Would you rather...  

princessx354 22F  
162 messages
7/1/2019 8h21
Would you rather...

A girl have her face on her profile or her naked body.

BUT she and you are both looking for a REAL encounter NOT on here just to cyber or cam.
face and non-nude body
no face but naked body

aray2be 58H  
11 messages
7/1/2019 8h33

I'd rather enjoy a photo of your smile or one of your naked ass.

azlyn4562 65H  
1280 messages
7/1/2019 8h58

Why not both?

princessx354 replies on 7/1/2019 9h08:
haven't fully committed to my naked body on the internet that can be traced back to me

glensfallsbibttm 51H  
65 messages
7/1/2019 9h12

If it is a NSA encounter I would prefer naked body. If it was LTR Face...

jhansjhans 46H
6 messages
7/1/2019 9h12

It always nice to see the face!!

lking4fun132 50H
9 messages
7/1/2019 9h45

Face has to be first. i know you can push it in the pillow and fuck her from behind but if the face does not turn you on then i doubt you are going to give it your all to please her.

_0U812_ 53H/24F
200 messages
7/1/2019 9h54

Id rather voted for both

cometogether694u 45H
31 messages
7/1/2019 9h57

id prefer to see your face, leave something for the imagination. I mean its ok to show the body type, but I prefer to see you naked in person .

Hmu soon, im in Queens. you are adorable !

2Saltie2 61F  
699 messages
7/1/2019 10h47

Wonders how many men say face but they show their damn dick.

Love all animals. Tolerates humans.

Astrocock90 28H
2 messages
7/1/2019 10h48

I definitely prefer face, but I can totally understand why a lot of women (and men) don't want to publicly show their faces on a site like this, myself included. So what do you prefer for a guy you're interested in?

3349 messages
7/1/2019 11h23



3349 messages
7/1/2019 11h25

*Full Body Pic Would Be Ideal*

s2ndegree 60H  
8504 messages
7/1/2019 11h56

If it's something that you worry about why post
anything?I'm mean the majority of women won't
respond If we don't send one of our face but we'll
never get to see theirs.

Using more than all the road!

txracer1950 44H
14 messages
7/1/2019 12h13

Start with a sexy body pic then. See everything

Sucknfuckn3 27H  
13 messages
7/1/2019 12h24

I chose naked body but I guess it really depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I just wanna see a booty. Sometimes a warm smile turns me on like no other

forgotforgetting 52H
5816 messages
7/1/2019 12h32

You know, as I would expect to spend most my time speaking with you, I would want to see your face. However, as an admirer of the female form, I enjoy a good body shot. You are beautiful so any photo is welcomed. Although, I commend your hesitation in posting naked pictures, the internet lives forever.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Grizly144 59H  
157 messages
7/1/2019 13h09

Its all about the face. A smile tells a lot about a person. Thje eyes are the doorway to the soul. Dont need to see the naked body. Fully clothed is just fine.

myjourney50 54H
18 messages
7/1/2019 15h54

both if possible

heroschis1 47H
90 messages
7/1/2019 16h28

You could have face and naked as an option too.

idblueswoman 60F  
447 messages
7/1/2019 17h01

I won't post either.

shadowtoo69 63H  
402 messages
7/1/2019 17h31

This is not a site I would recommend putting your face photo on. Even if I were single I would not want kids or grand kids seeing me here. You can always do a face to face cam or chat with anyone you want to meet.

Bones4523 61H
4 messages
7/1/2019 18h26

Why not both after all this is a hook- up site.

here2fixxurcable 40H
38 messages
7/1/2019 19h09

Site specific answer, body... maintain anonymity except for those you have allowed through interest/specific convo. On this site knowing what you're getting yourself into body-wise might be more important than simply a face pic, which is prevalent on most vanilla dating sites. I think it depends also how you gauge attraction... face simply or more to the body, whole package.

brandini734 24H  
72 messages
7/1/2019 20h56

I don't mind either but it does help seeing how they look like.

CharmingAsianCY 38H
125 messages
7/1/2019 23h43

Just voted!

SDSUscifi 26H  
1 message
8/1/2019 12h25

Neither... I'd rather prefer access to your profile, or, garynteed responses yo messages

Just4u3371 53H
194 messages
8/1/2019 3h38

I would say both ..

Sflguy04 61H
76 messages
8/1/2019 4h01

The eyes and smile are the most important thing to me.

anotherfamousduo 52H/50F
2 messages
8/1/2019 4h50

I'm pretty sure that it doesn't matter to men. Most of them don't care what your face looks like! Haha

Cook0326 29H
15 messages
8/1/2019 5h23

Definitely wanna see that perfect ass baby

Cook0326 29H
15 messages
8/1/2019 5h24

beautiful smile but your ass is perfect

funsnellvillecpl 61H/49F  
1237 messages
8/1/2019 5h39

love to see your face 1st

bitchkitty2017 66F  
2242 messages
8/1/2019 6h34

    Citer 2Saltie2:
    Wonders how many men say face but they show their damn dick.
lol you got that right sister ....

aniceride 48H  
74 messages
8/1/2019 7h30

myself i'd rather see a face pic,other kind of photos can be sent or in their profile if i'd like to see more.not knowing the person i'd rather start off classy instead trashy.a person can be freaky and classy at the same time.

Raywith9in 25H
13 messages
8/1/2019 7h44

i would love the face but it honestly dont matter if shes in leather

TITTYloverinKs 58H
402 messages
8/1/2019 7h56

Face picture for sure, and than if where was something more revealing on private photos that's cool

RavenGB 57H  
607 messages
8/1/2019 8h52

A person's face and expression tells me much more than candid pics of their body. Even if it was just to be a one off brief encounter, there has to be something about the person before I want to have sex with them - terribly old school!

discreetyum 58H
53 messages
8/1/2019 9h05

I would like to see the body then be surprised by your smiling face.

jakeander76 43H
20 messages
8/1/2019 11h01

Take the face and lets see some yoga pants!

Bulljonwinkle 47H
4 messages
8/1/2019 11h44

Both would be best, but her smiling face is preferred.

LaidbackFoCoDave 45H
15 messages
8/1/2019 11h50

Absolutely I would want to see her face and non-nude body. I am looking to really meet, not look at pictures.

here2fixxurcable 40H
38 messages
8/1/2019 11h57

Also the cam girls and other fake profiles are almost always face pics. if someone has a face pic and initial intro seems generic, I don't pay any further attention...

Superman4695 33H
72 messages
8/1/2019 12h56

You're a very pretty woman interested in you just from that. I like athletic to slim build so full body shots also help determine interest. Nudes are not necessary and you are smart not to post them here. If you didn't read the terms of service completely they own any picture/video you post here and they can use them pretty much how they want. Definitely need to see a face as attraction is a must for me.

Superman4695 I hope you are having a good day. Ladies I'll take you up, up, and away!Manscaping

aim2pleaseu952 66H  
66 messages
8/1/2019 15h07

I guess it depends on what I'm looking for at the moment. If I'm just looking for an NSA fuck, it's the body that's going to get my attention. If I'm looking for a relationship, the body is still important, but I want a face that will be pleasing to look at day in and day out.

aim2pleaseu952 66H  
66 messages
8/1/2019 15h08

By the way, you do have a very pleasing face!

ItownDL791 39H
114 messages
8/1/2019 15h36

I would vote both ...

Shrewdy2 55H
36 messages
8/1/2019 17h01

With a smile like yours, face every time!

Cb2500200 25H
6 messages
8/1/2019 17h11

id would perfer to see the womens face

EnjoyLife6446 60H
16 messages
8/1/2019 18h37

seems to me both is always the best way to go

ur_Black_desire 49H
46 messages
8/1/2019 18h43

For me, I use a face pic to move forward with a meet commitment.

tannermann2013 51H/52F
15 messages
8/1/2019 19h58

Why not both? Is that to greedy?

dewycooterlicker 60H  
305 messages
8/1/2019 20h10

There are other dating sites for face, non-nude body photos. This is an ADULT dating/sex site.

Dewy"s Cooterlicking Corner

str8up4u22 62H  
1 message
8/1/2019 22h00

Some much nicer to see the person.

feelupurpanties 42H
17 messages
9/1/2019 3h16

Both sexy

shyheavymale 51H  
1 message
9/1/2019 4h59

Always face first!
Then any nakedness is welcomed

HedonicHeathen 51H
138 messages
9/1/2019 5h06

It's the dilemma we all face ... Anyone with anything to lose in from it will not have both face and nude body in the same picture. Separating them gives the illusion of plausible deniability.

Most people know thier best most saleable features... if your got more than one, blessed be ... sounds like a tough choice....but the truth is - you will change to what works better despite what the guys say they prefer. Unless, of course, you are asking for a friend or doing research.
And to turn that over again ... of course people will say face ... because that is power. If your face is exposed that means you are seen. Having just your naked genitals exposed is not really exposure it is a mask. But for certain what you don't show is a tell and probably what folks will ask to see the most.

Youngasyousqueal 55H
14 messages
9/1/2019 5h10

You can tell a lot about the body with a face pic. Let's not pretend.

soneya12345 32H
1 message
9/1/2019 7h37


sphxdiver 69H  
20407 messages
9/1/2019 8h13

A face photo, first and foremost !!

dnkypnchr12 32H
49 messages
9/1/2019 8h52

Face....then just send me pics later

iraduu 45H
2505 messages
9/1/2019 10h52


man4tgirl2 65H
19 messages
9/1/2019 12h37

Id prefer both

_0U812_ 53H/24F
200 messages
9/1/2019 13h55

sometimes a good tease is better then naked.
A sexy pose in a daring bikini can be so hot!

rickshorny64 54H  
27 messages
9/1/2019 14h02

naked body, or body parts were looking for an encounter and i want to be turned on buy what i see if this was match dot com i would want to see her face.

RinoHornPlesur 51H
33 messages
9/1/2019 16h50

After so much work and getting so many hot lookin chicks home to find a no lip disappointing slicker. I am all about the bod.I mean personality makes a woman hotter than just being pretty to Me

texasbottom4 56H
23 messages
9/1/2019 17h47

Since I'm wanting some dick then I want to see cock

letsgettogeth119 72H
42 messages
9/1/2019 20h16

A pretty smile is worth a thousand words...

jash2468 38H
2 messages
10/1/2019 7h36

I'd prefer the naked body for encounters that are physically based or a one time thing. The anonymity of it kind of it would make the whole experience even hotter for me.

Rod344326 43H
4 messages
10/1/2019 8h48

Scbering would be fun if it’s leading to something

Sexczy69 63H
432 messages
10/1/2019 9h20

I wish to see her smile and can always dream of her body!!!

xtremeblaz022 38H  
15 messages
10/1/2019 9h42

I would rather see a face and talk to them if it someone that I would want to be with. Most the time when you see the nudes it just makes you focus more on sex then seeing who they are

Falkenstein1 50H  
17 messages
10/1/2019 10h39

A pretty face every time and even better with a smile

throatscock 63H  
284 messages
10/1/2019 10h55

Liar liar pants on fire. Is face that important... really ?.... cmon now, what if it's a fat overweight broad with a beautiful face...…… ???

Oldergentwantyou 68H
8 messages
10/1/2019 11h52

I enjoy seeing the glimmer in her eyes and the enticing smile

1fo6977 50H
44 messages
10/1/2019 19h59

Love to see the eyes, lips, and smile!

1fo6977 50H
44 messages
10/1/2019 20h00

Love to see the eyes, the smile, & the lips!!!

badboy3819652 53H
12 messages
10/1/2019 22h31

after I saw your pretty face I know your body will be beautiful too

EndlessCock4u 40H
231 messages
11/1/2019 9h08

I love a naked body

PyschoLoco 55H
1507 messages
11/1/2019 9h23

Face pic makes a person seem more real,especially if it's confirmed but could still be fake I'm sure nowadays.

Standards are people too.....kinda

alexandrea909 40H/40F
2 messages
11/1/2019 12h48

Hahaha Ushuaia hahahahaha

izwat 99H
22 messages
11/1/2019 13h44

i vote fave and some cloths.


robnuotatore 49H
3 messages
11/1/2019 14h04

you said real encounter, so face, I'm going to see her body anyway and in real!

mcs4849 62H
29 messages
11/1/2019 17h35

I am not so shallow as to worry about a woman's body, but she MUST be attractive. There are different levels for what people think are attractive, but it is always nice to look into beautiful eyes and at an attractive face while cumming insanely.

pleaser4u2010 48H
49 messages
11/1/2019 19h08

face first is great, but i don't mind the naked body pics after LOL

Me59x 62H
22 messages
11/1/2019 19h57

Love a pretty face

Onesexyass2 55F  
14 messages
12/1/2019 3h57

Hi everyone

To be honest I like showing both my ace and nude bod to be honest, lol.

Sue Xx

PoppyCockUr 60H  
49 messages
12/1/2019 4h28


Exec18969 52H  
21 messages
12/1/2019 6h18

I would much rather see her face, the rest can come later, inn time.

Hemiway07 35H  
2 messages
12/1/2019 7h13

Face and maybe at least a body teaser

Luv2SmileWu 55H
2 messages
12/1/2019 8h59

A pretty face with a pretty smile, expresses sensuality, and something a little deeper than just raw sex. Spread out legs dripping cum, expresses "slut"; a joy ride for almost anyone. I am of the opinion, that most men on this site are looking for just a joy ride. So, the question begs to be asked: "What's a pretty face like yours doing in a place like this"?

PCBDean57 61H  
11 messages
12/1/2019 12h13

Face definitely. As the old saying goes "The eyes are the window to the Soul"

hungsolw878 47H
3 messages
12/1/2019 12h35

wood like a face and naked body all in the same pic that's hot

Naughtyjkl 62H  
1 message
12/1/2019 16h07

I voted for naked body, I'm not shallow and looks are unimportant to me, I'd rather see what I'm about to enjoy rather than her looks, what turns me on the most is enthusiasm and playing with someone who absolutely wants to play with me.

XGaladrielle 54F  
15 messages
12/1/2019 16h56

Funny to admit but I'd rather show naked body than face. On this site at least. My face is private, but i did put a part of it in my profile, cause I know men want to know we're real women, not just bodies from porn.

Y a tout ce qu'on doit taire, tout ce qui ne se dit pas… JJ Goldman

Luv2bottom4u2 61H  
1125 messages
12/1/2019 18h26

Well if your here looking for an encounter, sure I want to see the goods.
If your here looking for a relationship, I thin your on wrong site !

cameramode 76H
64 messages
13/1/2019 2h22

A face picture gets my interest first . A face picture will reveal more about someone in my opinion than a nude body . I do love nudes but if i want to meet or get to know a new person i prefer her fave first.

slyfox40104 46H  
105 messages
13/1/2019 4h30

you put up whatever types of pics you feel comfortable doing, don't feel pressured to post things you are not comfortable with

funasianma1e 44H
80 messages
13/1/2019 11h49


hardateforyou 44H
27 messages
13/1/2019 12h41

Have to vote for the face...a sweet face is always nice to see


BigRichard2019 33H
2 messages
13/1/2019 19h00

Just voted

badideanumberone 47H
11 messages
13/1/2019 21h40

def face says the guy with no face

joinfor3 55H
2 messages
14/1/2019 4h29

I must be attracted to a lady, no face before nudity

CDNGramps 66H  
73 messages
14/1/2019 6h41

A person’s eyes are the window to their sole

lickinyou87 31H
5 messages
14/1/2019 8h25

looking at the face over nude

sportsnut3554 35H
12 messages
14/1/2019 11h43

I'm gonna say face. I love beautiful eyes that I can get lost in. A warm but naughty smile is such a turn on. Not to mention soft kissable lips.

RenalPettySired 48H
6 messages
14/1/2019 16h08

The eyes are the windows to the soul,face and a smile. There is always time for nude pics later if there is a connection

loverboy1964999 54H
24 messages
14/1/2019 16h20

Face pic will do for me.

gymbro2 25H
2 messages
14/1/2019 20h10

voted, like both btw

TNteddybear68 50H  
14 messages
15/1/2019 5h29

I like to see her face

Letmeeatu2017 42H  
15 messages
15/1/2019 6h32

Im ok with just a mouth pic and/or a good ass pic. Preferably both though

914Bigbear 54H
7 messages
15/1/2019 8h16

The smile says it all!!

bobnuotatore 49H
6 messages
15/1/2019 14h59


doudy29212 40H
3 messages
15/1/2019 19h07

It would be much better to discover the body by ourselves.

buddy81genuine 36H
15 messages
15/1/2019 20h38

prefer both

Oral69oboro 46H
3 messages
16/1/2019 1h03

Non face and totally naked. I want to see ALL the goodies I can fuck it from the back if the face was bad lol

I fucking love giving oral. Nothing is better. Blog@oral69oboro

fahrenheit451x2 56H
33 messages
16/1/2019 3h07

I always enjoy a nice butt shot as well.

Hardtoholdtime2 58H
5 messages
16/1/2019 9h26

I would rather your naked body on my face for sure

Hotbodman_4play 52H
244 messages
16/1/2019 13h51

I respect your decision. You do have a wonderful sexy smile and a face to melt hearts. But I am day dreaming of seeing your naked sexy body with your gorgeous face attached to it and see all of you

hore444 40H
2 messages
16/1/2019 14h54


horny83301 35H/31F  
6 messages
16/1/2019 17h34

defenatly face picture we like to get to know a person before anything happens

Illbcnu696969 30H
1 message
16/1/2019 19h39

both, cant smash an ugly girl

SuckMy8Plus 53H
166 messages
16/1/2019 19h48

I enjoy Looking at Naked people.

pedrojos32019 57H
7 messages
16/1/2019 21h34

our body make me so hot... later we can share faces... yeeees..

Jerrishere 56H  
3 messages
17/1/2019 4h19

i would only be looking into your eyes

Nic6819 52H
9 messages
17/1/2019 22h17

Said face, but either or...just be real and follow thru with the encounter!

tjones8888 52H
32 messages
17/1/2019 23h38

Nothing like a pretty smile!!!

howdydoodyXLII 47H
21 messages
18/1/2019 6h04

I like to see a good face pic and a girl not afraid to show off both options. My face is usually my feature that makes the girls run. That's why I do the pics I do. Also i live in a smaller town. You don't know who's looking. I respect those who do have both kinds of pics.

Bigcockring555 49H
65 messages
18/1/2019 6h56

It's all about attraction

fun2bhadsoon 50H
1 message
18/1/2019 7h14

so much more sexy leaving things to the imagination.

Slappy7724 41H  
18 messages
18/1/2019 11h38

I love a woman's eyes so always face over nudity

dd8341 47H
31 messages
18/1/2019 13h04

Either, whatever you are comfortable with

tcrossfire05 66H  
272 messages
18/1/2019 14h18

Especially when that face is as gorgeous as yours, we can get to the body later lol


tallinnm 31H
5 messages
18/1/2019 21h40

Anything if it is you.

johnt999x 57H
5 messages
19/1/2019 2h50

Both would be best but I understand why anyone would not want to add a face pick to a nude pick. They don't want to be recognized in the vanilla world. This is an adult website and my vote was for nude

jason2371961 57H
389 messages
19/1/2019 4h33

i do not mind ether way for me it has a better look to

danthe69er 42H
66 messages
19/1/2019 4h40

i like both ways

naughtyguy1950 68H
11 messages
19/1/2019 7h29

Yes, the face pic first.

NottyNum50 50H
14 messages
19/1/2019 14h56

FACE ALWAYS trumps just naughty bits

rsteve18970 65H  
1 message
19/1/2019 17h30


CocLuvr7in 59H
3 messages
19/1/2019 17h44

in your case you are so gorgeous i would imagine you have one hot body.... so face non nude

hiking3rd 28H
11 messages
19/1/2019 19h48

Unfortunately, I think a face profile pic is a little suspicious in this online community. When it's a vanilla dating site, face is expected, but on a site like this, a face means "nothing to lose" which is usually used by fake accounts for people who aren't real, but I have seen the rare case where it actually is a real human being who really has nothing to lose so they don't need to hide, which is very refreshing

NewInSC223 25H
4 messages
19/1/2019 21h47

yea, eff important to see a face, plus it leave the rest a fun surprise aha

Fnstr4 63H  
2 messages
20/1/2019 5h08

I voted for the face but I am cool with either. Leaving something to the imagination is a turn on too. You have a lovely smile and the bare shoulder is a nice touch.

gymbro2 25H
2 messages
20/1/2019 5h38

both is always good

Letmeeatu2017 42H  
15 messages
20/1/2019 6h18

i like.seeimg face and ass!!

bustytaboomom 35F  
2 messages
20/1/2019 6h38

Naked face pic would be great

Vulvotron 40H
1 message
20/1/2019 14h14

if i'm honest, ive had sex with way more "eh face pretty body women" than "pretty face eh body"...
amazing body and eh or just terrible face = several times
goergous face and eh body = fewer times

TJx55 57H
3 messages
20/1/2019 14h43

Sexy face <3

nsafukker69 38H
1 message
20/1/2019 18h17

honestly if it's just to fuck.. i wanna see the body

ryanjakeson 45H
5 messages
21/1/2019 1h41

Always nice to see a gorgeous smile and tender juicy lips

Hulszum 34H
1 message
21/1/2019 3h32

Hai baby

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