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Mellifluous MusingsProve Kismet Exists. A Poem16/8/2019 20h01
Mellifluous MusingsSee With A Different Outlook. A Poem16/8/2019 10h34
Molotov CockteaseHellloooo...Kyle....15/8/2019 15h44
Cinnamon's Spice RackRear, Right15/8/2019 15h32
Mellifluous MusingsMy Mind The Victor. A Poem11/8/2019 17h53
Mellifluous MusingsContemplating That Girl Back Then. A Poem11/8/2019 4h14
Mellifluous MusingsFlexing My Romantic Muscles And Bones. a Poem5/8/2019 18h46
Mellifluous MusingsCan He Build A Bridge? A Poem4/8/2019 15h08
Mellifluous MusingsNot To Settle For Just Anybody. A Poem31/7/2019 23h23
Mellifluous MusingsPried From My Object Of Affection. A Poem(2 messages)31/7/2019 23h08
Mellifluous MusingsPics? A Poem31/7/2019 22h48
Mellifluous MusingsSomething Special For Your Birthday. A Poem31/7/2019 22h33
Mellifluous MusingsValue Your Friendship. A Poem(2 messages)31/7/2019 23h02
Mellifluous MusingsPatsy Cline Mood. A Poem(2 messages)5/8/2019 18h22
THE SINNERS CLUB“seems6666 My Savior”31/7/2019 1h16
Publish or perish?Bald works...30/7/2019 6h57
Mellifluous MusingsA Broad Subject. A Poem29/7/2019 23h32
Mellifluous MusingsClose The Distance. A Poem(2 messages)29/7/2019 23h33
Mellifluous MusingsMonday Songs Can You Name Some? A Poem29/7/2019 8h01
Mellifluous MusingsBe Nice And Not An Asshole A Poem29/7/2019 8h00
Mellifluous MusingsA Lovely Late Lunch A Poem(2 messages)29/7/2019 12h42
Mellifluous MusingsCatch You On The Flip Side A Poem28/7/2019 21h20
Mellifluous MusingsAlmost Want To Say Never Again A Poem(2 messages)28/7/2019 18h43
Mellifluous MusingsSo Will You? A Poem28/7/2019 17h40
Mellifluous MusingsMake The World Of Difference A Poem(2 messages)28/7/2019 15h50
"Redemption""Sounds of silence".28/7/2019 1h04
Mellifluous MusingsMy Venting Put His To Shame A Poem27/7/2019 23h51
Mellifluous MusingsA Wishful Thinking Dream A Poem(3 messages)28/7/2019 1h45
Mellifluous MusingsTo Those Still Hurting A Poem27/7/2019 23h08
Mellifluous MusingsMy Mind Was Occupied A Poem(2 messages)27/7/2019 22h32
Mellifluous MusingsIn The Interim. A Poem(4 messages)27/7/2019 8h27
Mellifluous MusingsUnpatchable A Poem26/7/2019 17h52
Mellifluous MusingsHis One Month Anniversary. A Poem(2 messages)26/7/2019 16h44
Mellifluous MusingsMe And My Fighting Brigade. A Poem26/7/2019 8h03
Mellifluous MusingsStealthy Late Night Meal A Poem26/7/2019 2h07
Mellifluous MusingsExpectations Of Love And Trust A Poem25/7/2019 23h52
Mellifluous MusingsMy Darkness A Poem(3 messages)26/7/2019 2h10
Mellifluous MusingsHands That Lead A Poem(2 messages)25/7/2019 22h11
Mellifluous MusingsCabin In The Woods Deja Vu A Poem(3 messages)25/7/2019 12h10
Mellifluous MusingsTo Sleep On A Cool Summer Night A Poem(6 messages)25/7/2019 21h12
Mellifluous MusingsMoaning Is Natural A Poem(3 messages)25/7/2019 11h48
Mellifluous MusingsMorning And Breakfast A Poem(4 messages)25/7/2019 12h16
Mellifluous MusingsWhere The Rejection Process Leads A Poem(2 messages)24/7/2019 16h21
Mellifluous MusingsSteps And An Escalator A Poem23/7/2019 23h48
Mellifluous MusingsLonely Together A Poem23/7/2019 23h40
Mellifluous MusingsA Genie Granted Love A Poem23/7/2019 23h30
Inside My HeadMy New Battery-Operated Toy23/7/2019 22h52
Inside My HeadThe Journey...23/7/2019 22h49
Mellifluous MusingsVoicing Feelings A Poem(5 messages)22/7/2019 20h44
Mellifluous MusingsFascination With The Brady Men A Poem22/7/2019 9h32
Mellifluous MusingsLike A Bridge Over Troubled Water A Poem(5 messages)22/7/2019 9h33
Mellifluous MusingsMy Kind Of Poem(4 messages)22/7/2019 15h38
Mellifluous MusingsUnderstanding Emotion. A Poem(3 messages)22/7/2019 5h25
THE SINNERS CLUB“Half Naked Wednesday, Four Days Late.”21/7/2019 14h37
THE SINNERS CLUB“The Sunday Morning Striptease, #10.”21/7/2019 14h32
Mon BlogAn Erotic Birthday Present21/7/2019 8h22
Mellifluous MusingsTime Skidaddling A Poem(3 messages)22/7/2019 15h36
Mellifluous MusingsA Living Doll A Poem(3 messages)21/7/2019 2h55
Mellifluous MusingsDoubts Snuffed A Poem(3 messages)21/7/2019 2h57
Mellifluous MusingsThinking And Day And Night Dreaming A Poem(3 messages)20/7/2019 23h59
Mellifluous MusingsA Day's Product. A Poem(3 messages)20/7/2019 17h08
Mellifluous MusingsAccomplishment. A Poem20/7/2019 10h38
Mellifluous MusingsShe Was Lovely. A Poem(2 messages)20/7/2019 11h07
Mellifluous MusingsThought Gives Way A Poem19/7/2019 22h30
Mellifluous MusingsImmeasurable Inspiration A Poem(3 messages)20/7/2019 10h03
Mellifluous MusingsA Proper Examination. A Poem(8 messages)20/7/2019 12h41
Mellifluous MusingsThe Gist Of Matters A Poem(2 messages)19/7/2019 19h13
Things that make me go 'Hmm..'Ol' Blue19/7/2019 15h04
A re-mixed bagThe hands on approach19/7/2019 14h38
Mellifluous MusingsCompanion In A Nighttime Star Light Show A Poem(2 messages)19/7/2019 14h20
Paul's Place 🚽🧻🚿🛏️🔑🔒🧲🦞A Fly On The Wall... Watching - Instant Karma... 😉(2 messages)19/7/2019 12h08
Mellifluous MusingsSaying My Name Three Times A Poem(3 messages)19/7/2019 12h58
Mellifluous MusingsNot So Easily Understood A Poem(2 messages)18/7/2019 23h45
Mellifluous MusingsNot What I Needed A Poem18/7/2019 22h21
Mellifluous MusingsNegative Thoughts A Poem(2 messages)18/7/2019 21h29
A Little This - A Little ThatDrink That Water!!18/7/2019 14h22
Mellifluous MusingsA Wanting And Willing Woman A Poem18/7/2019 12h35
Mellifluous MusingsFat Chance That. A Poem(3 messages)18/7/2019 13h56
PersnicketyI love giving surprises 💋18/7/2019 12h36
untangling my mindWicked Wednesday18/7/2019 12h34
A re-mixed bagHNW - I will ketchup soon18/7/2019 12h33
An explorationHours Minutes Kisses18/7/2019 12h30
An explorationHaven't Heard Your Song in so Long.18/7/2019 12h23
An explorationThose Sweet Red Kisses18/7/2019 12h07
An explorationThe Lust Clocks Higher18/7/2019 12h02
Mellifluous MusingsWhen Our Words Hold Sway A Poem(2 messages)17/7/2019 22h42
Mellifluous MusingsLoving Communication A Poem(3 messages)17/7/2019 22h41
Mellifluous MusingsMisgivings A Poem(3 messages)17/7/2019 21h28
Mellifluous MusingsMy Utmost Sincerity. A Poem(4 messages)17/7/2019 17h35
Mellifluous MusingsPositive Reaction A Poem(3 messages)17/7/2019 12h31
Mellifluous MusingsAn Ex Contacted Me Today. A Poem16/7/2019 9h26
Mellifluous MusingsA Tuesday Text. A Poem16/7/2019 8h55
Mellifluous MusingsLooking At My Former Life A Poem15/7/2019 23h29
Mellifluous MusingsSmiley Faces And Shooting Stars A Poem15/7/2019 22h39
Mellifluous MusingsNo Real Life Liaison A Poem(3 messages)16/7/2019 8h38
Mellifluous MusingsWriting Poetry About The Man Of My Dreams A Poem(4 messages)16/7/2019 8h40