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AZBlonde 36 / F
"Choke me, spank me, pull my hair..."
Phoenix, Arizona, États-Unis
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AZBlonde 36/F
Phoenix, Arizona
I wanna feel your swollen cock pump load after load inside my dripping wet pussy.
I am a very selective, bisexual, mid 30s, "MILF" type blonde, seeking regular and ongoing fun with a select male (or possibly multiple males), an attractive couple, or even a single female. I am also very oral with an EXTREME cum fetish (yes, you read that correctly). If you're interested in getting to know me and would like to increase your odds of getting an actual response back, I'd strongly suggest reading the following in its entirety BEFORE even thinking about sending me a message. [I]However, before we go any further, I feel the need to clarify a few things with what I like to call my "mandatory bitch clause" because some of you little boys just don't get it and apparently being a complete and total bitch is the only way to get through to your pea sized brain. First and foremost: I am a real girl who can walk and talk, can you imagine that!? If you wanna assume that I am fake, some creep catfish'n, or (here's my absolute favorite) "impersonating someone else and using her stolen pics", just because you're too dumb to connect the dots, cool. No loss here, trust me. Also, last time I checked my account was confirmed, yours? Second: If you've seen my pictures elsewhere on the net (which I'm guessing you might have), I'd recommend that you do a little investigative work before shitting all over the comments section of my profile with "what you think is happening" and thoroughly embarrassing yourself (unless of course, public humiliation is your thing). Just like the old adage goes, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt". Words some of you guys should really learn to live by... Third: I'm not on here looking to fuck a bunch of people, have a slew of random encounters, or catch an STD. In fact, I am here looking for something very, very, specific. So unless you're packing 10" of fun, please spare me with your "I'm hung like a and cum in quarts" bullshit because let's just be real here for a second, " you're not & no you don't". Your lil 5 1/2" dick dribbling out a few tears worth of semen isn't impressive to me let alone anyone else. So unless I specifically tell you that I am interested in personally extracting a sample of your DNA, please fuck off with all of your endless emails, IM's, and other bull shit requests. Fourth: I'm not here looking to be "spoiled", or interested in your lame "tantric massage". So, to all of you older guys who have absolutely no game whatsoever and have to rely on bribes such as these in order to get a woman's attention, please feel free to move along to the next profile. I am here for dick, not money. So, if you have to use the word "spoil", "massage", or even worse "money" in any part of your communication with me, I can guarantee that you are NOT what I am looking for. Oh, and one more thing for all you older guys, for the love of god, STOP pretending to be your wife "looking for a female to fuck their husband". Please, if any woman would ever be dumb enough to fall for this nonsense. Last, but certainly not least: There is absolutely no need to message me, informing me that "you're going to be in my neck of the woods", "where you're staying", if "you're playing golf in the same city as me", or that "you're moving here for work in 18 months". I'm pretty sure it don't say "Holliday Inn" across my forehead and last time I checked, I don't take reservations. Bottom line, I don't give two shits and a fuck what you're doing, where you're doing it, or why you're doing it, and your need to notify me of this is not only pointless, but a complete waste of time for both of us. I swear I'm not normally a bitch, but Jesus Christ, some of you guys don't know how to take "no", "I don't care", or "fuck off" for an answer![/I] Ok, ...moving on. Many of you have asked why I am so fascinated with cum, so here goes... Without going into too much detail, I simply enjoy the smell, the taste, and the warm creamy texture of it. Honestly, it's like a treat for me. I love the way it feels when it's pumped into my mouth and how it coats my throat when I swallow it down. I do occasionally get into moods where I enjoy playing with it as well. So, there may be times when I just want it squirted on my face, maybe shot all over my tits, spread all over my ass, or if I am feeling really daring, even dripping out of me. Condom use is obviously not an option for me, so [COLOR red][B]YOU MUST BE D&D FREE WITH RECENT & VERIFIABLE PROOF[/B][/COLOR red]. Absolutely, positively, 1000%, ZERO exceptions to this rule.

Ma personne idéale : (s)

Ideal Single Male:
Would be handsome, muscular, well endowed, and between the ages of 21-40. For the record, I'm cool with younger guys (18-20) just so long as long as they don't act like they're 18-20. Oh, and just so you know, I absolutely love BBC (and no, I am not talking about the British news outlet either). While size is very important to me (literally, the bigger the better), a man who's able to shoot multiple, thick ropes of warm, creamy cum into my mouth will always hold the key to my heart.

Ideal Couple:
Would be an attractive pair, between the ages of 21-40, and willing to let me in on their fun. I am very bi, so I would want a couple whose female is ok playing with me before I pin and drain her man of all his fluids. (just be advised that I do not share seed, that shit is all mine)

Ideal Single Female:
Obviously bi, sexy and between the ages of 21-40. She should also be available to occasionally accompany me to night clubs for cocktails, dancing, teasing boys, and prowling for semen donors. (Please note: I'm not interested in women who are simply "bi curious" or looking for their first bisexual encounter. If you don't already know how to eat pussy, I'm not interested in teaching you)

Ideal Cuckold:
Would be able to show up on a moments notice and lick me clean after being fucked good by a real man. This means your pathetic, tiny lil wenis, will be locked up tight while you use your sissy tongue to carefully lick me clean, lapping up any residual cum that may be left on (or) dripping out of me.

I actually don't play with cucks (or bi men). I just threw that in there for a good laugh!

I cannot stress this enough. I am ONLY interested in an arrangement with someone who is:
1. Local. This means you live (not just here visiting) in this state, preferably in my immediate area.
2. Able to handle my abnormally high sex drive. (I'm in my mid 30’s and literally crave it nonstop)
3. Be available on short notice for regular feeding sessions. (which is directly related to #1)
4. Interested in an ongoing/long term arrangement with me. (again, I am not looking for a one nighter with a bunch or random people)
5. Fit/muscular, healthy, attractive, under 40, and most of all, able to produce large amounts of thick, creamy semen for me. Well endowed is a definite plus.


Remember, I am the one that decides the who, the what, the when, and the where, ...not you, not ever. So, chances are if I haven't responded to your 350 boring, cut and paste messages, it might be safe to assume that I'm just not interested in you, ...period, end of discussion. There is absolutely no need to follow up with a nasty email, blow me up with IM's, or leave shitty photo/video comments, calling me a "bitch" or attempting to take jabs at me with your bad grammar and poorly composed insults. Oh, and if the content written in my bio has hurt your sensitive little feelings to the point where you feel compelled enough to send me a nasty message, at least be a man and not block me so I can offer up my rebuttal afterwards. You guys who talk shit, then block me are total cowards. For the rest of you who have actually taken the time to read all of this, congratulations. You literally represent <1% of the members on here who can actually read. Now, if you're still interested in contacting me, please start your message with "My friends and I would like to fill your mouth with cum" so I know your other head works too...

Parlez de l'un de vos fantasmes préférés. Lâchez-vous !:
Getting fucked in the locker room by the whole team.

Quels types d'activités sexuelles vous excitent?:
Donner le sexe oral, Swallowing Cum, Receiving Facials

Quels sont les facteurs importants lorsque vous recherchez un partenaire sexuel ?:
Attraction physique, Able to prove they are STD free

Avez-vous déjà fantasmé sur une célébrité ? Qui ? Qu'est-ce qui vous excitait ?:
Jake Gyllenhaal

Avez-vous déjà fait du cybersexe  ?:
Si souvent que je ne sais plus compter.

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  • 36 / femme
  • Phoenix, Arizona, États-Unis
Orientation sexuelle:
Recherchant:  Hommes, Femmes, Couples (homme/femme) ou Groupes
Date de naissance: 1 Janvier 1984
Envisage de déménager ?: Ne se prononce pas
État civil: Célibataire
Taille: 5 ft 7 in / 170-172 cm
Corpulence: Normal
Tabac: Je ne fume pas
Alcool: Je bois un peu/quand je sors
Drogues: Je ne me drogue jamais
Éducation: Ne se prononce pas
Profession: Semen Extractor
Origine: Européen/Américain
Religion: Ne se prononce pas
Taille de soutien-gorge: 36 / 80 DD (E, sinon DD)
Parle: Anglais
Couleur des cheveux: Blond platine
Longueur des cheveux: Long
Couleur des yeux: Bleu
Mon Coffret de Trophées: