Vote In My Big Boob Girls Poll.  

utfrangrl 44F  
16033 messages
2/2/2019 6h27
Vote In My Big Boob Girls Poll.

Here is four of my hot sexy girlfriends from my AFF Naughty Community. group who posed and showed their nice big boobs. You can only vote for one of the four but you can share a comment to.
1. Megan.
2. Kala.
3. Vicky.
4. Roberta.

lickeyzsplit 56H
617 messages
2/2/2019 6h48

Wow Love all the pix Look so Yummyxoxo ! Just chose a random number

hrdallnght4u 62H  
4636 messages
2/2/2019 7h04

I love Megan's big nipples

You can't expect to be Old & Wise..If You were never Young & Crazy!!!

bosnianmale11 37H
15 messages
2/2/2019 7h05


JohnInNebraska 59H
122 messages
2/2/2019 7h08

Love them all but number 4 is my favorite

funsnellvillecpl 61H/49F  
1331 messages
2/2/2019 7h12

number 4 got my vote

Royston912 40H
44 messages
2/2/2019 7h20

There all amazing looking and just as nice as the last pair, but if I had to choose be No2.

Rita_Travestie 63T
624 messages
2/2/2019 7h22

(.)(.) Boobies

( . )( . ) Bigger Boobies

( O )( O ) Pamela Anderson boobies

( , )( , ) Boobies with pierced nipples

. . Very Little Boobies

( * )( * ) Implanted Boobies

( ) ( ) Nursing Mom boobies

(^)(^) Madonna Boobies

--.-.-- Teeny Bikini Boobies

--(.)-(.)-- Regular Bikini Boobies

--( . )-( . )-- Mondo Bikini Boobies

x x No boobies

(/)(/) Feminist Boobies

()() Wonder Bra Boobies

boyden4 67H
121 messages
2/2/2019 7h23

I LOVE boobs....they are my weakness......big....small....bring um all...……...

likkalot60 58H
43 messages
2/2/2019 7h39

I voted 3, but would not be disappointed with any of them.

tubesteak66 52H
262 messages
2/2/2019 8h24

#1 is my choice...…….those areolas/nips are fantastic!

curious4eyes 56H
17 messages
2/2/2019 8h59

Number 4 for her nipples.

Leegs2012 46H
37294 messages
2/2/2019 9h28

I love them all!!

knl24u 48H/45F  
945 messages
2/2/2019 15h18

Kala has nice boobs.

Neadsomethingto 64H
291 messages
2/2/2019 18h19

You make it hard , #4 then #3 , but I would play with all of them.

Apollorising58 58H  
339 messages
2/2/2019 20h00

Kala tits!

Become an Apollorising58 blog watch!

60satisfaction 61H  
20 messages
2/2/2019 20h34

They are all quite wonderful!
I chose Vicky, because I love the dark aerolas.

onfiresinferno3 62H
242 messages
2/2/2019 21h01

They all have beautiful breasts but I chose #4. ( o ) ( o )

Anddy4ufun 38H
7 messages
2/2/2019 22h27

love them all

Jaster598 31H
9 messages
2/2/2019 23h21

love them all so hat

Yomocloud 30H
14 messages
2/2/2019 23h50

All of the above

merlotj 53H
7 messages
3/2/2019 12h46

I like them all, but voted for Roberta because of their roundness. x

19mountainman78 40H  
1264 messages
3/2/2019 2h17

They have all nice Boobs, but Roberta have wonderful Boobs!

OneGratefullover 65H  
347 messages
3/2/2019 3h01

The ladies all have great tits! I went with Roberta!

klrz2467 46H
15 messages
3/2/2019 4h49

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

pilliga2 62H
9 messages
3/2/2019 5h19

any size boob is good,,i love huge big nipples

Skilkraft1 53H
8 messages
3/2/2019 6h47

Roberta has lovely round firm shape.

fahrenheit451x2 56H
36 messages
3/2/2019 6h50

All awesome really!

neednewfun50 61H  
23 messages
3/2/2019 8h46

Although not really a boob guy am more of a legs and ass man roberta's were fine firm plump and sexy

Toofast4youu 47H  
12 messages
3/2/2019 8h49


wolfden71 51H/47F  
7 messages
3/2/2019 8h55

I'm a boob man. All 4 get my vote.

ronan4fun 49H
146 messages
3/2/2019 10h45

As a large areola fan. I have to say #1 But they are all incredible!

Kazseam69 49H  
28 messages
3/2/2019 10h46

Meagan, loving the nipples on her

texasbottom4 56H
35 messages
3/2/2019 12h05

I want titties, not that big but kinda

crosstraining 65H  
54 messages
3/2/2019 12h51

#3 Vicky ,Luv the dark areolas n nipples

Hardcock_nu69 47H
9 messages
3/2/2019 13h33

Wow..all outstanding big boobs. Megan's nipples are on point! They all would look great bouncing up and down or with a hard cock between them but Roberta takes cake for size, shape and perkiness!

JenjersRhotAF 47F  
1 message
3/2/2019 14h21

How would I be able to enter a contest like this? I'm very new on here and have no clue how any of this works. Thx!

samsonsgk 37H  
14 messages
3/2/2019 16h53

Roberta does have the best boobs by far

rm_1littlehose 56H
84 messages
3/2/2019 17h35

Love to suck on all!

Punkerelli 39H  
6 messages
3/2/2019 22h08

All of them are nice!

Dicksucker356 50H
1 message
3/2/2019 22h30

They have some great looking tits

scottytassie 48H
8 messages
4/2/2019 12h51

i personally think they are all very sexy

agilelips 63H
79 messages
4/2/2019 1h24

Completely spoilt for choice x

6OrgasmoO9 42H
21 messages
4/2/2019 2h29

They're all so beutiful \8

crackchaser2608 63H  
2 messages
4/2/2019 2h59

Love them all but I like # 4 the best. Just something about them I guess

bottomtoenjoy 30H  
18 messages
4/2/2019 4h09

I have loved big tittys since I was a baby,and Roberta got my vote ,but all of them look fantastic

Cumfullyhot 36H
8 messages
4/2/2019 6h43

Number 4

Exper1mental1st 42H  
120 messages
4/2/2019 6h57

Roberta - for symmetry, roundness and overall lickability

7 messages
4/2/2019 8h08

Love them all Roberta was Just my Favorite

nesprings 65H
71 messages
4/2/2019 8h20

really enjoy them all

Raywith9in 25H
14 messages
4/2/2019 8h27

Ugh I lobe all of em but robertas. Look the best

heroschis1 47H
178 messages
4/2/2019 9h02

I love them all, but Roberta is my favorite.

allnitelong2063 55H
127 messages
4/2/2019 11h38

I vote Roberta

oralgivingT0 56H
27 messages
4/2/2019 11h59

Roberta does it for me. thanks

Chapter22018 52H
7 messages
4/2/2019 12h10

Yup, just something about Roberta,

Greatsex4ume2 59H
16 messages
4/2/2019 12h27

I would play with all of them! mmmmmmm

PrincessxPolly 30F  
2 messages
4/2/2019 13h51

Next time I'd love to be in your tits poll xxxxx

killittater 27H
4 messages
4/2/2019 14h13

Mhmm they all look amazingly beautiful and yummy 😋💧

killittater 27H
4 messages
4/2/2019 14h16

Mhmmm they all look amazingly beautiful and sexy by the way lol 😉🌷 #4186890

Mann4u2nite 47H
17 messages
4/2/2019 22h46

I pick all of the above.

BricedeRennes 42H
23 messages
5/2/2019 12h27

Roberta President of the US !!

Ben_Thinking 43H
26 messages
5/2/2019 5h12

i almost feel bad voting for roberta, because she already has so many other votes. seriously, they're *all* pretty great!

wiewiljasper 55H
45 messages
5/2/2019 6h06

I chaos nummer 4

TITTYloverinKs 58H
486 messages
5/2/2019 6h26

Wow a awesome group of big sexy boobed woman. I like them all, but chose Vicky

Smoker728 26H
1 message
5/2/2019 8h33

They're all have great boobs and I love them. Especially Roberta. She has some great and awesome boobs.

Bettibenobo 59F  
49 messages
5/2/2019 14h19


ccsway00 46H  
23 messages
5/2/2019 16h59

My eye went to #4 first... and then #2... but all goons are good boobs

EnjoyLife6446 60H
20 messages
5/2/2019 19h04

I saw the blow out coming before the results showed up......only 1 really nice choice wtf

pb2012000 49H
59 messages
6/2/2019 1h30

bigger the better

Usforyou1971 48H/44F
3 messages
6/2/2019 5h17

very hot pics

kingtot0192 27H
12 messages
6/2/2019 8h44

Yummy yummy 😋

juanj323 48H
24 messages
6/2/2019 8h45

todas estan hermosas pero esas me encantaron

djon197 39H
1 message
6/2/2019 8h54

nice i like

PrairieFire88 55H  
188 messages
6/2/2019 9h51

An extremely tough decision so it was flip a coin time.

wyattman23 23H
12 messages
6/2/2019 12h03

all great choices too hard to decide

Tsosdd1 49H
21 messages
6/2/2019 13h39

Love them all...

CocLuvr7in 60H
13 messages
6/2/2019 14h47

wow what a great set of pictures. i love boobs i prefer small titties but #4 has one great set of titties. would love to play with them

Azbear1969 49H  
29 messages
6/2/2019 19h12

I would take all of them. Really can’t vote for just one.

camperdude_69 58H
3380 messages
7/2/2019 12h26

all very nice

silberloewe1 51H  
78 messages
7/2/2019 2h37

Roberta is sexy, hmmm!!!...\8

luv2playcpl 61H/57F  
706 messages
7/2/2019 4h37

we like number 4.

PrinceofMiami 55H  
15 messages
7/2/2019 6h12

Number 2 is my favorite but they are all very suckable!

naughtyguy1950 68H
14 messages
7/2/2019 8h15

Number 4 all the way. But actually I like smaller boobs on a woman with long nipples.

Oceana1969 52F  
419 messages
7/2/2019 17h08

May I enter the contest?

Iwantasweetkitty 55F
3 messages
7/2/2019 21h39

I love Roberta's

BiWMseeksBBW 42H  
4 messages
8/2/2019 3h51

Gorgeous cock

fun2bhadsoon 51H
12 messages
8/2/2019 8h54

Roberta has the best set there, god love to have my hardness sliding between those

EeseRider 61H  
179 messages
8/2/2019 9h59

I chose Megan love those big suckable nipples

thejashman 33H
30 messages
8/2/2019 10h13

i voted the last one

funasianma1e 44H
88 messages
8/2/2019 16h27

they all look superb.

funasianma1e 44H
88 messages
8/2/2019 16h32

I like your boobs as well. thanks for sharing.

funasianma1e 44H
88 messages
8/2/2019 16h33

I'd vote for your boobs as well. Great breasts.

SuckMy8Plus 53H
170 messages
8/2/2019 19h29

I'd Love to Tit-Fuck Roberta !

ShyGuyInAdelaide 40H
2 messages
9/2/2019 3h57

I voted 4

Justfoolin70 48H  
9 messages
9/2/2019 5h47

vicky is hot.. nice dark nipples

3 messages
9/2/2019 6h48

we luv dark brown areolas sooooo #3 gets our vote

rockitdog72 46H
21 messages
9/2/2019 6h56

So damn hard to choose!! Those are some gorgeous ladies. Tell them thank you for posing for us

thetuckinator86 32H
3 messages
9/2/2019 8h05

#3 and 4 are definitely the hottest! I think I could spend days under each!

56creampielover 62H
60 messages
9/2/2019 12h22

since I am a boob man I love them all. very suckable time to feed me LOL

slowpokenone 73H  
11 messages
9/2/2019 14h32

I picked #4 but would not kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers.

QQCapeCoralQQ 46H
9 messages
9/2/2019 15h54

I love boobs!

Hungun69 46H
21 messages
9/2/2019 20h00

Yes yes yes and yes.

areyouready619 55H
8 messages
10/2/2019 1h08

Love all boobs!! Big, little, perky, saggy, its all good!!

sissyboe69 74H  
14 messages
10/2/2019 5h01

nothing like a big hard nipple on a set of big saggy boobs that sway as she walks

SorenStiff69 58H  
1 message
10/2/2019 6h34

They all have a great set. But, Roberta's stand out for me.

pb2012000 49H
59 messages
10/2/2019 7h11

big tits big nips

hrnybkr 53H
92 messages
10/2/2019 8h03

They are all nice my junk between a big pair on my profile Little pairs as well lol Like? Anyone?

Knut189 54H
23 messages
10/2/2019 9h00

I like to feel Roberta's boobs against my ass

Slim1der100 45H
112 messages
10/2/2019 14h29

There's something about #4 Roberta that just does it, for me!!🤪👍👍

man4tgirl2 65H
21 messages
10/2/2019 21h18

all of the are great but I chose Roberta for the nipples

craven_nc 43H  
49 messages
11/2/2019 3h09

Love them all - but #2 has that natural look I love - more of a hanging look and I love her light skin tone

PoppyCockUr 60H  
62 messages
11/2/2019 5h45


manwithalarge85 33H
3 messages
11/2/2019 6h45

#4. perfectly round. i love it

WellINever101 49H
71 messages
11/2/2019 7h22

Roberta has a great set for a titty fuck 😊

Iradicks 49H
1 message
11/2/2019 11h11

They were all beautiful boobs very nice thanks ladies

scar1029face 38H
125 messages
11/2/2019 12h10

i love big boobs but I think Roberta has the best of the 4

GR87jack 31H
1 message
11/2/2019 14h28

4, just look like perfection

geogaddii 33H
17 messages
11/2/2019 15h54

Roberta all day long. Every day and twice on Sunday.

Renoman4U 53H  
11 messages
11/2/2019 18h09

Team Roberta

Buckandbull 53H
4 messages
11/2/2019 18h16

After you see one pair, just want to see them all!!

YesIWantToToo 52H  
7 messages
11/2/2019 22h40

Loved them all -thanks ladies.

WhyNot1001 58H
57 messages
12/2/2019 5h05

FANTASTIC BREASTS! I voted for Roberta, she was my first choice but just by a nipple!

CuteLilCock1959 60H
47 messages
12/2/2019 5h46

Love Megan's big areola and chunky nipples!

idfunbun 41F  
930 messages
12/2/2019 11h48

Megan has real nice tits.

napptownlov79 40H
2 messages
12/2/2019 17h03

Hands down winner for sure!

stevefun2bwith 59H
7 messages
12/2/2019 20h31

best i have seen on here

Casualandkinky94 24H
12 messages
12/2/2019 20h36

Mmm all ver very very yummmy

volunteerofd 47H
34 messages
12/2/2019 21h06

it just shows everyone is entitled to their own opinion

bigstuff_1989 29H
27 messages
12/2/2019 21h11

love this poll!

topgunfirefox 64H
16 messages
12/2/2019 22h30

I prefer double mound pionty perky nipples perky breast my 29 year old GF has when I was 44. I seen very few pictures ever that match her 34DD perky firm large nipples that would poke your eyes out! 38DD are nice when perky and firm. Got milk?

Hereforthegirls2 46H/44F
3 messages
12/2/2019 23h46

All are beautiful!

choices2makewow 44H
8 messages
13/2/2019 1h00

i love all of them

Still_lookin_59 59H  
47 messages
13/2/2019 5h29


May it serve you well.

Billygoat144 51H
26 messages
13/2/2019 12h42

They are all fantastic!! I love them all!! Voted for Vicky because of her darker areola!!

vince8689 30H
11 messages
13/2/2019 16h49


Letseat63 55H
128 messages
14/2/2019 4h45

I love them all

tubesteak66 52H
262 messages
14/2/2019 10h45

Megan...… goodness...those nips!!!!

onehotintegra 57H
336 messages
14/2/2019 12h56

Hands down Roberta.*Y*

Sexczy69 63H
586 messages
14/2/2019 16h13

Do like each one but I do not need a big tit girl... but choose the one nipples I like...

11 messages
14/2/2019 18h55


1 message
15/2/2019 6h36

All are great but loved #4's nipples

Nsafun89423 33H
13 messages
15/2/2019 10h50

Beautiful tits

plumbboi 25H
139 messages
15/2/2019 17h26

Hey Vicky you're so fine
You're so fine
You blow my mind
Hey Vicky.

There is alot to see out there, so get out & experience the what the world has to offer.......or not

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