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"Simplifying Complexities"
San Antonio, Texas, États-Unis
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Platosgames 97/H
San Antonio, Texas
Trying to get my mind around the cold weather coming. So not looking forward to winter. I need me some beach!
For fun, besides blogging, I will at times peruse the profiles. Some are quite well done. Others are downright hilarious. One thing I noticed is I didn't think my profile "fit in" , with a lot of the guys on here. While the thought of fitting in actually makes me cringe, I thought I might redo my profile to match some of the profiles I've read. And of course, some of the stories I've heard from ladies I've met on here.

So, here we go. Let's talk about me.

I once swam the English Channel. Under water and swimming backwards.

I am independently wealthy. I just continue to work because of the sheer enjoyment I get out of busting my butt.

I have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although I might clarify, he was only 12 when he was built like me.

All women find me irresistible. I know this because I asked every woman on the planet individually. Took almost an entire week, but again, being independently wealthy allowed me the time to complete the task.

I only have the ability to type one line emails, usually consisting of just a "wanna get laid" format. I'm pretty sure this works and will continue spamming profiles with it because I know that's the way to every woman's heart.

I am way above averagely endowed. If I seem smaller in person it's just the glass of ice water I drank right before I met you caused shrinkage.

Ok, so maybe those aren't all exactly truthful descriptions of me. Lets just forget about the "fitting in" routine.

In reality, I'm a well balanced man, somewhat intelligent, yet always learning something new. Would say I'm funny, but if you asked my kids, there might be some disagreement there. Too passionate at times for my own good. Love to kiss. Ok, really love to kiss. Been called a romantic, and unique. I'd say there's lots more to who I am, but I'd rather know more about you.

Photos are real and current. If we seem to be compatible, I have no problems sending you a face pic. Just didn't want my face plastered all over Nigeria and beyond.

May sound funny coming from a guy, but I'm not on here to see how many times I can get laid per week, screwing anything that can fog a mirror. More looking for a select lady to get to know and have fun with. To me, friends with benefits actually means friends, not just met them once for sex. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but tenacity is one of my strong points, so we'll give it a whirl for a while.

Ma personne idéale : Not sure there is an ideal. If i contacted you, you must have something going on. haha If you can listen to me babble about Plato's cave allegory, that's a plus. Bonus points if you join in. There are no wrong answers. Intelligence always gets me.

Fun! Relaxed enough to let loose, enjoy some fun moments. In and out of the bedroom. Playful, is never a bad thing. Life is so much more enjoyable when you're with someone who can laugh at themselves, and enjoy life. If you laugh at some of my bad jokes, well, there's some more bonus points.

Parlez de l'un de vos fantasmes préférés. Lâchez-vous !:
Anything at the beach. While i've had encounters at
the beach, there really is not enough sex on the beach. haha.

Quels types d'activités sexuelles vous excitent?:
Donner le sexe oral, sex on the beach.

Quels sont les facteurs importants lorsque vous recherchez un partenaire sexuel ?:
Attraction physique, the ability to have fun sex.

Avez-vous déjà fantasmé sur une célébrité ? Qui ? Qu'est-ce qui vous excitait ?:
While there are a few i woudn't kick out of bed, it's
not how famous you are that attracts .

Avez-vous déjà fait du cybersexe  ?:
J’ai essayé, mais ce n’est vraiment pas la même chose.

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  • 97 / homme
  • San Antonio, Texas, États-Unis
Orientation sexuelle:
Recherchant:  Femmes
Date de naissance: 4 Mars 1922
Envisage de déménager ?: Non
État civil: Divorcé(e)
Taille: 6 ft 0 in / 182-185 cm
Corpulence: Athlétique
Tabac: Je ne fume pas
Alcool: Je bois un peu/quand je sors
Drogues: Je ne me drogue jamais
Éducation: Ayant été étudiant
Origine: Européen/Américain
Religion: Autre religion
A des enfants ?: Ne se prononce pas
Veut des enfants ?: Content(e) de ceux que j'ai
Taille du pénis: Long/Gros
Circoncis: Oui
Parle: Anglais
Couleur des cheveux: Brun
Longueur des cheveux: Court
Couleur des yeux: Noisette
Mon Coffret de Trophées: