GreenEyedLady_60 59 / F
"Genuine...Real...Funny...Sweet and Spicy :D"
NE Philly, Pennsylvanie, États-Unis
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GreenEyedLady_60 59/F
NE Philly, Pennsylvania
Soooo looking forward to 2 days off.... :D
[COLOR indigo][SIZE 3][B] ******Please read at your own risk****** Find someone who traces the lines in your hands just to feel close to you, and someone who believes the ocean is trapped in your eyes. Find someone who loves the bones in your body and loves the skin that you live in. Find someone who loves the fierceness and passion that drives your soul. Find someone that will help you love yourself, so that you can love them with all that you are. By Being Yourself, You Put Something Wonderful In The World That Was Not There Before! Thank you for the interest ,but I'm not looking to meet a playmate or anyone at the moment! [SIZE 5]Not looking for younger or couples! Please if I want a pic of your cock...I'll ask![/SIZE] :) If you send one, I will most likely delete your email immediately! I promise I will update my profile when/if I decide to change that status....(no set timetable)......I'm not sure how to say it any better or make it any clearer. It seems like people simply don't read or listen! I will update my profile when I decide I want to start meeting anyone!! I'm working on some ME things....B) I come on AFF for a diversion…entertainment…to read profiles/blogs…or perhaps write an occasional blog of my own. I also look at pics…vids and every once in a while I might jump on the IM. I might even jump on the cams and video chat once in awhile...but I don't do naked...(not gonna "perform" for you)...doubt I'll flash ya a boob (but ya never know).....and the only pussy you might see is the cat I If that's not to your liking-there are lots of other cams to view, with ladies more than willing to show it all to ya and put on a show! I'm the "good girl"....with the "bad girl" streak, but I keep that private and in the bedroom with my partner! :D When I do decide to look for a "friend", in whatever capacity that may be...I want to find an HONEST man...not one who just says he is....been there...done that!! Integrity is important!! I’m a woman that is trying to be a place where you are lucky if it exists…So please don’t try to convince me to meet you...and I'm sure as hell not going to fuck you after minimal contact!! . I can be a very stubborn B) This woman needs a connection...some chemistry!! I don't fuck strangers and I'm not into one night stands! I have more respect for myself than that honestly. I'm selective....not desperate! If it's your thing.....good luck.... See ya!! :-h I'm not looking for a woman (still no hint of Bi-100% straight)….or a couple (I don’t like to share my partner)! NOT INTO THAT LIFESTYLE...AT ALL!! I simply checked those boxes to increase the profiles I can view. It IS one of the reas I’m here after all… I'm also not interested in bi-males...simply a preference, not a judgment. :) We’re all here for our own reas…but (in my humble opinion) honesty & sincerity really should be the order of the day in stating those reas… there are no misunderstandings when one does meet someone! I’m not going to send you full naked pics......those are reserved for someone I'm intimately involved with. I have a few naked boob pics on here....that's it, and I post those to feel a little sexy, that's tame compared to what I've seen on this :-"! I'm not all that into talking "dirty" with strangers..although I do enjoy it with a lover and it's kinda hot during sex...but it really doesn't do that much for me if there's no that's probably not happening....sorry. I will NOT be giving you my cell # and I very rarely share a private email address. These are privacy and safety concerns…and both important to me. Just being ON this site is risky enough….I will NOT meet you at your place, at least not until I'm certain you're not an axe murderer or serial killer! The first few (or more) meets will be in public places. Remember...I'm NOT looking to hop right into bed with you....not gonna happen-so if that's a deal breaker for you...tough luck! :-h IF you inspire trust in me and communication is ongoing I may relax the cell phone/email rule and share those pieces of info. I also don't accept all and every friend request that comes my way! I'm not a "collector" of friends to pad my numbers, to make it look so many others seem to do! IF I accept yours it is because I've liked what I read on your profile or we have communicated and I feel that you are a decent...honest per:-h! BTW....don't send me pics with your cock in a woman's pussy or mouth....I really don't wanna see it. It proves nothing to me, and I'm not sure why a prospective sex partner wants to see that anyway! :? UNDER THE DOTTED LINE IS MY ORIGINAL PROFILE AND MORE OF WHAT I WOULD BE LOOKING FOR....IF I WAS LOOKING OR WHEN I DECIDE TO!![/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR indigo][SIZE 3][B][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Ma personne idéale : I'm not going to get involved with a married man!! I want my own man...not someone else's!! It's that sharing thing, I

I may come with a few if that's not for you, then I suggest you move on to a better fit! Feelings...emotions...caring, are strings!! I'd like to find a man that believes communication is important-that will treat me like I am a priority in his life, not like a convenience for him, when he has the time.
I want to find someone who is genuine, trustworthy and wants me in their life. Someone who is looking for something/someone special.

Separated (and no shot at reconciliation) /divorced/widowed or single is good. I would eventually like to have an exclusive relationship...that includes lots of great sex!! (not necessarily marriage-in fact I doubt it



I am looking to have a friendship first & then perhaps a sexual connection with someone who is looking to have the same. Someone who wants to take the time to get to know me beyond the bedroom. I'm not going to just be your "friend" for sex...Honestly I feel I'm worth much more than that!!

I'm hoping you will be honest,compassionate, sensitive,sincere,loyal and understanding. Maybe easy going,down-to-earth and willing to communicate your needs and wants-your feelings & thoughts.I'm not a mind reader after all... Be able to laugh at yourself (I do all the time) and make me laugh! I think sex should be fun! So if you have a great sense of humor...I consider it a big plus! I am all of those things and more.

So the rest is up to you-if any of this sounds like it is something you are seeking-drop me a line,but please don't try to feed me a line...Frankly...I dealt with a lot of BS and lies from a guy before....NOT looking for anymore....

I figure if I am honest & straightforward with what I want & what I am looking for..then there should be no surprises or misunderstandings later...HOPEFULLY!! I would like the same from you...don't make promises that you can't or won't ever's simply not nice and makes you look dishonest & untrustworthy!! Two strikes in my book....

IF your "ideal person" mentions wanting ladies or women (as in plural)'re NOT for me! I DON'T share well at all....LOL

I know...I know..I've repeated myself a few times on that....but sometimes men just don't seem to get it and it IS a deal breaker!!!

Bottom line is: I am a decent woman..with a sincere and genuine heart and a GREAT sense of humor...who has an honest desire to please & be pleased-to tease & be teased-to give & to take!!

MUTUAL pleasure is what it's all about!!

I am D/D free and you must be the same for consideration. I am ONLY looking for ONE man that wants to play with just ONE woman...ME...easier for us both to keep one of those D's....

While I appreciate the profile views & interest from the younger men..I prefer to be with a man closer to my own age.

Thank you to the men on passion who leave a little to the imagination or use an actual face pic. I'm a woman that really isn't all that impressed by your size below the belt but what's inside your mind. Penis size does not tell that at all....and large does not mean you know how to use it well...Trust me...I will give that area of a your body plenty of

If you happen to ride a bike (with a could be a big plus.

Riding a motorcycle is like an explosion between your legs (and who doesn't love that? I love the rumble and vibration......

A ride with a pit stop somewhere...might be nice

Ohhhhh...did I mention that I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE to kiss too! I've been told that I'm good at it...I think it's a VERY big turn on and a fantastic prelude, leading to a hopefully passionate encounter!

I am only looking to date within my race- just my preference! We all have those...and I am not interested in bi-sexual men.

I am sorry but I prefer a non smoker...not necessarily a deal breaker..but a preference for sure!!

Quel est l'endroit qui vous fait fantasmer pour une rencontre sexuelle ?:
Un lit, La plage, Un véhicule mobile (c'est-à-dire une voiture), Au milieu d'un parc, Un avion, Un cinéma, Les gradins, lors d'un événement sportif, Un endroit éloigné dans le désert, Sous une cascade, Une piscine ou un jaccuzi, Une salle d'essayage d'un magasin, Un ascenseur, Une chambre d'hôtel, Partout, everywhere....LOL

Quels types d'activités sexuelles vous excitent?:
Giving & receiving oral, Toys, Mutual Masturbation, Making
Home , Massage, Light bondage, Erotic photography, Toys

Quels sont les facteurs importants lorsque vous recherchez un partenaire sexuel ?:
Honesty, Integrity, Physical Attraction, Sexual Appetite,

Avez-vous déjà fait du cybersexe  ?:
Pas question, pas de virtuel que du réel pour moi.

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  • 59 / femme
  • NE Philly, Pennsylvanie, États-Unis
Orientation sexuelle:
Recherchant:  Hommes, Femmes, Couples (homme/femme) ou Couples (2 femmes)
Date de naissance: 6 Avril 1960
Envisage de déménager ?: Non
État civil: Divorcé(e)
Taille: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Corpulence: Bien en chair
Tabac: Je ne fume pas
Alcool: Je bois un peu/quand je sors
Drogues: Je ne me drogue jamais
Éducation: Ne se prononce pas
Profession: Need to know basis
Origine: Européen/Américain
Religion: Non applicable
A des enfants ?: Ne se prononce pas
Veut des enfants ?: Non
Taille de soutien-gorge: 40 / 90 C
Parle: Anglais, Truth, SmartAss
Couleur des cheveux: Noir
Longueur des cheveux: Mi-long
Couleur des yeux: Vert
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