside County Animal services, it happened in Coachella last Thursday at around 1 pm. The puppies were around three days old when this took place ..Since the incident the Animal services tracked the woman down and found countless animals living in deplorable conditions and are hoping to return the pups to the mother dog in hopes that she will begin to nurse them..
Animal cruelty charges are pending on more information being gathered as the investigation gathers momentum she is likely to be charged .Anyone to cruelly dispose or fail to care for an animal that they own has a moral obligation to be charged if failing to do so. .Law's are very specific ..level heads must prevail when Law Enforcement Officers face such a crime.. Information has to be gathered in stages and be very specific in order to proceed with charges..
Story by Marnie O'Neill ..Riverside News ..April 22nd 2019
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Rules, regulations, policies.., Guidelines..wha'?
Publié :23/4/2019 6h22
Dernière mise à jour :23/4/2019 21h30
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Right from the time you are old enough to understand there have been rules . If your Mother told you not to do something then her rule was the order and structure molded you into the person you are today, because without them and without structure where would you be?
Lets look at some of the things these things involve. .Rules first , don't stick your arms , legs or head out the moving train lest you get one or all of them removed by forces ..Ok self proclaimed " rebels " or "renegades" don't follow any rules .. is a bunch of bull shit first off! society needs structure and without structure it does not do well at all.. Take for example as I said you were old enough to understand the first word " no", very word is a "rule" ,and crossing the Mother or Father's " no " rule probably had repercussions yes? good , first rule learned.
Now take Guidelines.. they create structure and society needs structure .People have to adhere to guidelines ..right from putting something together like a lawn mower, following a set of guidelines sees you putting the right parts make things fit to people who do menial or complicated tasks every day like workers in a restaurant to scientists mixing concoctions or solving equations have guidelines to follow. .yes? " I " before "E " except after " C " , you see? lol
There are signs and paperwork seen and unseen everywhere today tell people what to follow and how to proceed , there are signs on building's saying " park here " or " don't park here ", on bathrooms saying " women " or " men " , and I add here there are only two genders these signs recognize., although I probably stand to be
Policies? What's with policies? Why without those policies insurance companies could not point at any one person and claim they did or didn't qualify for accident benefits because there was nothing says they are covered because there is no " policy" not one thing was written down and didn't apply.
My main point being if there has to be structure then it only stands gto reason there has to be all of the above ..If a grown adult is supposed to be able to read and write and mainly understand they are no different than anyone else when it comes to making sure they understand what it means to adhere to rules, regulations, policies and guidelines...when a site as here says the guidelines and policies are put in place for someone's protection it means just ..Read the policy and adhere to the guidelines, don't blame the messenger for a mistake you made by not following what's put here for your protection...At your age being of age to be on here you should no longer have the need for a babysitter,, ,be an adult and act accordingly...maybe then we can all get some peace..
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One of China's best kept military secrets.
Publié :22/4/2019 7h39
Dernière mise à jour :22/4/2019 8h07
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Story written by Tom Hale .
China is notoriously shady about releasing official statistics about the number of executions and the the number of organ transplants they carry out.However numerous investigations by journalists and NGO's have shown statistics do not add up. One major report " The Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter ", has stated thet the rate of executions and the number of organs taken from executed prisoners remain a State secret adding " we are convinced transplant volumes are substancially higher than the official figure " Another study published in January 2019 carried out a forensic analysis of data about organ donation between 20 and 2018 , there was found a systematic falsification and manipulation of official organ transplant data set and then concluded Chinas claims if reform are highly questionable.
China is fast becoming the world leader of organ transplants in terms of the number of operations..over 1 million transplants since 2000.but there are very few organ donors are voluntarily coming forward to donate...For cultural reasons Chinese people are typically reluctant to donate their organs after death, so where are th organs coming from?
China claims they do around ,000 a year , lets say , but seems very unrealistic when you look at factors like bed capacities of hospitals and the amount of resources they put into transplants..the official quota can only be met by a couple of hospitals and there are over 200 hospitals doing transplants..hmmm..maybe skullduggery is afoot?
The speed at which a patient can receive an organ transplant also seems like there is an on demand transplant system .Outside of China it takes months even years for an organ to become available. Since organs can only remain viable outside the body for a few hours would be patients who will receive any organ would have to " wait for phone call " telling them a potential donor has passed away , they would have to rush to the hospital in order to receive organ.
However in China its possible to get an organ within weeks if not days...hmmm dig deeper...This strongly suggests an on demand executions can be used to quickly get a patient a " fresh " organ.A 20 documentary by the Korean Chosun Broadcasting Company investigated rumors of a handful of hospitals held prisioners in detention cells in the basements of the hospitals waiting execution , the purpose of the cells? The prisoners after execution would have their bodies harvested for organs and patients awaiting organs..While the team failed to find any substancial evidence to justify the holding cells they did find many Chinese hospitals were licenced to use a patented machine aptly named " Brain Death Machine" a grim contraption can render people brain dead while still maintaining their organs viable for transplant...
The story goes on to give prices for specific organs and waits for specific organs this as follows:
according to 2006 big money organs $62,000 for a kidney...$98,000-$0,000 for a liver ...$0,000 for a lung.....$0,000 for a heart and $30,000 for a cornea. SDo what does this mean ? A lot of international destinations are reaping the benefits of the " on demand " organ transplants ...China says its not used the executed prisioner system since 20 when the secret had been revealed in the 2000;s ...but many organizations are very dubious about the practice still ongoing..So did China reform ? Investigations are still ongoing
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Major sinkhole opens up family loses their home.
Publié :21/4/2019 16h14
Dernière mise à jour :21/4/2019 17h52
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A Falmouth family from Nova Scotia was awakened by a roar on the night of September 3rd 2017 .The family home was totally at the mercy of a hugh sinkhole which opened up under the attached garage and part of the house..Now they have a fight on their hands because their insurance will not cover the house which had to be demolished because of the structure damage.
They are in the throws of taking their insurance company to court and these people have the whole community and a great part of Nova Scotian's behind them, understandably so! The incident was not reported to the media because the family was hoping that the insurance company would be willing to settle out of court, but the insurance company looked and found the loop holes working very hard finally finding a way to wiggle out. .A spokes person said that because the movement of the earth beneath the house, only covered such things as landslides, snow slides and earthquakes,, which provided the company with the out which was an exception in their insurance policy. Movement of the Earth beneath the house? What if anything was movement but a sinkhole.?
The house and property had a total worth of $531,000.00 and the company evaluated it at 1200.00, the house was demolished in January of 2018..
When the incident took place the local Police was contacted and a report was made , the Police also told the family to get any personal belongings just in case the sinkhole opened further, they also helped the family find accommodations ..The Strickleys said that they had taken maximum insurance out when they moved into the home...Now all they think is lost..they lived like nomads for 10 months until July when the private school where they worked offered them a house that was on the property to live in...
When the insurance company came in to assess the damage they also moved the Strickleys furniture for them and the Strickleys have had to put the items in several storage units at cost to them.,and they are still paying the mortgage at the bank where they got the loan to buy the house...They say they cant buy another house because their credit rating is now non existent , and it will still be a 5 year stint to finish paying a house off that's not there any more..
I think insurance companies have always found a magic loop hole in any policy that someone has no matter what is insured, I have never faced that and do not ever want to face that but if my back is to the wall I would definitely stand and opinion ...

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Blast your baby or rock your
Publié :20/4/2019 5h03
Dernière mise à jour :20/4/2019 18h08
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Yep now the time has come for a reality check...instead of women now like they did so many years ago put some music on as they did their daily chores around the house or work area to sooth their unborn child now you can buy speakers and insert them into the vagina so that way your unborn will acquire either the taste for Bach or
Like that ultimate lovechild now its a baby sitter with a built in music center and when this device is inserted ,starts blasting soothing music, men might just as well take a backseat, maybe they can make a set of speakers to resemble a dildo so Mamma to e can satisfy herself and her unborn baby '...never to late! but if hes up to the task both Mom and Dear old Dad to be... can listen to that same music as well, this vagina speaker system has a pair of earphones that dangle out of the vagina so that way they can encourage the little unborn Bach by listening to the correct music whilst lying dreaming of their little music prodigy developing slumbering in the womb.How freaking cool is that ?.
Squeezing baby puns out of this is so tempting but I and other will refrain from doing so because Heaven knows we don't want to upset the apple cart and upset the new Mom's and Dad's , after all its all for the brat ..Its a well known fact though that music has calmed the little beast long before the time when it finally was a study ..and became fact..Most normal people would put on the radio and on a station that doesn't sound like the proverbial donkey braying and put on some classical here I have to say there are few stations that play classical music today..some do but its a new classical..but baby experts say its not enough of a direct line to Heaven , baby needs more direct contact..
Unborn babies reacting to music streaming Vaginally by bobbing their little heads and shimmying their bodies? however if this were the first day of April I would normally say its an April fools joke but alas its not..Women who are pregnant and are vigilant about their bodies don't want to end up in any ER from an infection caused by inserting any foreign device into their vagina, come on now ppl whos gonna pay $150.00 for something that's going to cost an unborn childs carry that child for 9 months and on a whim just wipe it out ? Someone should slap the hell out of the inventor instead!
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100 year old boatbuilding shed in Lunenburg NS to get facelift
Publié :19/4/2019 6h30
Dernière mise à jour :20/4/2019 15h45
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This story The Canadian Press
Construction will; be divided into two phases and will be done by summer 2021.
A significant piece of shipbuilding history on Nova Scotia's picturesque Lunenburg waterfront is getting upgraded with the Governments help.
Ottawa and the Province are spending $ 1.5 million to revitalize the Big Boat Shed which was the main boatbuilding facility of the Smith and Rhuland Shipyards which opened in !900.. More than 270 boats were built there including prominent vessels such as the HMS Bounty , HMS Rose and the Bluenose II. The original Bluenose as pictured on Canada's dime was built next door.
The improvements will see the building stabilized while the floor is being reconstructed and a full concrete slipway will be installed.The Province is spending $1 million while the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency will give $500,000.00 to build a new accessible viewing deck so the public can observe large boat construction and repair activities, while an exhibit area will also be part of the expansion.
The town of Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Nova Scotia's most visited tourism destinations.The restoration will certainly be a wonderful place for local people and tourists to visit and the potential for new businesses to set up and thrive..Lunenburg is a friendly and wonderful place to visit and one of the many stops for the Tall Ships that sail all around the world..
On a personal note my Dad was a Merchant Marine and he went to sea at the tender age of 16 yrs on a ship called The Sherman Zwicker which was built in Nova Scotia, the ship ran supplies to the fighting men in world war two...The Sherman Zwicker is one of the Tall Ships that visit Lunenburg when they come into port there , its a spectacular sight when these ship come in the harbor under full sail...

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Survivor of the Titanic tells his story.
Publié :17/4/2019 7h30
Dernière mise à jour :17/4/2019 15h34
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Imagine if you will a baker on the Titanic surviving the sinking by staying yes drinking saved his life. story by Tristin Hopper for the National Post.
Monday April 15th 2019 marks the 107th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, 500 km southeast of Newfoundland. This is the true account of Chief baker Charles Joughin.
They were supposed to be trying to find out how the Gigantic ship has sunk but instead were grilling Charles on how he had survived the sinking because of being tipsy., said the Wreck Comissioner " I think this is how the man survived and his drinking had a lot to do with his survival" . The Baker nonchalantly has stepped off of the stern of the great ship as it slid into the depths .Then as 1500 passengers screamed and panicked .Charles calmly paddled around till dawn after which he was fished out by a life boat and back at work within a week of the sinking.
It was almost a physiologically impossible feat of survival. and according to the British Titanic enquiry the 33 year old Englishman had the presence of mind to greet the history greatest disaster by getting smashed .the first rule of thumb is that a drunk person will freeze to death faster than a sober one but the rules can be wrong ..The thought of a nice smooth drink of Brandy slipping down the throat into the stomach has warming effect, flushing of the cheeks and blood rushing to the skin with a warmth only booze can create.
In any survival situation having all that warm blood away from the vital organs means that the drinker has greater risk of hypothermia. .however its not always necessarily so...the -2 C temperature of the North Atlantic waters was cold enough to quickly tighten Charles blood vessels and cancel out any effects of the alcohol. The relaxing qualities of alcohol have been known to give humans the ability to survive disasters. Studies have proven that the effects of alcohol on stab and gunshot victims have more survival rates than normal sober ppl.
Charles having made his way to his cabin before and even after the ship struck the iceberg downed a drink each time thus seeing him more tipsy each time than the last, even though his consumption was more than any normal person would drink in a situation like this Charles continued to help the passengers into lifeboats , threw life rings to those who jumped into the water , he also threw off items of wood like deck chairs that would float and help save a life or two. .Every now and then walk back down to his cabin and partake again .the water rose to greet him more each time yet he remained calm throughout it all. .His last time on deck seen the ship break in two he stood on the stern and rode the ship down to the water and into the shockingly cold water , Charles says the feel of the cold water was " like a thousand knives piercing the skin," cold shock ends in 90 seconds and in 10 minutes before going numb, and in an hour the heart stops. .Charles put on his life belt and seen himself paddling around and treading water , Charles became the textbook of what people should do to survive a disaster ..stayed calm and " chilled out".
hares spent nearly two hours floating in the darkness , he then spotted in the dawn light an overturned life boat , he paddled over hauled himself out and was eventually hauled aboard by a passing lifeboat .when he was aboard the rescue ship RMS Carpathia he stated that " barring his feet which were badly swelled "he was fine ..Charles was back to work within a week baking for second world war Troopships .His surviving the disaster of the Titanic in such a manner gave him the title as " the drunken baker."

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Humpback Whale freed from fishing gear
Publié :16/4/2019 2h04
Dernière mise à jour :16/4/2019 6h24
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Two hour rescue seen the whale released from fishing gear that would have surely been its demise.The whale's plight was reported by several media groups before someone had time enough to actually try to get the gear off of the whale..the animal was dehydrated and starving and ad a lot of injuries because of the entanglement ..The incident was reported to have taken place off of Loreto , Baja California Sur. Staff from the environmental Protection Agency Profepa and Loreto Bay National Park freed the whale from fishing buoys and ropes off Nopolo Beach ..they said the whale was lean and suffering from injuries caused by the gear it had been dragging for some time.The gear contained a tag bearing the name of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife..Cudos to those who rescued the whale and to those who were diligent in helping report the incident...
Its kind of ironic tho to me personally as to how the whale was tangled up in gear which actually belonged to the Fish and Wildlife Department ..hmmm the Department should be making a donation to some of the groups that actually risk their lives to save these creatures probably would help the next time the Fish and Wildlife Department loses gear and ends up around a marine animal..
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Some Characteristics of a True Alpha Female
Publié :15/4/2019 14h34
Dernière mise à jour :18/4/2019 1h22
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If you adhere to the ideologies associated with Alpha Beta Omega etc traits in both male and female personalities chances are you have been led to believe that an alpha female shows certain domineering and aggressive behaviors ..
Ok lets debunk some of those traits that everyone sees or is led to believe between a ; sub; alpha and a True Alpha Human Female.
Wipe the slate clean folks read and learn.
Alpha women have been describes as being mean, bossy , childish. manipulative, sexually voracious ,condescending and emasculating .those traits are usually exhibited by people who desperately want to be in control and in the forefront of any situation .,mos t generally the first one to be heard over anyone.
A True Alpha Female has a strong personality but what sets her apart from the rest as a leader is her diligence and tenacity having a strong sense of self , self control and purpose .An Alpha female will be the center of any hub in her social circle not because she is looked at by her peers as a bossy woman but because of her way of setting the people around her at ease ..She exhibits the strength of setting common ground, she inspires great and intelligent conversation and thrives on it..You will be able to spot a True Alpha in any setting because others look to her for guidance, all heads will be turned in her direction.
An Alpha does not follow the flock of sheep she sets her own rules and he own pace..she does not have to bring attention to herself and she does not vie for any mans attention because of the self confidence she exudes , she does not have to use tactics or try to steal anyone;s attention...Life may have knocked her down a few times but she can claw her way out and back on top because of her resilience , illness, abuse, poverty or any number of these devastating setbacks ...her sense of purpose will see her through...If you have earned the love and loyalty of an Alpha you can rest assured she considers these things to be sacred.
The True Alpha Female has few close friends whom she allows into her inner circle .she can have an intelligent and a common conversation about any subject she has studied, an Alpha does not trust easily , An Alpha woman will not stoop to garner someone;s attention , she doesn;t have to...her subtle manner gives her an upper hand ..An Alpha does not choose the mundane common life style choices as other people think she should she goes her own path and be damned the gossip ..other;s opinions are irrelevant...
So this is a bit of information I have gathered about what a True Alpha Female is and for those who consider themselves as Alpha's well it remains to be seen ..True Alpha Human Females are rare and you just don;t see or find them anywhere , but once in awhile one will turn up
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Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris..
Publié :15/4/2019 11h43
Dernière mise à jour :17/4/2019 17h17
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Firefighters battled a massive blaze today at the French Capital's iconic Notre Dame cathedral that send ash pouring onto tourists and flames shooting out of the world-famous th century monument
It is unclear as to whether anyone was hurt, and the French media quoted the Paris fire brigade who says it may be linked to the US 6.8 million renovations that are on going as a project on the churches spire. and its 250 tons of lead. Flames are shooting out of the roof behind the nave of the Cathedral ,one of the most visited landmarks in the world .Sight of the flames stopped tourists ,, passer by's and traffic for miles .The Seine River that runs alongside and underneath seen River traffic halted as well. French President Emmanual Macron had originally planned to make a speech to the nation Monday evening on the yellow vest crisis that's been rocking the country since last November.
Press stated that hugh plumes of yellow black smoke has been pouring out into the sky and falling ashes from that are causing the public to run ..Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is in despair over the terrible fire , she issued a warning to members of the public to stay away from the area until the firefighters can bring the fire under control but people seem to be oblivious to the danger and still rushes to take pictures and stand in the way ..The real cause of the fire is not known yet and no deaths have been recorded as yet. sadly the flames are not being contained and its feared that the Cathedral may be totally destroyed...

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Just a bit nit picky or legitimate complaint?
Publié :13/4/2019 7h26
Dernière mise à jour :14/4/2019 16h27
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A Nova Scotia man is all up in arms about the novelty licence plates on vehicles..Seems Nova Scotia vehicle requirements is allowed to have only one registered Identification plate on the vehicle and only one. .Now it seems a guy Doug Embree is fighting tooth and nail to try and stop people from putting novelty licence plates on any vehicle ..He raises the question , which may be a valid one, of people putting novelty plates on their vehicle that may be offensive ..his argument is , Ontario, New Brunswick , British Columbia and Manitoba have to have both front and rear of the vehicle covered with legal plates , why doesn't other Provinces?
Doug Embree says that while some of the Novelty plates are funny most are offensive ..He says the amount of racism and bigotry amongst other offences are very real .Says Doug he lives a few doors down from a man who has a novelty plate that says Mafia, its bothered him for awhile , sure don't know what the saying intends but its upsetting ..Another novelty plate in the neighborhood has the name of a female dog written on it, why would someone refer to themselves that way ?
Doug contacted the Registry of Motor Vehicles and their response was that the Registry cannot control what people put on for the other plate as they don't govern people who make and those plates ..They can however control any licence plate that comes thru their Offices if someone wants to get a personalized plate they have strict guidelines for that to be adhered to..Doug says tho for a lot of years the vehicle was required to have to legal plates on front and one on back what's changed so much that it cant be a policy again? Registry couldn't answer that without a supervisor attention...
Police and any Law Enforcement Agency do and can investigate any form of alleged hate speech on novelty plates but it most generally can be rectified. Doug says that the novelty plate bearing the Confederate flag is maybe one of the worst ones hes seen..That would be considered racist in my books says some of the more educated activists ....the Confederate flag is not ambiguous...some people argue that its a symbol for a rebel or the Dukes of Hazzard we know that the roots of Confederacy are rooted in slavery in the South so keeping one of those on a vehicle is actually supporting slavery...oh my that's a blow below the belt ..its boys having fun guys know fun? ..What young guy didn't watch the Dukes of Hazzard growing up and discussed or even knew what the Confederate Flag was all about ..their only concerned how cool the General Lee was looking..Geez man lighten up..My 'Cuda has a novelty plate that says " here comes trouble " I am not about to remove it from my car unless someone can pry it outta my cold dead
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The thrill of the kill ?
Publié :12/4/2019 5h52
Dernière mise à jour :12/4/2019 12h00
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Again the President of a Cape Breton Hunting and fishing is worried someone will have to be a victim of a bear attack in order for the province to wake up and allow a Spring Bear hunt to go forward. .Says Lands and Forestry Minister Lian Rankin " there is no good compelling reason from a conservation perspective to go ahead with any plans for a Spring bear hunt."
The President of the Cape Breton hunting and fishing , " If someone gets hurt or seriously even worse killed then its too late, " Jeff McNeil President of the Port Morien Wildlife Association . His and 21 others affiliated with the Nova Scotia Anglers and Hunters have been lobbying the province for years to allow a Spring bear hunt to take place .Standing in the way of reason is a bunch of politicians having too much of in way of sense of, " having a Fall and Spring hunt would be political suicide on the bears part."
Lands and Forests Minister liam Rankin says his decision is rooted in evidence not politics .There is no compelling evidence that would see the numbers are any more than what they are , from a conservation standpoint the numbers have been consistent and harvest levels have been consistent ..the population remains at a good conservative level...any more culls would be disaster to the bear population.
The province sold ,3 licences in 20 and estimates 597 animals were harvested and that is up significantly from the Fall hunt of 2009 which seen only 283 animals harvested. Black bear hunt season is from September th till December 1st..trapping season runs between October 1st till December 1st.
Rankin said," if it were to become a decision to allow a Spring hunt and the public would have a lot of say they would need to be consulted about such an important decision but as of now the public doesn't have any reason to agree with a Spring hunt and its not what they would like to see happen". McNail points out that the claim is to increasing of complaints about nuisance bears which is an indication that the bear population is increasing, and therefore the possibility of an attack.It wasn't all that long ago that a person was attacked by a Coyote and then the province put an all out bounty on Coyotes..McNail claims he has access to pages of reports of bears around public areas and peoples homes..
So is this just the ramblings of a fellow who has a bit of hunting fever in his system or someone who is concerned for public safety ? Or is it politicians and the Minister of Lands and Forests shuffling their feet on a matter that needs attention.? I lived in this Province for all of my 66 years...even though I wouldn't know what a bear was when I was a youngster , I have only seen one bear in my life here and it was running...hmmm what was a bear running from?
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