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welcome to my naughty friends blog. Hope you like what you see here at my blog. Be sure to check back for my new updates, hugs Fran.
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Publié :18/1/2019 7h12
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Welcome to my naughty friends blog, I am Fran, along with my six hot bi group moderator friends. Hope you enjoy my personal photos and also my many naughty friends photos to that I share here. Be sure to check back often to see the photo updates. visit with us girls here to at our naughty fun swinger group. This is our site group link AFF Naughty Community. I host Plus you also get to communicate with us and many of our naughty group friends to who post replies and share their photos.
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Taking three cocks at the same time.
Publié :17/8/2019 12h57
Dernière mise à jour :17/8/2019 12h58
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Taking three cocks at the same time.
One cock play is fun, two cocks is better, but taking three cocks at the same time is exciting and thrilling. Some close up pics of me taking three cocks at the same time. It was real naughty fun foursome play,

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Naughty Photos of me and my group friend Julie.
Publié :16/8/2019 10h56
Dernière mise à jour :16/8/2019 13h30
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These are photos of me and my Naughty Community group friend Julie taken of us together at some home and group parties together. We are both bi women and live together sharing a home in Utah. We do like naughty fun with both genders. To see more of us click on our Naughty Community group link above, hugs Fran.

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Two Summer Body Tan Line Views.
Publié :16/8/2019 7h58
Dernière mise à jour :16/8/2019 10h51
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Wearing a two piece bathing suit when swimming in public does leave body tan lines as you can see in my two years pics of me exposing and showing here, hugs Fran.
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Pussy fingering can cause squirting.
Publié :14/8/2019 8h15
Dernière mise à jour :16/8/2019 7h57
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Pussy fingering can cause squirting.
Yes there are times when a woman is pussy fingered she may have a squirting experience. I personally do experience this at times when I am pussy fingered. Anyone else ever experienced this to?
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Pussy Squirting facial fun.
Publié :14/8/2019 8h05
Dernière mise à jour :20/8/2019 5h6
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Pussy Squirting facial fun.
When getting pussy eaten there are times my friends who are eating my pussy may get a pussy eating facial. So far the males and females who have experienced this have not complained at all. Who else is into this type of fun to?
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Sex Play Squirting.
Publié :14/8/2019 7h53
Dernière mise à jour :20/8/2019 5h6
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Sex Squirting.

When having a thrilling exciting time of sex it does cause me to have a real squirting experience. To me this is the best sex fun time. What do you say?
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Strap On Play Survey for both genders.
Publié :13/8/2019 18h05
Dernière mise à jour :14/8/2019 7h53
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Strap On Survey for both genders.
Hi blog friends. Just curious know the men are here like have strap on . If you do, share a reply with me. Also ladies can share if they like strap on with men, hugs Fran.
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Legs On Shoulders Sex Position.
Publié :11/8/2019 6h43
Dernière mise à jour :13/8/2019 18h05
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Legs On Shoulders Sex Position.
When having sex it is naughty fun to do it in a legs on shoulders position. I like to do it this way sometimes. Does anyone else like this sex position to? Vote below and feel free to comment to.
Male. Yes I like this position.
Female. I do like this position.
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Party Ice Breaker play with a speculum.
Publié :9/8/2019 12h53
Dernière mise à jour :10/8/2019 6h48
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Party Ice Breaker play with a speculum.
A fun play activity I found to do as a ice breaker at a party is to do doctor or nurse play with a speculum. This activity is fun for both my male and female friends to do with me and fun for me to. Everyone at the party seems to like it because they all what to try it.

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My Cum on my tits rule.
Publié :9/8/2019 12h14
Dernière mise à jour :10/8/2019 6h49
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My Cum on my tits rule.
Whenever a male wants to cum on my tits, I tell him he has to abide my cum on my tits rule. If you cum on my tits you will have to lick it off. Surprisingly the males have no problem doing this.
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Pussy and ass tongue play.
Publié :9/8/2019 7h16
Dernière mise à jour :9/8/2019 12h34
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Pussy and ass tongue play.
I love it when party fore playing and one male tongues my pussy as the other tongues my ass at the same time. Oh my it does make me very hot and horny.
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Bare Skin Cum In Pussy Fucking.
Publié :8/8/2019 12h18
Dernière mise à jour :20/8/2019 5h6
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Bare Skin In Pussy .
OK I know some of you are not into bare skin . So for those who are into bare skin where the sex activity ends up with a load of in the pussy post and share here.

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