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Weight concern , weight gain..solution!
Publié :16/2/2019 7h22
Dernière mise à jour :16/2/2019 17h00
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What works for one obviously doesn't work for another .When I first visited my doctor when I came out of the hospital he actually was horrified but understanding as to why I had lost so much weight..I was 163 when I had my accident and first went to the hospital., I was 123 when I was released.. Most doctors and nurses wasn't concerned and well I didn't they were pumping me full of two types of liquid intravenous antibiotics every 6 hours one was exchanged for the other...most everyone knows that antibiotics strip your system and take away your worked that way in my case...First words out of my Doctors mouth behind closed doors " Wtf happened to you.?" he was used to seeing me in a blaze of health , not as a stick
Anyway we sat and talked he realized it would take me awhile to get back on track and not be as I was before but close...I had bruised my one kidney and function wasn't great..all he said to me was , " one solution , drink lots of water , strive for 1 and 1/2 liters a day , more if possible , because of reduced kidney function and the fact you are dehydrated it needs to be corrected through lots of fluids." I gained more weight and started to look fairly normal , and went to 150 pounds...water is a natural diuretic and removes a lot of nasty bacteria and waste from the sugary fluids just water...flushes the kidneys and keeps weight down 1 year and six months later I am still at 150...and I am now drinking 12 cups of water a day and loving it...I take little salt , and a 3.7 ounce of a salt shaker still is 3/4 full...been that way now for about 5 years in short water is a best friend when starting any diet or even every day when thirst strikes..
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Well I;ll be jiggered!
Publié :15/2/2019 18h30
Dernière mise à jour :15/2/2019 19h32
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Find out something new almost every day ..I spoke to my motorcycle mechanic and he told me about a wonderful gadget that simply blew my mind today..As some of you know due to a bad motorcycle accident I had in 2017 I lost my left leg ..but that has not deterred me from planning to ride again hopefully this year...I have another motorcycle redone except for the three wheel kit and hand controls..I bought a set of ghost wheels a week ago and hes going to install them ..this morning I got an email from him telling me about a way to do hand controls without having to shift with my foot that's not there..
I have a prosthetic but its not able to shift the gears by foot so Ta Da! Welcome Kliktronic push button shifting right on the handle bars...wowzers! yep this is how the ad reads.
The Kliktronic system is best described as an " electronic foot " It is operated by two discreet buttons usually mounted on the handle bars.It is powered by the bikes electronic system u8nlike air shifters there is no bulky gas bottles.It is dual acting for both up and down shifts and it is extremely fast and considered very consistant yes? Introduced in 1997 after 18 months in development , the system was developed in England..This system was originally designed for disabled people and now is used literally on the street or racing..Thousands of disabled riders who never thought they would ever ride again is benefitting from this unique system ...hands down the coolest this ever...Once biker always a biker.....
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