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Baffies Bits and PiecesSnowflake Generation2/11/2019 11h45
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Paul's Place..❓❗🔥❤️🔥❗❓+4 CBreakfast... ☕And A Brazilian Wax... With FrankeeZee... 😮29/10/2019 20h44
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"Redemption"Morning funnies".18/10/2019 8h35
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untangling my mindSilly Saturday21/9/2019 7h57
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Mellifluous MusingsLess Than My Best. A Poem(2 messages)20/9/2019 14h47
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Publish or perish?Twice as long...15/9/2019 19h36
Mellifluous MusingsSapiosexual Judgment A Poem14/9/2019 12h21
Mellifluous MusingsMy Muse Is Love A Poem11/9/2019 21h51
Mellifluous MusingsAh Yes A Poem10/9/2019 22h08
🚢Tickle's Travels✈Sex Ed10/9/2019 16h41
Mellifluous MusingsVague Possibilities A Poem(3 messages)14/9/2019 12h01
The Thrill is GoneThat time of year is almost here8/9/2019 18h49
Mellifluous MusingsHe was Less But More Than I Expected A Poem8/9/2019 12h20
Mellifluous MusingsI Know Where I Want To Be A Poem(2 messages)9/9/2019 16h42
Mellifluous MusingsI Can Forget Briefly A Poem(2 messages)7/9/2019 10h35
Mellifluous MusingsMood For Talking A Poem(2 messages)6/9/2019 9h45
Mellifluous MusingsHe Could Have My Heart A Poem3/9/2019 22h48
Mellifluous MusingsPredicated Upon Chemistry A Poem2/9/2019 22h28
Mellifluous MusingsBlah And Bleak To Positive And Upbeat A Poem2/9/2019 21h09
Mellifluous MusingsExpectations Of A Day A Poem2/9/2019 20h37
Mellifluous MusingsLost But Gained A Poem1/9/2019 23h02
Mellifluous MusingsLove In Our Eyes A Poem1/9/2019 22h40
Mellifluous MusingsRight With Excitement A Poem(3 messages)1/9/2019 22h56
Mellifluous MusingsThoughts On September A Poem(3 messages)1/9/2019 22h33
Mellifluous MusingsHe Does Not Know My Dreams A Poem(2 messages)5/9/2019 21h21
Mellifluous MusingsMasqerading As Single. A Poem(2 messages)27/8/2019 18h38
Dr. Helped me feel goodWhy stay25/8/2019 21h03
Mellifluous MusingsStories To Tell. A Poem(2 messages)20/8/2019 21h02
MAYHEM+MUSINGNo Going Back19/8/2019 20h18
Mellifluous MusingsWrenches And Semantics. A Poem19/8/2019 20h03
Mellifluous MusingsProve Kismet Exists. A Poem16/8/2019 20h01
Mellifluous MusingsSee With A Different Outlook. A Poem16/8/2019 10h34
Molotov CockteaseHellloooo...Kyle....15/8/2019 15h44
Cinnamon's Spice RackRear, Right15/8/2019 15h32
Mellifluous MusingsMy Mind The Victor. A Poem11/8/2019 17h53
Mellifluous MusingsContemplating That Girl Back Then. A Poem11/8/2019 4h14
Mellifluous MusingsFlexing My Romantic Muscles And Bones. a Poem5/8/2019 18h46