Under the Skirt  

daddysmichele 45F  
602 messages
6/4/2019 6h01
Under the Skirt

What is the sexiest under a skirt?
G- string
Regular panties
Boy shorts

Prof10001 58H  
3137 messages
6/4/2019 6h15

You need an all of the above choice. It mostly depends upon who's skirt it is.

Swing by my blog!

daddysmichele replies on 6/4/2019 6h38:
My skirt of course, but also in general. A girl would be uncomfortable wearing all those underwear at once. Lol.

hrdallnght4u 62H  
4993 messages
6/4/2019 7h19

Love to slide My hand under a Woman's skirt and feel a naked moist pussy..

You can't expect to be Old & Wise..If You were never Young & Crazy!!!

Pleasureinc 55H  
985 messages
6/4/2019 7h55

I voted for nothing, but it may be a tie with G-string. Either one is an excellent option.

1025mws 55H
638 messages
6/4/2019 9h26

To me it does not matter what underwear she wears!!

1025mws 55H
638 messages
6/4/2019 9h31

I do not really care what underwear she wears.
As long as they are clean and she is clean.
I would say all of above for the panties she wears under her skirt.

6030 messages
6/4/2019 9h32



Lkn4funwith2 53H
736 messages
6/4/2019 9h48

I love women who wear a short skirt with NO panties, but a G-string would be a good second option.

looking4u02469 55H  
36 messages
6/4/2019 11h46

I'm an "all the above" ...but not at the same time...lol

different options for different times of year, locations and skirt...surprise me and I'm the luckiest man in the room.

michelsdaddy 69H
117 messages
6/4/2019 12h51

Nothing at all is the sexiest and offers the most and best opportunity for my tonges , quick access.

nekkedcouple 58H/53F  
67 messages
6/4/2019 22h01

I love taking my wife out to bars with no panties. She likes it too.

Whatsgoingon6666 56H
12 messages
6/4/2019 22h56

Personally I like a thong. Leaves a little to the imagination.

Btccu4 58H
14 messages
7/4/2019 3h55

A Thong, G-string, nothing all sound sexy hot !!.

qvillebiman 61H  
381 messages
7/4/2019 4h34

Nothing so there is easy access for play

rundel56 62H  
8 messages
7/4/2019 4h55


As a kid, My best friend lived next door and I go over to his house to play. On occasions, his sister Margaret would be there. She'd usually be sitting there with wearing short skirt, pantyhose, and Mary Janes. More than once she was sitting there with her legs open and I was treated to the most beautiful view of her panties and pantyhose. I can still visualizes the way the pantyhose with it's gusset stretched across her mons.

Other, please. Almost 50 years later I still use these early visions as a basis of masturbation fantasies. One the occasions when my wife has dressed this way I've gone wild, Going down on her, right through all those layers. Thanks Margaret.

daddysmichele replies on 7/4/2019 7h19:
I'm not sure what Mary Jane underwear are, but I think you mean regular panties. If I'm wrong please feel free to correct me. I'm not a lover of pantyhose. I never liked the way they bunch up so I don't wear them. If I have to wear hose I'll wear either over the calf or thigh high. That's why I didn't think to put that on the poll. Thanks for your input. It's appreciated.

MFrugger 57H  
9 messages
7/4/2019 6h58

All of the above...........the thought of what may or may not be there is sexiest~!

swfla56 63H
63 messages
7/4/2019 7h07

Totally smooth naked view under that skirt any day.

daddysmichele 45F  
614 messages
7/4/2019 7h25

Wow! Thong has almost double the votes as g- string. That surprises me since they are basically the same. Nothing has the overwhelming lead. Keep voting please, and keep commenting. I love knowing. Thank you all.

Sexczy69 64H
1146 messages
7/4/2019 8h25

For me boy shorts.... It is like unwrapping a package? You know what's inside but not what you going to get!!!

jfuntimes47 49H
96 messages
7/4/2019 8h40

thong or nothing is always great

Meomy60CRNY 59H
48 messages
7/4/2019 9h00

I think a g string is like the icing on the cake. Once you get past that you get to the yummy most center.

heatinu22 57H
13 messages
7/4/2019 9h45

luv the g string

Solfan55 64H  
234 messages
7/4/2019 10h32

That moment you find that she's wearing nothing under her skirt is magical.

Oceana1969 53F  
424 messages
7/4/2019 10h47

I go commando. It drives men crazy

Slutwifex69x 45F  
14 messages
7/4/2019 11h37

Commando always..

Toofast4youu 47H
18 messages
7/4/2019 12h24

I love, love, love upskirt panty crotch shots so I voted for regular panties but then again, I have a panty fetish.

Dicksucker356 51H
13 messages
7/4/2019 13h57

Nothing is always the best easier access

bitchkitty2017 66F  
3749 messages
7/4/2019 14h23

I see a lot of the women saying nothing just bare skin and no panties but how many actually would or do ..if they do and have short skirts on and someone views them as they bend over its an offence to show any naughty parts and hopefully wont be reported and arrested...lol ..in some places the fines are very high as high as the skirt goes showing any body part , no different for women than for men..they get arrested so why shouldn't you? just sayin' don't care ...

daddysmichele replies on 7/4/2019 14h32:
I often go without on warm days, but I don't wear a mini skirt those days unless I know I won't be moving around much. I also am careful when I'm around others when I dress like that. There's a big difference in my mind between showing everybody the goods and letting a few see. Those that walk around showing everyone usually do wind up in trouble. Those, like me, that are more careful don't need to worry since most will never know. Thank you for your input.

Curiouslover9922 34H
21 messages
7/4/2019 14h53

Nothing underneath is the best for me.

studmouse55 60H  
47 messages
7/4/2019 15h24

what ever makes her comfortable,and easy to get out of. always interesting to slide you hand up her leg and see what is there.

funasianma1e 44H
109 messages
7/4/2019 15h31

depends on the mood I think and the person.

Blazingtime1 52H
19 messages
7/4/2019 15h37

Honestly... I do ENJOY the Panties... there is something VERY SENSUAL and SEXY about the Hidden TREASURE... Also... it's leaves SOMETHING to the Imagination!!!!

Luv2bottom4u2 62H  
1260 messages
7/4/2019 17h17

Absolutely nothing under the skirt so she can do some flashing and it's easy access for rubbing and fingering. Then some place to bend her over to fuck her !

brandini734 24H
92 messages
7/4/2019 17h24

G string of course

idblueswoman 60F  
484 messages
7/4/2019 17h35

I don't wear skirts or dresses unless I absolutely have to. Jeans, tee and keens all the way baby.

jisselin1966 52H
206 messages
7/4/2019 17h40

Thong or nothing ! Both excites me 😋

sniflicksuck 53H
43 messages
7/4/2019 22h07

A thong would be nice😉 after u rub n feel her nice sexy ass then lift that skirt n see mmmm damn I don't have to move much panties to get to that pussy😉😈

Dirkk2019 32H
21 messages
7/4/2019 22h53

Love a g string makes for easy access lol

MomoBear1 68H/33F  
316 messages
8/4/2019 4h04

My husband takes me out to go cock hunting, short skirt with stocking and split panty to let him see them fuck all my holes. We call this shopping for cock as I want it so much

yumehole 53F  
34 messages
8/4/2019 5h48

if I wear a short skirt its nothing.

Gingaaninja_69 25H
20 messages
8/4/2019 11h02

All of the above

Bloke1030 42H
21 messages
8/4/2019 11h33


bushmastermc 51H
29 messages
8/4/2019 13h32

I prefer it to be panty and hairless... but dont really care ither way. Skirts are just sexy

insaziabile543 39H
116 messages
8/4/2019 13h51

Senza mutande.e piu eccitante e bello...

lookin4lust6 52H
62 messages
8/4/2019 13h59

Nothing at all so i can slide my hand up and play with her pussy while we are out in public

4skinsucker 56H
4 messages
8/4/2019 17h00

I'm a man who wears a kilt and I know women just can't wat to find out what's under it. It's a sure thing every St Paddy's Day !!

4skinsucker 56H
4 messages
8/4/2019 17h02

I'm a man who wears a kilt and I know women just can't wait to find out what's under it. It's a sure thing every St Paddy's Day !!

pokekitty01 48H  
275 messages
8/4/2019 17h23

the thought of a woman going commando under her skirt...…..Priceless! Gets me drooling! hehehe

BootyHunter5569 28H
7 messages
8/4/2019 18h46

Thong is sexy but nothing is sexier!

fahrenheit451x2 56H
42 messages
8/4/2019 19h11

Commando is always a fav

rickdubs 41H
12 messages
9/4/2019 12h50

i like the panties tease

oldman1973 70H/33F  
518 messages
9/4/2019 1h09

I wear short skirt with Suspender (Garter) belt in black with seamed stockings and either no panty of split panty exposing and making me accessible to all cummers

daddysmichele replies on 9/4/2019 10h39:
I do love garters and stocking when I'm dressing sexy, but I never thought of crotchless panties. Probably because I've never owned or worn any. Thank you for the comment.

funsnellvillecpl 61H/50F  
1606 messages
9/4/2019 3h45

not a thing at all

Smiley_guy72 47H
19 messages
9/4/2019 5h23

i think the sexiest has to be nothing at all

PVJowe 59H/56F  
119 messages
9/4/2019 6h59

I almost always wear very sheer boy shorts especially to work and then change into bikini for Happy Hour

PUFFEDPUSS2013 42H/39F  
26 messages
9/4/2019 9h36

Read my stories.....I love skirts!! With nothing of course....

Kristy XOXO

Ogiver99 51H
2 messages
9/4/2019 10h24

I'm a little torn... I voted for thong, because slowly sliding the hem of the skirt up, revealing the thong is very sexy to me. But when my woman say to me, "Honey I'm not wearing any underwear", that drives my crazy!

funguytoshare 37H
11 messages
9/4/2019 14h27

All depends on your point of view.

Upherass6969 48H

9/4/2019 17h19

Nothing better than caressing a woman’s naked ass and rubbing her clit, under her skirt

browser2017 57H
33 messages
9/4/2019 21h41

luv a woman that wears nothing and knowing she is being watch decides to do some flashing while out in public

gurulovesnylon 46H  
5 messages
10/4/2019 3h23

being a pantyhose lover it be pantyhose with nothing so i could just rip and lick

garhfx 63H
9 messages
10/4/2019 8h30

Thongs and Gstrings are close with a teeny bit more material like the framed bare ass look of the thong..... nothing in the right situation is a great look too.

mayzz 63H
377 messages
10/4/2019 9h44

For females that enjoy going commando.... i love you ! Yes it does drive me crazy.....

daddysmichele replies on 10/4/2019 9h57:
Imagine it when you're out next time. Out of all the women you see some aren't wearing anything under their clothes. Lol. Some of us like to tease.

16 messages
10/4/2019 19h43

Princess should be bare and available to Daddy's touch at all times, except when Daddy wants her to wear sexy panties for a special reason.

BoabyD 43H
18 messages
11/4/2019 8h47

Any of the above would’ve been a great option

ProfCocknCuntt 40H
287 messages
11/4/2019 13h32

Pops to the Commado Women!!!!

needitnow69nks 48H
24 messages
11/4/2019 14h55

I like them all, depends on the situation

Oxygen4fun 48H/47F  
4 messages
11/4/2019 18h24

Nothing is Best, I love slipping a hand under her skirt and running my fingers through her hair! Plus if she flashes someone, they know for sure what they saw!

Meatplow72 46H
20 messages
11/4/2019 18h31

Buck ass naked.

wiewiljasper 55H
97 messages
12/4/2019 3h23

I love to see a hispster upskirt

wiewiljasper 55H
97 messages
12/4/2019 3h25

I love to upskirt a g string

Whatsitgoing2B06 58H
46 messages
12/4/2019 3h38

Preferably nothing underneath at all!

Curvelove3hole2 38H
4 messages
12/4/2019 11h15

nothing for me, just knowing that i can slide a hand in for easy access is a turn on.

uuumgood44 74H
88 messages
12/4/2019 11h18

nothing but pussy .

EJRoralfreak 45H
4 messages
12/4/2019 13h08

Gotta Love a G-string!!!

Intwnforfun 46H
8 messages
12/4/2019 13h23

Depends on the situation.

Pussycumwanker 48H
84 messages
12/4/2019 15h42

Thong imo as a little window dressing can add that special edge of what if

I cum here every day. That's a whole lot of cum to consider.

StrongBlakDick4U 38H
263 messages
12/4/2019 21h33

    Citer nekkedcouple:
    I love taking my wife out to bars with no panties. She likes it too.
I would have to invite you two over to my table so my fingers could explore under her skirt

StrongBlakDick4U 38H
263 messages
12/4/2019 21h34

    Citer daddysmichele:
    Wow! Thong has almost double the votes as g- string. That surprises me since they are basically the same. Nothing has the overwhelming lead. Keep voting please, and keep commenting. I love knowing. Thank you all.
We luv just being able too........

StrongBlakDick4U 38H
263 messages
12/4/2019 21h35

So many things to do with a scenario like yours

hankypankyinPA2 47H  
22 messages
12/4/2019 22h43

getting what's under my kilt under your skirt!

jason2371961 58H
394 messages
13/4/2019 3h59

i like to see women that go commando and they flash every one

fandangochick 41F  
31 messages
13/4/2019 13h05

Nothing equals easy access

kawacouple15301 49H/50F
3 messages
13/4/2019 23h01

when i see a women whit skirt i always ask myself panties or not

Anddy4ufun 39H
9 messages
13/4/2019 23h54

no panties is obvious. one needs a tease to drive them insane

bisubfun 54H
18 messages
14/4/2019 10h25

smooth waxed or shaved lips with nothing on....

prvts_investg8tr 46H
4 messages
14/4/2019 13h04

I chose G- String, but really nothing at all is hot as well. Nothing like seeing a little pussy exposed under the skirt.

ur_Black_desire 49H
50 messages
14/4/2019 13h31

Access to the prize is always desired, commando!

Texasbottom4u 56H
12 messages
14/4/2019 13h41

I like to either have on a g-string or nothing at all. I do like to have my panties pulled to the side and be bred. Just pull my skirt up pull my panties and you can have your way with me.

Morboexcita 48H
55 messages
14/4/2019 18h21

Si me pongo muy. Calienteeee.

Oldmanaz2 60H
256 messages
14/4/2019 19h50

How about crotchless. Just a thought.

1Hemiguy1 56H
57 messages
14/4/2019 21h00

I think it’s sexy when they wear nothing under a skirt. If nothing. Than a g String or thong.

1Hemiguy1 56H
57 messages
14/4/2019 21h02

Love it when they wear nothing. Very hot. If nothing the g sting or thong.

eaps7 19H
2 messages
15/4/2019 8h38

nothing is really the best

jonnyaz20 24H
5 messages
15/4/2019 9h54

darn tootn

lookin4lust6 52H
62 messages
15/4/2019 11h45

I love it when a woman wears nothing under her skirt get a little flash from time to time Nothing like a naked wet pussy waiting to be touched

FieryFunPa 56H/54F  
30 messages
15/4/2019 13h42

I don't know the difference between a thong and g-string... unless it's on a guitar or something.
Still nothing is great if want to get someone in the mood.

Fun, laughs and beer.

vince8689 30H
12 messages
15/4/2019 17h22

Regular panties.

LIhotwife4play 57H/55F  
1 message
15/4/2019 17h56

Heading to Florida not bringing panties and only short sundresses !

Darkerdick169 28H
27 messages
15/4/2019 18h30

I voted for nothing 😎

Thebigntall 29H
28 messages
15/4/2019 20h07

Thongs are just a big turn on

thedavidsiqui 20H
20 messages
16/4/2019 12h57

Gotta be all of the damn above

ltrlover1 61H
172 messages
16/4/2019 7h16

Nothing makes for a beautiful sight when following her up a stairway or sitting across from her


Pooldark2 40H
3 messages
16/4/2019 10h34

Sharon Stone is laughing out loud (lol)with this post!!

CocLuvr7in 60H
27 messages
16/4/2019 11h31

i love seeing up a skirt and seeing a nice pussy....also makes it easy to play with her pussy when out in public.....

snorthup 54H
11 messages
16/4/2019 14h27

I voted for nothing but snug white panties are pretty close. Snug.

m1_akwolf1 49H
1 message
16/4/2019 16h23

A G-string very thin. Leaves enough showing and still requires some effort to allow for fun. Knowing that at any moment it could be pulled aside even by simply moving the right way.

Bones4523 62H
12 messages
16/4/2019 18h43

Nothing, of course.

56creampielover 62H
73 messages
16/4/2019 20h22

If her pussy was dripping with cum MMMMM

Someguynow125 44H
25 messages
16/4/2019 20h40

Leave just a little to the imagination

UrIceCreamMan69 65H
49 messages
16/4/2019 22h18

commando first and next a thong

Patrickhud23 31H
5 messages
17/4/2019 6h55

A nice thong is all you need, plus it depends on type of skirt and length

xtremeblaz022 38H  
22 messages
17/4/2019 9h37

I voted for nothing since you asked for the sexiest. But really all are sexy and Im not to greedy and would enjoy getting the peek from a woman wearing any of them. But if just in panties I enjoy boy shorts a lot cause they show just enjoy to be sexy, but hide enough to make you curious and want to see more

330stevebsc 40H
13 messages
17/4/2019 12h33

I love a g string, it covers enough to be promiscuous, but easy enough to pull to the side

RideTheTimes 39H
46 messages
17/4/2019 17h54

Boy shorts, until...

Sexistephine 33H
18 messages
18/4/2019 3h36

For me I like to wear regular panties or go nude under my little skirt😋

Sexistephine 33H
18 messages
18/4/2019 3h37

For me I love to wear panties mmm

Jungle_juice4u 53H
81 messages
18/4/2019 7h35

Commando please (

hornyoldman9993 56H
3 messages
18/4/2019 10h24

I know wife is serious when she doesn't wear panties!

vvraj69 36H
4 messages
19/4/2019 5h10

It matters only when there is light else in dark what matter is skin

niceguylooking18 40H
2 messages
19/4/2019 6h31

I love all panties and lingerie

DDreams524 66H  
910 messages
19/4/2019 17h23

Commando is Always my 1st choice.

morbositojuguet 49H
97 messages
19/4/2019 18h37

In the summer i prefer to go without

Kreature17 34H
1 message
20/4/2019 4h15

Daaang where's all the love for the boy shorts!?! Granted viewing them upskirt mode does not reveal their beauty and how they catch the curves just right 😘😛

janhaviabhi 37H/37F
1 message
20/4/2019 4h36

Its my desire that my wife should not wear anything under skirt when at crowd places..

Iwanabwithu1972 46H
10 messages
20/4/2019 5h02

I like looking up a skirt and seeing a nice pair of tight panties.

LetsGetGoing06 57H
9 messages
20/4/2019 7h06

You show it best when there is nothing at all.

jonilovebig 72H
97 messages
20/4/2019 15h31

wear nothing at all it's a big turnon

SlutsHereICum 56H  
7 messages
21/4/2019 5h11

I think it all depends on the woman. Nothing sexy about a SSBBW wearing a thong or G-string.

daddysmichele replies on 24/4/2019 8h39:
SO since I wouldn't be sexy in a thong or g string should I go without or with regular panties?

dayrunner77 47H
59 messages
21/4/2019 9h26

The type of skirt and the shape of the person can alter preferences

sapiohhh 50H

22/4/2019 1h25

Thongs ain't what they used to be...

Lostlicker87069 30H  
1 message
23/4/2019 6h23


Paul_PNP 40H  
13 messages
24/4/2019 19h59

oh it would be so fun to go out on the town with you and no panties under the skirt

daddysmichele replies on 25/4/2019 10h48:
No matter what I'm wearing you have to wonder if I have underwear on. I like to keep things interesting.

38 messages
27/4/2019 18h20

    Citer Oceana1969:
    I go commando. It drives men crazy
Love a lady with nothing... commando always xxxxxxxxxxx

thejashman 34H
58 messages
27/4/2019 23h38

easy to play if nothing is under

Bradleyrah 32H
1 message
30/4/2019 4h16

An intresting question with may diffrent answers. I answered the question based off a skirt length of around the knee, lets call it a modest skirt. One that leaves the imagination on over drive. I enjoy a woman whereing boy shorts, for they form to the thighs, mold to her curves, might even gotten caught in a pair of lips. I find the shorts are again modest, covering more surface area, and find myself excited as if a gift is being slowly unwraped. The thoughts are mine, wheres yours, thats fine. Ill read it twice, then continue on, learning what others think, of panties and thongs.

Bradleyrah, CP30-B4ICUP

DirtyNJwhiteGirl 54F  
5 messages
30/4/2019 16h48


hunting4real 61H/52F
25 messages
30/4/2019 21h29

Sometimes the finding out is the most sensual surprise

DirtyThoughts002 38H
1 message
1/5/2019 14h16

Thongs are the best but any sort of panty under is hot

Someguynow125 44H
25 messages
1/5/2019 18h29

Love you for being under that skirt

AMfun4meandu 66H
484 messages
2/5/2019 6h35

There is nothing more sexy as a woman with nothing under her skirt. I love to be sitting with a sexy woman and put my hand on her thighs and move up to her silky wetness all sweet and wanting.

aajaywebster 72H/63F  
16 messages
2/5/2019 14h29

Hi Appleton. Former Kenosha here.

Redbirsub 38H
2 messages
3/5/2019 13h56

It's nice to see something but also very little

SubmisiveDaniel 44H
21 messages
8/5/2019 23h45



SubmisiveDaniel 44H
21 messages
8/5/2019 23h51



SubmisiveDaniel 44H
21 messages
8/5/2019 23h55


Mohin05 32H
23 messages
12/5/2019 9h33

Thong is best as it hide little n expose little

chelejee 47H/49F  
2 messages
12/5/2019 11h24

prefer nothing. love when wife goes out with out.

longtermfriend19 54H
36 messages
15/5/2019 3h27

if your gonna tease give us the whole view make us want it more

daddysmichele replies on 15/5/2019 8h53:
I would think the "hole" view would be more than just a tease. Personally I think some light colored underwear under a black skirt is more of a tease.

Sextoykink 48H  
7 messages
15/5/2019 18h25

love a g string. Always prefer if there is something i can remove no matter how small it is.

markymarky696969 38H
19 messages
20/5/2019 2h17

Love a sexy ass in a thong.

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