How old was the last person you fucked  

nastytease4U 40F  
12014 messages
21/3/2018 5h14

Dernière Consultation:
24/3/2018 4h26

How old was the last person you fucked

my birthday is coming up, just wanted to know who is getting all the action......

CleavageFan4U 61H  
51137 messages
21/3/2018 6h23

Somewhat "age appropriate" at 47 - and I just posted the pics to prove it too!

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maybejustrex4 51H  
1875 messages
21/3/2018 6h26

lol you are going to do just fine. now you can either hunt or look down your nose at men in their 20s. Or both!

Happy Day in advance.

hottar69 61H  
37 messages
21/3/2018 6h37

She was forty six. But she looked thirty five.

Lovelicknpussy78 40H
24 messages
21/3/2018 6h42

She was 49,she loved me licking her pussy, then I have her my big cock,now she wants it more often

ppeman1 71H
35 messages
21/3/2018 6h54

Love older pussy.

KnightMan105 62H
30 messages
21/3/2018 7h31

i think older women who still like sex are more responsive .....

KnightMan105 62H
30 messages
21/3/2018 7h32

find that older are more into it. more responsive

Ienjoythetaste 69H  
2211 messages
21/3/2018 7h49

Age doesn't comes in to it. Opportunity and compatibility does.

The answers in your poll don't take in to account the age of the person voting.

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profcoquin27bis 53H
1693 messages
21/3/2018 8h50

i am dreaming for 18- 25 years but ......

lok4fun500 107H  
39268 messages
21/3/2018 8h51

65+ but the last time was last summer!

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s2ndegree 59H  
7592 messages
21/3/2018 9h22

Still waiting for the results from the lab
on the carbon date!

Using more than all the road!

RavenGB 57H
165 messages
21/3/2018 11h51

I think the bar is set at the age of a woman who was not even born when I first had sex. It would matter is you are talking about a casual encounter or something more lasting.

92camaro66 51H  
1046 messages
21/3/2018 12h17

49 and she was amazing!!! love the mature ladies. no drama

papis_baby_girl 42F  
3654 messages
21/3/2018 12h32

    Citer hottar69:
    She was forty six. But she looked thirty five.
if she looked forty-six, would you have still fucked her?

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-Anais Nin

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eager4unow 61H  
1386 messages
21/3/2018 12h59

I'm thinking they were in their upper 50's, I didn't ask.....

wd40w 65H
4828 messages
21/3/2018 13h34

"Old enough to know better...Still young enough to care..."

"Illigitimi Non Carborundum Est" W.F. "Bull" Halsey

rm_cucv1009 50H  
39 messages
21/3/2018 14h38

She's 57.

PVJowe 58H/55F  
99 messages
21/3/2018 14h41

As an older woman I find that most men that hit on me are in their 20's and 30's..

8WellHung4u 63H
35 messages
21/3/2018 15h38

Was a great night, I had sex with her and her 45 year old trainer. They both climaxed twice before I did almost an hour later.

AFFHW0000 57H  
24 messages
21/3/2018 16h40

I believe she is in her mid-30's, but a gentleman does not ask.

fkmeallnitelong9 48F  
846 messages
21/3/2018 17h10

he is 53

Nectarseeker69 67H  
31 messages
21/3/2018 17h48

Go to PornHub and look at the grannys giving head and fucking. They know what they are doing. Wrinkles and gray hair don't ruin good sex. And M and F that age might not have teeth, like me. Every time I've wrapped my lips or anus around a cock I've been fed a load of cum. I'm 67 yo.

idblueswoman 59F  
388 messages
21/3/2018 18h17

My husband who is younger than me.. that's all you need to know.

gDfranc 67H
22 messages
21/3/2018 19h32

I guess nor make a diff what sex I fucked

sphxdiver 68H  
19922 messages
21/3/2018 20h33

I thought age was just a number !!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 57H
363 messages
21/3/2018 21h48

I generally prefer a gal to be within 10 yeras + or - of me, so that give me a 20 yr range. But I find those 10+ are not much into funn anymore, and 10- are looking for guys younger than me, so mostly are the ones near my age or a cpl of years older. Age doesnt really mean much to me, have been with gals 38 yrs younger, and 20 yrs older and as long as they & I are interested, able & willing, so what if our ages are not close ! And until 21 and not virgins anymore, I find them not very fun anyway !

Foreice 57H  
6 messages
22/3/2018 3h59

I love older women. Always have. But the last one I fucked was 23. And it was fantastic.

Greatsex4ume2 59H  
14 messages
22/3/2018 4h41

I am sixty and find it great from40 to 70! Depends on the lady!

yumehole 52F  
15 messages
22/3/2018 6h01

Mine was 71 married had not had sex in over 2 years saw his add on Craig's list chatted for a few weeks his wife went to their daughters for the week end so I went to his place and gave him what he wanted it was a very nice time.

razz88 69H  
14 messages
22/3/2018 6h06

The last woman I fucked was about 60 and could suck cock like a pro.

travelingnlonely 61H
64 messages
22/3/2018 6h08

as long as you are compatable.I prefer olded.

aniceride 47H  
64 messages
22/3/2018 7h21

i generally look for 40 to 60 as they know what they want and sometimes know what they are doing.this age group is more willing to let you know what they like or don'y like.any great sex starts with communication weather it's female or male.

3play06 59H/112F  
23 messages
22/3/2018 8h25

He was 70 & we had a great evening

Shepshep55 54H
28 messages
22/3/2018 8h43

49, but fuckas as young as 23 and old as 62 within the last 14 months

Keppel37 49H
3351 messages
22/3/2018 9h19

I make it a rule never to go near anyone under forty, just not enough in common.... But 2 twenty year olds will do at a push


backwoodsliving8 33H  
12 messages
22/3/2018 9h46

Looks like I'm approaching the age when more sex happens yay lol (35+ in this poll......) I dont think people in their 20's have sex much. There's not many here in their 20's and the survey shows that too-just an observation.

Malavance 55H  
1 message
22/3/2018 10h18

A cute, clever, witty, brilliant and enthusiastic 24!

throatscock 62H  
232 messages
22/3/2018 11h50

37, 56, 49,72,44,78 and 51. Oh, there was one that wouldn't tell me but I guess 48. Do you want the ones from this week or will last week be enough??

Winenpasta 48H/43F  
1 message
22/3/2018 12h57

My woman is 43 and so she's the last one I was with. However two weeks ago we played with a woman who was 28.

DeepUSA1 36H
132 messages
22/3/2018 13h19

And those big tits of urs are fuckable as well

TIGER19622013 55H
1075 messages
22/3/2018 14h28

She was 63 - and we had great sex !
the older - the hotter - I think !

surf_casting 53H
34 messages
22/3/2018 15h06

39 and fun

Drtyhri 39H
1 message
22/3/2018 17h51

Last two were 54 and 50. I love older women

zeke53028 59H  
608 messages
22/3/2018 19h40

Last one is Vicki my significant other who's 56, before her 46, 55, then 66, then I'm guessing 50, then 30, but that was 6 years ago.

CurvyGal795 38F  
4 messages
22/3/2018 19h59

He is 38

GiveMeMoreAgain 57H
69 messages
23/3/2018 5h34

Make a connection and you will get the action. Have a fantastic birthday! Do something fun and out of the norm for yourself!

icandothat4you2 49H
2 messages
23/3/2018 9h10

I'd like to give you some 49 y/o for your birthday

tmarsetti 48H
1 message
23/3/2018 11h35

She was friend's aunt I met at a wedding

SexOnMyMindWithU 46H
19 messages
23/3/2018 17h06

A day after her 18th birthday. I was her first now her and I have a fwb relationship for the last 3 years! How fun is life!!!!

Bigsxxxy64WV 53H
219 messages
23/3/2018 19h25

she's 48

dirtrunning7 36H
30 messages
23/3/2018 20h26

She was 42

onfiresinferno3 61H
53 messages
23/3/2018 23h13

My wife who is slightly older than me.

hawksfanatic72 45H
2 messages
24/3/2018 12h11

47yo MILF

tomdeen1 56H
21 messages
24/3/2018 3h33

Your nipples are the nicest I have seen.

Owatal 65H
14 messages
24/3/2018 7h21

I have a 66 year old widoed FWB that LOVES sex. The older for me , the better.

Leegs2012 45H
28092 messages
24/3/2018 8h52

She was in her early 50's..but she looked like she was in her 30's...and wow could she Fuck and Suck!!

chocolates52 66F  
785 messages
24/3/2018 10h58

I just turned 66 have had sex lately with mid 20 to 30 as long as they are respectful and know what to do I'm all about it Honest respectful mature minded men of all ages are good for me

laugh love be happy

goodtofind61 61H
6 messages
24/3/2018 11h34

I voted 50+ as the CL ad. she responded to suggested 50 plus. I didn't ask, so I don't know for sure.
Super sexy lady tho'. Super squirter too.

lookingtoplay145 60H
38 messages
24/3/2018 11h39

Prefer a partner who understands all that goes with good sex.

Kyguy757 50H
28 messages
24/3/2018 13h27

Age is just a number, it all depends on how good of a lover they are that matters.

sexybunny4love 51F
246 messages
24/3/2018 21h51

lol 50-54 yessssss !!!!

~ Dare to be different ~ sexybunny4love

bigthing663 47H
13 messages
25/3/2018 4h56

37 was the last one and i will continue with her

justchillin692 57H
29 messages
25/3/2018 7h29

Perky nipples. You will have no problem getting sex! Have fantastic birthday!

51007 62H  
473 messages
25/3/2018 7h35

already happy birthday
she's 39 y. It was great ! And you ?
Best regards

tyrantcapri 45H
8 messages
25/3/2018 9h10

said she was 41, confessed she was actually 51, but she looked like early 30s, body and all, she was awesome.

911curly 67H/65F
26 messages
25/3/2018 11h56

I am a older female and prefer men my age or older .

da5166vis 51H
4 messages
25/3/2018 13h48

Sorry you are not in the area. If you ever get to Northern Illinois I will take you out.

scubadiver6911 87H
172 messages
25/3/2018 20h12

She was 49 and was really a good fuck but alas she kept needing money for cigarettes, food, etc! So broke up with her!

OldrHarleyGuy 66H  
299 messages
25/3/2018 20h44

Hot damn!! I finally am and qualified to get to post to this subject!!

Just happened today, I got invited to have lunch/dinner by a gorgeous little brunette that I've been flirting with and poking fun at recently. From the moment we got in the vehicle, it was evident that lunch or dinner was not what she had on here mind for this old and worn out fool!! It came down to the ultimatum for me to put up or shut up!! lol Well, I didn't shut up, so there you go!! She is 31, about 5'8" and about 120lb and a gorgeous knockout.

Anyone know of a good cardiologist here in the midwest, think I'm gonna need him, as she is planning round two very soon to try to get even!!

wydjag4 60H/60F  
12 messages
26/3/2018 10h59

My wife - she is now 60

badel404 34H
9 messages
26/3/2018 12h46

older woman is the way to go

gtrider28 61H  
79 messages
26/3/2018 13h35

Forty is a great age not to young not to old

GiveMeMoreAgain 57H
69 messages
26/3/2018 15h50

You are a gorgeous lady! You have nothing to concern yourself with.

noguru49 64H  
8 messages
26/3/2018 17h39

Last year I had a several month fling with a 42 year old. I had never considered being with someone that young but I have to admit, it was pretty awesome. The best part is that we have started communicating again. She had not had an orgasm in about 5 years and had never had one from oral sex. I'm glad I was able to help her out. She's a sweetheart.

Vetted75 40H
21 messages
26/3/2018 22h37

I believe it sugar!!II would hit on you no doubt!!Love your figure and older ladies make my butter melt!

PhukkenFun 39F  
1 message
26/3/2018 22h38

He’s 28 and 11 years younger. 👅

Vetted75 40H
21 messages
26/3/2018 22h39

Darling you’ll get all the action you can stand!!Youre gorgeous and it would be a pleasure to be with such a beautiful woman

Vetted75 40H
21 messages
26/3/2018 22h41

The pic of your slit is absolutely gorgeous!!!Wow

Vetted75 40H
21 messages
26/3/2018 23h03

The last lady was 65 and I was her landscaper.We had a strictly business relationship for 3 years.One day she invited me in and said about three words before she leaned in and kissed me passionately.We immediately got naked and she gave me an amazing blow job before getting on top of me and having an immense orgasm soaking everything and she almost lost consciousness.It was absolutely amazing and made me love older women.

desiresexnow2015 59F  
5 messages
27/3/2018 6h13

Age is just a number my first was 16 years older. The man I married was 15 years younger. Had sex with a 30-year-old who was better than both. I prefer younger men but if I run into an old sex mate and he still can it might be on!

Just Me

dayrunner77 46H
56 messages
27/3/2018 10h39

My sub is 28....almost 20 years younger, so I'd say I'm doing pretty good.

ProwlinVA 51H  
13 messages
27/3/2018 11h30

I am very lucky to have a sexy young 31 year old that I have been fucking for the past year. She certainly keeps me feeling young !!

sansgarb 41H  
1 message
27/3/2018 21h16

I love a wide range of ages but my last was just a year older

Wewillcumalot4u 45H  
1 message
28/3/2018 6h17

My last was 22 years old. She was my girlfriend for last 9 months, and a pure nympho. Had a great run, including another hot 22 year old on her birthday, finally fulfilling my fantasy of banging two hot chicks in bed. It was so good I need to do it again. The video is on my profile to prove it.

peterdid2 70H  
32 messages
28/3/2018 8h11

I dont know who's getting it all but it not me , none dam it. !!!

funagain77777 64H
656 messages
28/3/2018 13h36

54. Super fantastic woman!!

morningwood_61 57H  
23 messages
28/3/2018 16h03

she was 55......with the energy of a 25 yo....smiles

YouMeIsUs69 57H
37 messages
28/3/2018 18h42

At least her profile stated that age range, mid 40's. She looked younger. I did not ask.

moonie12556 61H  
2 messages
29/3/2018 1h01

27 yo woman. Just left from her place an hour ago. We were born on the same day years and years apart. Most of the time on passion I'm too old , not bi, too fat, too skinny, not prettyboy enough blah blah.

dbwildcard23 34H
9 messages
29/3/2018 7h06

Happy Early Birthday!! I would love to give you my present for you in person.

sirlointip416 33H
5 messages
29/3/2018 12h00

love mature women 40+

oralyyours702 64H
122 messages
29/3/2018 15h19

Hmmm, fuck you all night long?? very very nice!!!

MrCumtastik 53H
7 messages
29/3/2018 19h30

To me age does not matter, what counts is that we ae having fun

MrCumtastik 53H
7 messages
29/3/2018 19h31

To me age does not matter, what counts is that we are having fun

needsfun9988 49H
16 messages
30/3/2018 6h25

early 40's i think. I'll ask here when i fuck her again soon! lol!

cityboy077 52H  
11 messages
30/3/2018 10h05

Happy Birthday sexy lady!

chmplkr333 53H
17 messages
30/3/2018 11h34

whats age got to do with it as long as you both agree?

luv2bewached40 49H
15 messages
30/3/2018 12h33

she was 28 and an ongoing affair

653GLB 64H/68F  
1 message
30/3/2018 14h07

The last women I fucked was over 70 years old and she was fantastic.

17322560 45H

30/3/2018 15h37


10 messages
30/3/2018 17h52

My regular is 67 but the last before her was 82 and was she horny and fit!

zeke53028 59H  
608 messages
31/3/2018 3h43

Check that...I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in 20 years. She's 46, great boobs and a beautiful trimmed playground. Hope to do it many more times.

kngpussyeter 43H
11 messages
31/3/2018 8h26

but I also fucked her 19 year old daughter a week later!

gandchodh 33H
60 messages
31/3/2018 12h43

I fucked lady of 44 yrs she was awesome. I like all age groups bt mature ladies are best..

waynekelso123 42H
16 messages
31/3/2018 13h05

she was 23 years old...she sucked and fucked me for 2.5 hours. she was an amazing and beautiful person.

GiveMeMoreAgain 57H
69 messages
31/3/2018 18h36

As beautiful as you are, you will have no problem getting laid!

Luisandroluis19 22H
21 messages
31/3/2018 21h52

For me.
Im prefer old ladies

mrgoodwood432 32H
1 message
31/3/2018 23h00

Hey baby I love older sexy women like yourself send me a message sometime

4u2lickon 42H  
36 messages
1/4/2018 8h53

nice experience, l'll do it again 4082475

cumboi65 66H  
859 messages
1/4/2018 12h17

He was 42 and lasted a long time. He used my mouth and my ass as if they were his to own. Had a wonderful time pleasing him.

oldspiceman1 74H  
8 messages
1/4/2018 13h24

I was 10 yrs old she was 55 yrs it is all good.

SpurtPorchProps 39H
20 messages
1/4/2018 22h49

She was 23 met on here and fucked her on the front seat of my truck

bs641104 34H
3 messages
2/4/2018 4h25

Send a link to your game of Thrones group...

uncutkokomo 66H

2/4/2018 5h57

She is 66 and the best piece of ass I have ever fucked.

TristanStone69 53H
5 messages
2/4/2018 7h54

in her 20's beautiful firm body with a thing for older guys. nothing in common beyond sex, but wow the sex is good.

FunPassion4U69 61H  
18 messages
2/4/2018 11h02

As a older male I am mostly attracted to women near same age or at least over 40. I have tried to get into it with women in their 20's but we had nothing in common, no conversation worth having. Having sex with somebody you don't click with gives the same satisfaction as doing a 100 pushups and masturbating.

bgteach 62H  
17 messages
2/4/2018 12h36

Not the last but the best--70!
OMG that woman knew what she was doing. Awesome. She came about 4 times.

leather63 54H
796 messages
2/4/2018 16h28


Am4nt3CCS 27H
14 messages
2/4/2018 18h26

lovely sexy mature women 55, best sex anal Ever and beatifull lady!

Sentri1976 41H
22 messages
2/4/2018 21h20

Age doesn’t matter to me

JimmyLSlamU 55H
25 messages
3/4/2018 3h50

She is 28, skinny young sexy woman that loves to go down to completion and loves to ride on top.Hoping to make her mine.But you have to let people live all I know is I'm loving life right now.

bigxxlcock1985 32H
7 messages
3/4/2018 5h25

I choose 18 - 24! BR

Freesx4all 53H  
3 messages
3/4/2018 14h52

all of these comments are geared towards fucking the opposite sex...what about same sex couples?? I have not seen comments on that. I am 53 and he was 61 and it was AWESME.

TuAmor06 57H
35 messages
3/4/2018 20h43

You will definitely not have a problem getting some on your birthday lovely lady.

OpusFLHP 61H  
1 message
4/4/2018 5h17

Twenty seven and ongoing.

Crystal_Lake 38F  
280 messages
4/4/2018 6h09

....but the mental compacity of a fetus.

My cup runneth over
Like blood from a stone
These stand for me
Name your god and bleed the freak
I like to see
How you all would bleed for me

1025mws 54H
577 messages
4/4/2018 6h53

Howdy Nasty
If I could I would love to make love to you on and for your birthday!

tallman60314 35H
53 messages
4/4/2018 8h15

To be honest, age does not really matter as long as it is legal and both have fun!

69ereatwetpussy 55H
1454 messages
4/4/2018 8h48

well not including the wife who is 57 and my friend that is 56 my friend fucks like she is 18 and has the body of one. I prefer woman around m age would like to fuck even older if any one is looking hahahahahhaa

Funtimes1677 38H
7 messages
4/4/2018 10h03

48 and it was the best sex ever!

short5stack 57H
6 messages
4/4/2018 14h01

I would fuck the ages from 25 to 70

Ramblin14 44H
17 messages
4/4/2018 16h53

Interesting poll

Not sure it really matters but I find it difficult often to be attracted to those under 25, usually they look great, but often they speak and that fucks things up for me

bisexualcharle69 53H
219 messages
5/4/2018 1h49

u look amazing in that pic and I would love to eat u for your birthday

Eva_Rose 27F  
4 messages
5/4/2018 4h11

He is 49 x

Discreetfun9997 59H  
1 message
7/4/2018 12h46

The last girl I had was 50 in a great 3some

ToDdRiCh55 34H
4 messages
10/4/2018 15h23

I have really enjoyed being with women a good bit older than myself lately. So much more open and comfortable in their own skin. I find maturity to be very sexy.

TStrange08 36H
2 messages
11/4/2018 13h26

Age really doesn't matter

UrIceCreamMan69 64H  
36 messages
12/4/2018 12h41

She is 61

redplate123 27H
4 messages
12/4/2018 10h36

49. Great gal

kentuckiana 61H  
45 messages
13/4/2018 10h46

A woman's age is her own business, so I refrain from asking...and just accept some have been in business, longer than others...

ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
13/4/2018 14h18

I had my first 3some(MMF).. So one was 32, and the other said he was 30 but I didn't ask for I.d lol

BBear111 59H  
10 messages
13/4/2018 17h11

This goes to prove that older folks, get it on more! lol!

ctaylor_1971 47H  
1 message
14/4/2018 7h49

70 and better than any other I've ever had.

Strongsensual19 32H
15 messages
15/4/2018 23h51

I was 30 she was 49

jisselin1966 51H
128 messages
16/4/2018 11h55

By the way, nice shirt on your picture.... Hmmmmmm

Mrniceguy28277 43H
2 messages
16/4/2018 16h15

45 for me and I will be 44 this summer.

Nyxkitty 49F  
2 messages
17/4/2018 15h07

Was I supposed to ask? As long as they're legal, I'm really not too worried about it. Also, what if it was more than one person?

scraps2016 35H
29 messages
19/4/2018 3h19

Well the last one was 48, before that, 51 and 52, older women are more open!!

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