Daddies And Their Girls 2

A room where Daddies and Girls can visit to get to know each other and enjoy playful conversations. A room where everyone is treated with respect.

Room Rules:

1. No underage or taboo chat 2. No touching without prior approval of the touchee. Do not assume that a flirting person wants to be grabbed, groped or fondled. 3. Be respectful of everyone. Management reserves the right to make the final judgement about whether a member is being respected or respectful. 4. Cams are allowed but DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR CAM. 5. Abide by all Adult Friend Finders Rules in its Terms of Use. 6. English speaking only 7. Asking another member to IM is ok but Do Not Pull people to another room or mention another room by name. 8. The moderators or associate moderators may ban any member without warning. If it is learned that a member has behaved badly in other rooms, that member might be banned here.

Le(s) sujet (s): Vieillissement / Différence d'âge
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Our Newest Mod
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Happy Thanksgiving
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Spring is in the air
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looking for fun
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Happy Easter
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